Video from Nils Schylstrom @schylis of #Sweden demonstrating his project built by him and his father. A 1971 Honda #cb450 with wheels from #cb350 , rear suspension from #cb650 and tank is rebuilt from a #Suzuki #crxxx #caferacerxxx #custom #build #ride

Here’s the guitar that caused so much controversy last night: the Skjelstang. Directly inspired by Thurston Moore’s triple-pickup Mustang, our good friend @skj48 (Japanese Guy, Fleet Foxes) wanted something similar, but of course, with the ol’ Skjelset twist.

The neck and body are vintage pieces, the neck from ‘65 and the refinished, pearly-white body from a similar year. Three @lollarpickups blackface Strat pickups adorn the mint fenderparts guard, which I modified to fit the third pickup. Most of the wood under the guard is routed away to accommodate the third pickup and the toggle switch, but the most exciting part of this project was coming up with the wiring scheme.

The neck and bridge pickups are controlled by the three-way toggle switch on the treble side horn, but the middle pickup is connected to the Mustang on-off-on switch in the usual spot that allows the pickup to be engaged in and out of phase, with a 1meg Jazzmaster-style roller for blending it in. By turning off the N+B controls (1meg volume, 250k tone) you can single out the middle pickup.

We also installed a @masterybridge and a Jazzmaster trem arm to round out the unique look. This is one of the coolest builds I’ve ever done, and one that I would definitely repeat for myself. #guitar #vintage #vintageguitar #build #mmguitarbar #seattle #mustang #fender #custom #lollar #masterybridge #skjelstang (at Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar)


Had a blast with this venom share build last night. The condition burst is quite amazing if the enemy doesn’t cleanse fast enough.

The most important part is to use all venoms before the match starts so that you share them with all your team mates.


Hyundai Heavy Industries

Employees work on a ship under construction in the dry dock at the Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. shipyard in Ulsan, South Korea.

Hyundai Heavy Industries is the largest shipbuilding company in the world. They employ 26,000 people in production, including research & development and administration. 

Photographer SeongJoon Cho visited their 1,500-acre shipyard in Ulsan, South Korea, which stretches over four kilometers, according to the company’s website. Their products range from container ships to bulk carriers, submarines and destroyers.

Photographer: SeongJoon Cho/Bloomberg

© 2015 Bloomberg Finance LP

The Sims 4: New ways to build coming in a July 9th Update!

The Sims Team has updated their Gallery sliders that you can find in TS4 main menu, and along with that update there’s a hidden slider that’s yet to be revealed. Inside a .spotlight package file that can be found in The Sims 4 save game files, there’s a new paragraph that states the following: COMING JULY 9 GAME UPDATE: NEW WAYS TO BUILD We’ll be adding half walls, locked doors and more in the…

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Look what I created in minecraft!

A badly done Danisntonfire and Amazingphil //insert celebratory music here//

Um idk what I was thinking. I just saw how adorable they looked in the llama and lion hats at their store was and I’m like omg i must do something with this.

So yea. If you have any suggestions as to what I should make next send me a message or something. Please do not repost!

References: Dan and Phil