I mean, I’m a pretty big fan of our shrieking trees :).  Cicadas are one of my favorite things about summer, listening to them genuinely relaxes me and I open the screen door most of the day so I can hear them.  If the sun is trying to kill me, I have a background of cicadas and other insects that I listen to while I nap <3.

for the same familiar on multiple dragons thing:

you first have to make sure you have as many familiars as dragons (ex you want the familiar on 3 dragons then you need 3 familiars)

then make sure no dragon has the familiar on

afterwards, go to the change familiar page of each dragon in different tabs, and place the familiar on each dragon.

when finished, just go back to your lair on each tab. each dragon will now have the same familiar! then you can just close off the tabs if you want, cos ur done

Insectlike Cogs...

Insectoid Cogs: they look like regular cogs, until you look closer…

They evolved strangely from normal insects, and the abdomen & thorax are smushed together, the abdomen being nearly not there.

Insectoid Cogs, known as Entomotons, do not have propellors and instead their backs pop open to wings, and they fly away.

Sellbugs have moth-y wings, Cashbugs have mayfly-esque wings, Lawbugs have wasplike wings, and Bossbugs have fly-like wings. Insectoid Cogs have very tiny external mandibles, since inside their mouth they have curved pairs that open and close vertically to work like teeth. They have four ‘arms’, but they disguise their three-digited “hands” as a single pair of five-digited hands.

They have typical compound insect eyes with pseudopupils where they are focusing.

They are also opportunist omnivores.

Lower level Entomotons have not gone through metamorphasis yet, and one can become a ‘queen’ once they have metamorphed and molted enough times. Toons polish up and disguise themselves inside shed skins of Entomatons, still covered in proper pheremones for colony invasion. Eagles and Sharks’ mandibles extend outwards for unknown reasons, and it is also unknown why this does not occur in the 7th phase for Sellbugs and Bossbugs, but return to normal once they metamorph for the eighth time. Big Wigs half metamorph into their 'queen’ form and simply grow larger. However, they become blind once they reach their queen form.

The dopamine released from Toons’ laughter and antics is so strong smelling to Entomatons that they explode from chemical overload. Their health meter is simply a sensory organ that changes color from dopamine saturation.

Toons and Cogs alike dislike Entomatons, Toons simply seeing them as Cogs and Cogs seeing them as pests. However, Entomatons would rather be on the Cogs’ good side, and will often hide their antennae in their coarse hair when they interact and keep their external mandibles as close to their face as possible to prevent them from being noticed. Some may even have them surgically removed, like Minglebug: