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Roof cladding update: a work in progress.

Our roof is now almost totally cladded, with just a few finishing pieces needed around the edges. Our low-energy LED lights are lighting up our home and the pine coloured wood makes everything feel warm and cosy inside. We also can’t stop admiring our shiny new porthole and the shiny new piece of glass where our broken window used to be.

If only the van was back on the road again, we’d be spending nights by the fire under the stars on the wild coast of Cornwall. Instead the van is sitting in her naughty corner in the driveway awaiting further MOT repairs. She’s been off the road for nearly a month now because the computer at the garage considers our brakes “underpowered”, never mind the fact we’ve been up and down mountain roads for the last 7 months. All the parts have been replaced, we’re just awaiting our new secondhand master cylinder and fingers crossed that’ll be the end to our problems.

Follow the hashtag #Fromrusttoroadtrip to follow our van conversion project and our travels around Europe! 🌍 

Lego Marshmallow Pops

Yield varies upon preference

The things you’ll need

  • Yellow candy melts
  • Large marshmallows
  • Small marshmallows
  • Candy melting pot
  • Lollipop sticks
  • Tray lined with parchment
  • Foam block
  • Edible pens
  • Small knife and cutting board

Let’s get started!

  1. In a candy melting pot, heat candy melts with a little coconut oil or fat flakes and mix until smooth.
  2. Dip a lollipop stick into the melt and then push the stick into a large marshmallow. Make sure to press through the top of the marshmallow to make room for a mini marshmallow.
  3. Cut a mini marshmallow in half and then place on the tip of the large marshmallow.
  4. Dip the pop into the candy melt to coat evenly and then repeat to make as many pops as you would like.
  5. Place the pops into a foam block to cool and harden.
  6. Using the paint pens, draw on the faces of your favorite Lego characters.
  7. TaDa! Everything is awesome when you have a Lego pop!
Dana’s Witch Tips #3

Using a Build-A-Bear as a spell carrier!

In my experience, when you go to Build-A-Bear, you have the option to add things like notes etc when you fill up the bear. Then to activate and charge your spell you can just hug your bear!

This would be particularly good for sleep, anti-anxiety/depression and calm spells etc. They could also include sigils as well/instead of spells etc.

Especially good for secret and spoonie witches too! You could also correlate the type and colour of the bears to the type of spell using colour magic etc. You can also choose to put scents into the bear, which you could also choose depending on your intent for the spell.

I think this would work best with the use of jar and bag spells as they’ll keep all the ingredients together in one place. You could also add crystals to them too.

Note: This could also be done with homemade stuffed animals too, if you’re so inclined to make one (or if Build-A-Bear is too expensive, which I totally get), or even one that you already have, by opening a seam and then stitching it back up afterwards.


As any emergency room doctor can tell you, building an amateur flamethrower is as simple as shooting hairspray into a lighter. But this is not an article about Category 1 Idiocy. This is an article about turning you into a Silver Age Spider-Man villain. For instance, here is a video of a lunatic turning a water gun into 12 feet of scorching death.

The main problem with flamethrowers, besides loss of facial hair and face, is their bulkiness. A huge, napalm-filled gun practically announces to the world that you’re about to burn it down. What if you could blast flame straight out of your palm? Well, the first gif here is a young boy with a glove capable of exactly that. Its flame is controlled by subtle finger movements, and it’s so easy to make, you’ll almost feel stupid for not having an entire flamethrower wardrobe.

Looking at that glove, we already know what you’re thinking. “Nice fireball, kid, but if you’re looking for burns, here’s one: Does your Twilight book club also enjoy fire?” And you’re right. That’s barely enough flame to add an element of danger to handshakes and masturbation. But don’t be too quick to discard the idea of a glove-mounted fireball gun. There are some dedicated arsonists who have taken pyro gloves to menacing levels.

7 Weapons You Can (But Probably Shouldn’t) Build

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Does Dallas have hobbies other than baseball and being sad?

Sometimes Dallas likes to twiddle with puzzles, just to train his learning disability and help him remember numbers more easily. He gardens for his mom when she can’t, waters the plants and checks their leaves for any sickness. He also likes to play with his sister, stack blocks for her and stuff. Hobbies. He likes to draw sometimes. He’s quite good at drawing trees and plants and buildings and animals. He can also build like, small simple diy stuff? He made his mom a lot of birdhouses, and a cardboard dollhouse for Hazel. Things like that. He likes to watch movies too. Does that count as a hobby? UFO and ghost hunting? Video games?

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Have you come across any good terrarium guides?

I have a few! Went through each to summarize each one for you. Hope this helps!

How to Build a Terrarium

Comes with picture guides and in-depth instructions. Great for beginners!

DIY Wall Garden

Mini terrarium magnets. Little bit of a simpler build. 

DIY Found Moss Terrarium

A cheaper alternative to the fancy plants and succulents. This guide includes very well laid out instructions and photographs! Goes through the uses of each “ingredient”. 

sew-much-to-do: a visual collection of sewing tutorials/patterns, knitting, diy, crafts, recipes, etc.

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Kancolle Set Build

Since my Kancolle nendoroid collection seems to keep growing, I decided to make a little diorama to display them in! Since it was a lot of fun to make I took a few photos of the process of building it.

Along with using it for display, the set should definitely come in handy for photo stuff when the other kongou sisters arrive. I’m looking forward to using it more in the future for photography!

Kongou helps to construct the wainscoting for the set. Made out of colored paper, I used two shades of brown to give a sense of depth.

Windows are cut! Foamcore is great stuff to work with when doing stuff like this. I pasted on some textured paper to give the walls an off white color & some added texture.

Window trim and wainscoting added, things are starting to come together!

Since this will only be viewed from the inside, what the outside looks like doesn’t matter too much. Window panes are added by taping strips of paper to the outside, then a translucent paper is taped over for diffusing light

With the walls put together, it’s starting to look like an actual room! The wood floor is achieved by using textured paper.

Kongou approves!

As time moves on I’ll work on adding various accessories to make it more home like. I’m looking forward to using it more in the future for photography!


DIY Bookshelves!

So I needed a lot of shelves (I still need more to be honest) but all of the pre-made ones at the store would’ve ended up breaking my bank… I was able to make these six shelves for $30 bucks with some wooden planks cut in half and 10″ concrete bricks from Homedepot. They aren’t the cutest arrangement, but it gets the job done!


Someone made a super cool, and fully functional, cardboard MP5 and you can too! May want to check local laws prior to your build just in case…