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SO I don't know if the Bugul-noz, a french mix of a werewolf and a goblin is a fair folk but hear this : in lore they are shepherd that wear large flat hat and take away people they cross . In Eleswhere U they appear as watchmen with a hideous and weird cap. If you walk around in the dead of the night, the cap is the only way to tell them form someone of the University staff. BY ALL MEAN, DO NOT CROSS THEIR PATH. SCRATCH DIRT, GET SOME UNDER YOUR NEILS ! It's the only thing that drive them away.

That’s such a neat bit of lore, I’ve never heard that one before! Why earth, do you think? Some kind of thing tying you to the place?

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What do you think about bugul-noz? Do you believe he exists? If so, do you believe him to be dangerous?

This is apparently a kind of fae that doesn’t exist where I live, so I can’t really comment on it personally as I didn’t know about it until just now. Doesn’t sound dangerous, but remember it’s always a bad idea to try to purposefully go out to contact fae.

Bugul Noz:

In Breton beliefs, the Bugul Noz ([byɡylˈnoːs] "Night Shepherd") is a fairy spirit who lives in the woodlands of Brittany. He is the last of his kind and is said to be incredibly ugly, a fact which causes him distress. His appearance is so awful that even woodland animals avoid him, and he sometimes cries out to warn humans of his approach, so that he won’t frighten them. Though not malicious (indeed, rather kind and gentle), he is always alone because of his hideous visage.

What. Why would someone make that up.

That is just cruel.

“And he was so ugly, that everyone died.”


He was so ugly, you looked at him, and your mom died.