build a colony challenge

Looking for Build Ideas?

A little shameless Pinterest self-plugging here but I’ve spent countless days on this and will add more everyday!

Right now I have 345 pins over 14 sections of house/floor plans.

The sections include things like Victorian, Cottages, Tiny Houses, Tuscan, Modern, Apartments….you get the idea.

Go take a look if you need some ideas to build or want to run a build challenge using one of the styles.

My favorite sections?  Colonial because I have some authentic floor plans in there from the Colonial era.   I also seem to dig into the Craftsman (includes bungalows and prairie styles) and the Country (includes Cottage, Farm, Log, Low Country, Cottage) the most.  That’s ironic given that my favorite interior design is contemporary/modern/industrial….lol.

I plan on adding landscaping and interior design sections at some point in the future.

HERE to see the floor plans that I liked enough to pin.

Also on the main section, I included descriptions of the different architectural and design styles.