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Creators Block

Or I do what I hate most and project onto a character. Have some slightly nonsensical angst, over done metaphors and comforting boyfriends. All errors have equal custody between me and sleep deprivation

Enjolras doesn’t consider himself an artist. He doesn’t think in colors, or notes, or couplets. He writes speeches, words that are facts, not a reimagining of the world, rendered subjective. Enjolras isn’t an artist, never has been, never will be.

So when he spends hours staring at a blank page, days reaching for the perfect verb to unify his listeners— well then he must be tired, or stressed, or simply not trying hard enough.

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anonymous asked:

i love this blog and ur genrex drabbles. that being said how do u feel abt an au where rex's nanites get permanently fucked up and the show just goes on as normal but w/ a considerable amt of body horror

haha HOO you got me

he’s pushing himself so hard to save the world but honestly Six and Holiday are scared for him. I mean, how long until he preforms a system reboot to get rid of the application error?

>Trump will never run
>Trump will never breach 15%
>Trump will never win New Hampshire
>Trump will never release his financials
>Trump will never breach 25%
>Trump will never win SC
>Trump will never breach 35%
>Trump will never breach 50%
>Trump will never reach 1237
>Trump will never recover after Wisconsin
>Trump will never win unbound delegates
>Trump will never recover after Colorado
>Trump will never be the nominee
>Trump will never predict BREXIT
>Trump will never pivot to the GE
>Trump will never unify the majority of the GOP
>Trump will never beat Clinton in swing states
>Trump will never get 270
>Trump will never bring back manufacturing jobs
>Trump will never be POTUS
>Trump will never repeal Obamacare
You are here
>Trump will never replace Obamacare with something much better
>Trump will never build the wall
>Trump will never block risky or illegal shitskins
>Trump will never deport said illegals
>Trump will never abolish Common Core
>Trump will never renegotiate our trade deals
>Trump will never survive the 4 years
>Trump will never win a second term
>Trump will never MAGA
>Trump will never MEGA
>Trump will never colonize Mars
>Trump will never colonize the Milky Way
>Trump will never deport the xenos

Shit Ryuken might say (if he had to babysit baby Ichigo and baby Ishida)

Babysitting Ryuken requested by anon. :)

Let’s say that one day Ryuken found himself babysitting Ichigo and Ishida, both of whom happened to be toddlers. What sort of things might he say?

1. “I cannot believe that Masaki and Isshin asked me to watch their son while they go out.”

2. “Had it just been Masaki asking, I would have been happy to do it.”

3. “But Isshin. He ruins everything.”

4. “Oh well. I already have a 3 ½ year old son. But is one more 3 ½ year old in the house? This will be no problem.”

5. “Perhaps I will even get more work done, since they will be amusing each other.”


7. “….Although admittedly Ichigo seems to like you more now.”

8. “What a strange child.”

9. “And just for the record, Uryu, I made *my* first rubber band bow and arrow at age three.”

10. “Here, why don’t the two of you play with these blocks?”

11. “Uryu, you need a better foundation if you want to build a block tower.”

12. “That tower will never stand, Uryu.”

13. “You should be better at blocks at age three.”

14. “….but at least you are not simply piling the blocks up whilly nilly like Ichigo.”

15. “Oh never mind Ichigo just knocked over his own block tower.”

16. “He seems to enjoy that part more.”

17. “Probably Isshin’s fault.”

18. “Oh. Ichigo is crying now. What is the matter?”

19. “Are you hungry?”

20. “Here, have some rice and milk. Uryu will only eat foods that are white.”

21. “He cries at the sight of ketchup or red apples.”

22. “He is a strange child.”

23. “All right, now that both of you are eating, I will go and…”


25. “Well…at least Ichigo seems to enjoy wearing your bowl as a hat.”

26. “But now he is dirty and must be cleaned.”

27. “And now Uryu is crying?”

28. “Oh, I see. You spilled milk on your clothes. You know what white on white doesn’t really show, right?”

29. “Oh, never mind. Let’s get you both changed into new clothes.”

30. “Now that you are both clean again, please play quietly so that I can get some work done.”

31. “….Or Ichigo can chase Uryu around the house with a paper towel roll. That’s good too.”

32. “Are you boys playing or fighting? It is difficult to tell.”

33. “Well, so long as you are not hurting each other.”

34. “Ichigo, are you crying again? Oh, I see. Uryu shot a pencil at you again.”

35. “Ichigo certainly cries a lot.”

36. “Probably Isshin’s fault.”

The Magician’s Apprentice Impressions

(I did actually write this out about 30 hours ago after watching it for the second time, but Chrome crashed as I was near finishing off and I’ve been busy since) 

I absolutely loved it, frankly. It was the dog’s unmentionables. Fresh, entertaining, ballsy television. I said after watching the episode the first time that this could be the Dalek story to finally beat Remembrance. I completely stand by that. There’s a long way to go, but everyone who’s seen TWF is of the opinion that it’s the better half and builds on this well. The building blocks are in place, all that needs to be done is assemble them. This was probably the most Davies-y episode since the Giant Welshman himself, playing out like a cross between The Pandorica Opens and The Stolen Earth, and it works. Every note the episode went for landed for me. If there’s a slight flaw in the episode it’s probably that the ‘axe battle’ scene goes on a couple of minutes too long and tension almost fizzles out, but the episode is mostly carried through this by the propulsion from first act. 

Moffat is on fire, churning out ideas and gags that could easily be used as the basis for whole episodes on their own, but they don’t feel wasted. That said, there are two key ideas that form the basis of the episode. First, the decision to bring the Doctor’s revulsion of Daleks and his need to save crying children that underscored the Matt Smith era into direct conflict, with fascinating results. Second, actually enacting the trolley problem from one of the show’s most iconic moments in Genesis of the Daleks, which could go absolutely anywhere. 

Other thoughts: 

  • It’s a great ep in terms of POC representation: 3 characters have significant speaking roles, with 10 or more lines each. Two of these are Kaled soldier Kanzo (who has also showed up dodgy attitudes to race on Gallifrey Base) and Jac, the UNIT scientist lady. But by far and away the winner is Missy (yes, Michelle Gomez is a WOC), with 73, only 5 less than Clara. Short of firing the lead cast (pointless when one is departing anyway), this is about the best the show can do on this front at the moment. 
  • From a quick check, the Bechdel test is passed…on at least 5 seperate occasions. Smashed it. 
  • BI CLARA IS CANON (fight me). Now can we see her kiss a woman on screen this series, please and thank you? I did love how Jenna played that scene, almost as though she went weak at the knees remembering. 
  • Capaldi has now come into his own as the  Doctor. It’s clear he now knows what he wants to do with the part, and it feels clearly his own and unlike any past Doctor. This is summed up by the guitar performance, it just feels like it wouldn’t belong for any other Doctor
  • Twelve wins best entrance of all time. Guitar playing on a tank, doesn’t get much better than that. 
  • Michelle Gomez was utterly brilliant and cemented Missy as my fave Master incarnation. The way she dialed up the Glaswegian for ‘Nooo, ah’ve not “turned good”!’ was both unsettling and hilarious.  She’s also sort of become everything I aspire to in terms of attitude (without the evil, I hasten to add)
  • Julian Bleach puts in a phenomenal performance as Davros, aided by Moffat’s superb dialogue. 'Let this be my final victory Doctor, let me hear you say it, just once: Compassion. Is. Wrong.‘  is so much better than 'THE DESTRUCTION! OF REALITY! ITSELF!’, in acting terms especially. Hamming it up is easy. that quiet tone of victory is not.
  • On that note ‘See how they play with her. See how they toy. They want her to run. They need her to run. Do you feel their need, Doctor? Their blood is screaming kill, kill, kill! Hunter and prey, held in the ecstasy of crisis. Is this not life at its purest?’ is one of the best Davros monologues ever.
  • Classic Daleks! Special Weapons Dalek! Time War Dalek Supreme! 
  • That was one of the best cliffhangers of the revival
  • Sarff is slang for ‘a red haired penis so large it can fuck two women at once’. Thanks, Urban Dictionary.