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Feminism-Woman’s Role In Society

In high school I took part in the first ever feminist class in my area, known as The Woman’s Role In Society (I believe it’s now called The Role of Women In Society).  It’s focus is on the feminist movement and the fight for equality in general.  Today, this class is a continued success in opening eyes and raising awareness in this up hill battle against discrimination.  They’ve started a campaign called “Make The Break” and are currently trying to reach out to Ellen DeGeneres in hopes of making an even bigger difference in the world by speaking on the inequalities that women still face.  As an alumna, they asked that I help get the word out and share this video.  Please spread the word. Thanks.

I made it through homecoming. I think I deserve a medal x3 just kidding. I didn’t win. So thankful for that. Not like I had a chance anyway. But still. Relieved. And now it’s over and I can burn- I mean. Uh. Treasure- this sash. Got to sit with the band or the last few quarters. Erm. Last half. I’m in precal. I can math. Anyway. That was fun. So was halftime. Yay it’s over lol

I was reminded of a story today about a woman killing her husband with a frozen lamb leg. When the police came to search the place, she offered them food giving the excuse that the meal was for her husband who was murdered. What she fed the police officers was the murder weapon. 

You know that your language arts teacher loves the story if she and another language arts teacher dress up as the husband and wife, the husband obviously having blood after being killed. 

(Yes Mrs. Holl and Mr. Calihan, I’m talking about both of you from back in my sophomore year XD)