Drink to the memories.

St Marys Hospital. What a place. I visited this site early 2009 for the first time…


After a phone call from Andre I headed back again sometime in early 2010. The snow was falling as I slipped and slid all the way down the motorway to Stannington. It was good to see the old Asylum again. It was apparent that a little more damage had been done however the calm relaxed charm of the place remained.

A couple of years afterwards the redevelopment hammer would fall. Nothing much remains these days I believe. One of the places I’m really glad a made the effort to see.


Thoughts from a militant mind.

Let me take you on a most triumphant trip through the circuits of time once again….

Living on the east coast means there are many military related sites to poke around in. From WW2 through to the cold war era, there is something around to see. Very quickly I realised these places were all pretty similar but this one was a regular haunt. I visited many times between 2008 - 2010, the demolition put an end to that.

Welcome to RAF Driffield.


Lets have another look inside Mr Jelly’s box of a hundred hands.

A sleep in an underground tube station car park with the trains passing every 15 minutes was better than it sounds. The trains becoming soothing after about 20 minutes.

PaulUE was in the back, me and SDogW having a front seat each. The car being a 3 door meant he was trapped until we awoke. So with 30 minutes of him coughing loudly and trying everything he could think of he finally manged to wake us both.

An hour later we were walking through a field in greater London towards St Joes. The building has been used for filming tv shows, soon it will be an apartment building.



Disarm you with a smile

It was a fine feeling heading out onto the motorway again. The sleeping bags and cameras thrown into the car boot and smiles on our faces. Good to escape the monotony of daily life, don’t get me wrong I love my life, however I still enjoy running from it every now and then. Who doesn’t?

We spent a lot of time here and there will surely be more to follow. 

A large, abandoned teaching hospital for starters.




On this road there are no godspoke men.

It seems I’ve stepped into a time machine recently.

I visited Steetley Magnesium works in early 2011 with FlyingMonkeyCorps. On the route back from Ushaw seminary, it was just close enough for me to swing the bugmobile in its direction.


Steetley was always a real slice of derelict pie. Long gone and past its best. A real example of a post apocalyptic landscape. Right out on the sea front exposed to the elements.

I actually enjoyed myself quite a lot. It was a unique site. A couple of years later some of my Manchester friends decided to abseil the chimney. A short while later, the stack was demolished and the site is no more.


Out and about and save me the bullshit politics.

Summer was on its way. You can always tell; when those random sunny Sundays start appearing the seasons are set.

I’d had a pop at this place about 4 weeks previously, but for a few reasons some of the group didn’t get inside and we were spotted by the locals. Fast forward a month and I’m in the bugmobile on the way to pick up PaulUE. We were in with no problems after a small climb and a quick dash.

It seems my exploring journey has ventured into the manor house/mansion zone again. My views on this whole thing were made clear here -


This place was a little different I guess, originally a Manor house yes, but most recently a clinic for alcoholism. It didn’t feel like i was poking through someones personal life anyway.



It’s been a bad day. Please don’t take a picture.

So the toys are back. 2012 had proved to be a relatively slow year with exploring. Partly deliberate…. but mostly life getting in the way. Although by no means was exploring missing from the year.

Spending more time at home i found myself taking snaps of the toys again. I sometimes think life would be much better if they all really did come alive when we were not looking….


Up high and a quarter of green.

Earlier in the night we’d had a go at this place. Only to be scuppered by the security guard. “What are you up to?” “Just waiting for a mate, mate." 

Later we’d come back and find success.

My first real rooftop. Into the elevator, out a window. Reaching the bottom of the ladder I looked to Wilo, before I knew it he was half up the climb. Once i had overcome a little ladder fear we were all up and taking in the views.
Nick got his payback at me for laughing about the pigeons here. As i leaned back to descend the ladder, hand on a gate to support myself, the padlock on said gate slipped on its clasp. An inch felt like a fall to certain death…

Looking up I see the biggest grin on Nicks face followed with something along the lines of… "You thought you were going to die then didn’t you” and laughter.

Good times.



So kiss me! I’m Shitfaced. 

I saw so much, yet so little. More to come I hope. A beautiful country, even better people.

The next few days saw us tripping around Cork city and the surrounding places, it was wonderful to visit so much that is so close to I-am-cat-bugs heart. It feels good to share these things. 

Something new! I felt like she must here sometimes; my accent was weird compared to the populous, meaning for the first time I felt lost for words in fear of showing my alien status.

With ridiculous accent anxieties put aside we explored, shared and enjoyed… and who doesn’t love a sunset to finish?   


My Love. I’ll hold on to your touch. Until there’s nothing left of us.

The wind was intense, blowing our faces and screaming past our ears. 

I like walking and I’m lucky enough to live in a semi-rural area where the outside is not too far away. I particularly like this place… it’s close enough to civilisation but at the same time far enough away to feel isolated. Don’t get me wrong I like technology but it’s important to have a place where your phone displays “No service”

Like I said walking is great, but it’s better when you have a destination.

Dr Beeching saw to it that I was provided with such a destination, the Drewton estate is now home to three of my favourite abandoned railway tunnels.




Mothballed quarry’s and Ghetto horses.

After the drive back to Manchester we met up with Millhouse. Feasted on the best meatball pizza ever and caught up, then headed over the hills to Buckton Vale quarry. 

This is a mothballed place so its pretty tidy. After the climb up the slip road ( regretting the pizza ) we all enjoyed the evening sunshine and the great views catching our breath. Onwards then for a monkey around on the conveyors and various quarry related business.

A horse mask appeared and things just got silly. The ghetto horse was born. With some of the wildest impromptu dance moves from NickUK we descended the slopes and headed into town.

A winning afternoon.

The quarry was used for the extraction and processing of grit stone and sand stone. It is currently mothballed.



“You’re doomed! You’re all doomed!” Friday 13th. 2009

St Johns Asylum - Bracebridge Heath.

So someone (probably Chauffeur) had the bright idea to Pro Hobo overnight in St Johns Asylum. Myself and S.DogW had tried the place a year or so previously but with no luck, so… why not?

With our sleeping bags packed myself, Chauffeur, PaulUE and a couple of others set off for Bracebridge Heath. It was friday 13th, windy as hell and very cold. I’m not a spooky believer, or easily bothered by bumps in the night but this place is horrible. The atmosphere in there is something else. A bad sleep and some early morning first light exploring and we were off to Manchester for another hospital….

I always said I’d never return here, partly due to the atmosphere but mostly because i didn’t enjoy the place that much. Fast forward to 2013 and i was back. Twice.