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Now that you've mentioned Keith's bike I'm curious about where it may have come from. Another memento of his mom? Something that the people who brought Blue to Earth left behind?

Believe it or not someone was just talking to me about this. Credit to dhaarijmens who I… cannot @ for some reason, for this screengrab:

So the poster up behind Hunk’s head, at a glance, would seem to be an advertisement for the bike. Oh, mystery solved, it’s normal Earth technology and Pidge just had coincidentally never seen anything like it before. Pidge… the… science enthusiast. Hm.

So I went deeper.

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Requested by an Anon:Reader is Ope’s O'Lady who gets backs from serving over seas for 3 yrs. All the guys look to see who the Marine is as she looks around taking in the scene in front of her. Seeing no familiar faces reader grabs her bag leave heading towards town when Ope and Jax sees her.

I sat in the back of the cab, my excitement and anticipation building. I watched as familiar buildings passed by.  I was home after a three year deployment, I closed my eyes trying to calm myself down.

It had been eighteen months since I’d seen my old man and my family. That was the last time I was home on leave. I opened my eyes when I felt the cab slow down and turn in to the TM parking lot. 

There were just a few bikes parked in a line, I smiled at the sight. Feeling at home, I saw my old man’s and Jax’s bike parked with the others. I quickly paid the cab driver, getting out. I place my cover on my head, grabbing my duffel I head for the clubhouse.

The thought of Opie’s arms around me, and getting to kiss him, had me moving fast.  Pulling the door open, I swipe my cover off, I drop my duffel on the floor and scan the room. The faces staring at me, were strangers, I felt my heart plummet.

Most of the men in the clubhouse were prospects or members I didn’t know. A young prospect approached me. “Can I help you?”

“I’m looking fro Opie..”

“He’s at the  porn studio. with Lyla.”

I picked up my duffel, put my cover back on and walked out the door. It was only five miles home, I’d walk it, so I could get my emotions in cheek. Then I’d call him and tell him I was home.

There had to be a reason he was at the porn studio with his ex.

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(via Winter whip. | Thanks to Joe for the elusive .833 stem. Now … | Flickr)

Winter whip. Thanks to Joe for the elusive .833 stem. Now all it needs is a mudflap, and an h2o cage.