build car

“I work at a machine tool automation company. We build the machines that build the cars. High school wasn’t for me. I didn’t respond well to being lectured and having things jammed into my brain. So I started out sweeping floors at the factory, then I got moved into the saw shop, and now I do electrical installation. I’m up to $17 an hour now. And I’ve started studying PLC so I can move up even further. There’s actually a lot of opportunity in my field. There’s not much competition. Nobody my age wants to do this stuff. They all want to go to art school or make video games or something. I think maybe it’s because too many people are being told to do whatever they want. Because no matter what you think you can be, there’s still gotta be people like me.”

You don't have to build the coolest car,

the lowest car, the fastest car, the loudest car, the jdm-est car, all we want is you to take pride in your car, stand by your car, enjoy your car, and DRIVE your car.


I’m starting with a new building series on my YouTube channel. Baisically, in this series I will be rebuilding every single lot in the Granite Falls. My aim is to have prices similar to the original ones. I started with the smallest and cheapest one - Granite Falls Campground.

The Campground is available for download on my Gallery (HeyNekoMei or #simswithmei). 

So you’re a woman who wants to be equal to men?

Instead of marching down fifth avenue march your ass to learn how to fix your car, build a fence, go move something heavy by yourself, change your oil, shoot a gun…wait you mean you’re actually allowed to do all the things men do on a daily basis? Surprising isn’t it?

Trade in your $45 fresh mani for a set of nails that have horrid cuticles and are painted by dirt. Trade in your smooth soft hands for hands that are cracking and dry from working outside. Trade in your silky straight hair for hair that’s knotted in a bun and covered in dirt. Trade in your nice pressed clothes for ones with holes, grease and paint. Trade in your $200 shoes for shoes that are so dirty you can’t even tell what brand they are.

You don’t want to be equal to a man, you just want something to bitch about. If you wanted to be equal to a man you’d already be doing all of the things that make you equal. This may be a surprise to you, but America does offer that option.

That’s the thing about women, there are two types in the world…those who speak and those who actually do what you’re speaking about.

—  Cheyenne Marie Binger

Guys, I had this thought while my partner was showing me the motorcycle engine he’d taken apart. 

Mechanic Witches.

Witches who use springs in their spells to give it power.

Witches who bless their motor oil to help their vehicle run smoother.

Witches who are more at home in the garage than the woods.

Witches who can and will use every part of an old engine as spell ingredients and can build cars that run better than anything you’ve ever seen.

Mechanic Witches.