Disarm you with a smile

It was a fine feeling heading out onto the motorway again. The sleeping bags and cameras thrown into the car boot and smiles on our faces. Good to escape the monotony of daily life, don’t get me wrong I love my life, however I still enjoy running from it every now and then. Who doesn’t?

We spent a lot of time here and there will surely be more to follow. 

A large, abandoned teaching hospital for starters.




So kiss me! I’m Shitfaced. 

I saw so much, yet so little. More to come I hope. A beautiful country, even better people.

The next few days saw us tripping around Cork city and the surrounding places, it was wonderful to visit so much that is so close to I-am-cat-bugs heart. It feels good to share these things. 

Something new! I felt like she must here sometimes; my accent was weird compared to the populous, meaning for the first time I felt lost for words in fear of showing my alien status.

With ridiculous accent anxieties put aside we explored, shared and enjoyed… and who doesn’t love a sunset to finish?   


My Love. I’ll hold on to your touch. Until there’s nothing left of us.

The wind was intense, blowing our faces and screaming past our ears. 

I like walking and I’m lucky enough to live in a semi-rural area where the outside is not too far away. I particularly like this place… it’s close enough to civilisation but at the same time far enough away to feel isolated. Don’t get me wrong I like technology but it’s important to have a place where your phone displays “No service”

Like I said walking is great, but it’s better when you have a destination.

Dr Beeching saw to it that I was provided with such a destination, the Drewton estate is now home to three of my favourite abandoned railway tunnels.