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"Did you just stick your fingers in my mouth" with ladynoir.

“Did you just stick your fingers in my mouth?” Chat Noir blinked.

Ladybug flushed. “No.”

“Except that you did. You just stuck your fingers in my mouth.” He touched a claw to his lips. "Bug, why did you stick your fingers in my mouth?”

“First, please stop saying the phrase ‘fingers in my mouth’ because it’s making me feel weird.”

“Okay…my Lady, why were your digits in my gob?”

“Ugh, that’s worse,” she sighed. “I wanted to see if you had fangs, okay?”

“You’re going to need to run that by me again.”

“Well, someone posted fan art on the Ladyblog and I don’t usually look on there but I happened upon it…”

“You don’t have to be embarrassed about being on the Ladyblog.”

“I’m not on the Ladyblog, Chat. I just come across it sometimes.”

“Oh yeah? What’s your screenname?” 

“It’s…I don’t have a screenname,” Ladybug sniffed.

“I absolutely don’t believe you now but go ahead,” he chuckled.

“Anyway,” she huffed, “someone made fan art and they gave you these little kitty fangs and then it made me curious if you actually had fangs or not.”

“And you couldn’t remember if I had straight teeth or fangs so your course of action was to stick your fingers in my mouth?”

“I thought you weren’t going to say that again.”

Chat Noir’s face spread into a big grin full of straight white teeth, eyes twinkling with amusement.

Ladybug lifted her chin haughtily. “No fangs. Noted.”

“You sound a bit disappointed, my Lady.”

“That’s ridiculous.”

“I could ask my kwami if fangs are doable.”

“Don’t you dare.”

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no one ever told me chloe bourgeois is actually gwen stacy

Graves sucks at dating

me and @questionartbox​ were discussing the subject of Graves + dates and


  • Graves is lonely 
  • a lonely little man 
  • and sad 
  • he always comes home to an empty house these days 
  • i mean, sure, his job is exhausting (one doesn’t protect the entire country by twindling their thumbs) 
  • and yeah, sure, he is not the most social man 
  • but still, having someone to come home to 
  • having someone to hug 
  • having someone to do more
  • that would be nice
  • so as usual he grabs the newspaper first thing in the morning and as he debates whether or not going through the effort of hitting on someone is worth it he sees it 
  • (not that he was looking for it, mind you, it’s a simple coincidence) 
  • Lonely Witches And Wizards? the add reads. Gather ‘round for a little bout of speed dating and meet the love of your life! 
  • Graves scoffs and drinks his coffee 
  • the next thing he knows he is sitting at a table in front of a stranger, holding a sheet with questions in his hands to “break the ice” 
  • he clears his throat. the witch is nice looking, but not Graves’ type 
  • “hello,” he says. 
  • Introduce yourself fairly quickly, the sheet reads 
  • “I’m Percival Graves. Nice to meet y -” 
  • Oh my God
  •  Really 
  • I saw your name in the papers 
  • the witch is into him ™, she giggles at anything he says 
  • Graves is uncomfortable 
  • maybe he should have worn a disguise 
  • the wizard after her is boring and not into men, who the fuck arranged these tables 
  • Graves is able to go further in his introductions as another woman takes the empty seat in front of him
  • “Hello, my name is Percival Graves, Director of Magical Security and Head of the Departement of Magical Law Enforcement” 
  • (why is his title so damn long) 
  • “So what do you in your free time?” she asks. “What do you like?” 
  • uuuh. The law? Politics. Fashion, he adds quickly. “i love fashion.” 
  • the woman stares and Graves thinks that this was a terrible idea and he’s all but ready to give up after her when a man takes her place 
  • he is damn cute
  • wow
  • “Hello,” Graves says gently. “What’s your name?” 
  • “Newt. Hm.” Newt looks around widly and doesn’t meet Graves’ eyes 
  • now that’s just rude
  • “not into men?” Graves asks, to save himself the disappointement 
  • “uh? no, no, sorry, i just lost something -” 
  • Newt looks under the table 
  • Graves has ten minutes left with him
  • he sees something moving on the man’s shoulder as Newt comes up again 
  • Is that a bowtrucle?
  • uh 
  • Newt sweats nervously 
  • no, no sir, not at all, it’s just a stick, i was in the woods before 
  • “It’s moving, Newt.”
  • Newt sweats harder 
  • You must be imagining things, Sir, it has to be the heat 
  • We’re in the middle of winter Newt 
  • These establishements really exagerate their warming charms, don’t you think? Ahahah 
  • but Newt can’t leave bc he still have five minutes with Graves 
  • magical charms forcing him to sit back 
  • Graves grins at him like a shark and leans closer
  • this is the most fun he’s had in months 
  • “Why don’t you tell me all about that bowtruckle? How did you get it? How many do you have, Newt?” Graves asks, almost purring
  • Newt gulps loudly 
  • Sir, I promise it is just a stick insect 
  • “It just blew a raspberry at me, Newt” 
  • A stick bug. A walking stick, if you will - 
  • Of course it is, and I am Gellert Grindelwald
  • I hope you’re not
  • I’m not, and that is not a stick bug 
  • Newt sighs 
  • What do you want 
  • Do you have a permit for that bowtruckle? I want to see it 
  • But their time is up 
  • Newt gets up quickly and smiles 
  • NEWT NO 
  • WHAT 
  • N E W T 
peculiar children as those weird children you’ve probably babysat
  • Emma: stares at a pack of matches and whispers "everything is prettier when its on fire" to seemingly nothing
  • Hugh: Eats bugs, just grabs a bunch and sticks them in his face even though he's allergic to everything.
  • Millard: goes missing all of the time, one second he's right beside you, the next second he's ran away and you'll probably never find him again.
  • Horace: says "you're ugly" with complete earnest, and then cries when you say you don't like his shoes.
  • Enoch: instead of stuffed animals he has a bunch of taxidermic animals. his bedroom is the worst place you have ever been. makes you feel uncomfortable on purpose.
  • Jacob: gets into fights with everything. he'll fight you, he'll fight that dog, he'll fight a car, he'll fight himself.
  • Fiona: sticks arms under ground as far as they can go and then lies face down in the dirt.
ADHD Patton Headcanons for the Soul
  • He has a blue tangle that Roman made him (it has cute little kitty paws painted on it) 
    • He never remembers where he leaves it and the others are always finding it in weird places
    • Once Virgil found it in an empty cereal box sitting in the fridge 
  • Patton is a chewing machine and all of his shirts have holes in the collar
  • Logan makes Patton weekly lists when he makes Thomas’s (and makes sure to help Patton finish the most important stuff when the executive dysfunction kicks in) 
  • He is bad to sameclothes with the same unwashed outfit
    • Roman and Logan are appalled and stock his closet with a weeks worth of the same outfit when he gets particularly attached an outfit
  • Virgil is the King of no spoon days and gives the best tips for those days when hygiene is v hard
    • They take baths together in a big tub (sometimes fully clothed if it’s a particularly challenging day) until Roman drags them out to drink juice pouches and watch disney movies
    • Logan plans out low energy ways to do different chores and activities with the least amount of movement and brain power involved 
  • Patton can and will feel the RSD train hit him if you brush him off or snip at him 
    • Watch him have a mood swing quick as light 
    • The sting of rejection is only rivaled by the thought of his famILY not loving him anymore 
  • He hates clingy textures with a passion and almost cries when bugs stick to him  
  • Legg bounce game so strong the others can feel the floor shake from the next room 
  • His favorite stim is waving his hands around and bouncing with the vigor of 20 men 
    • When he gets very very happy he just shakes and smiles because WOW THAT FEELS GOOD I LIKe HAPPY FEELINGS
    • When he gets overwhelmed he rocks himself and gets into a small space
  • Cats are his #Favorite and knows more information on them than Logan 
  • In conclusion Patton is a good boi and has ADHD thanks 4 coming to my ted talk

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Can you write a oneshot where Paul pretends to be annoyed (he's actually ridiculously amused) when John calls him by corny pet names?

ah omg okay first of all im sorry i haven’t really gotten around to doing the prompts. but this is cute! 


“Angel face, do you mind making a cuppa tea for your beloved?” John pokes at Paul, who was sitting on the floor in front of their sofa. “What? Why can’t you do it?” Paul rolls his eyes, but if he had to admit it, he would say his stomach flipped with butterflies at the ridiculous nickname. “Because my stomach is not doin’ so well, and I just know you want to help me feel better, Pumpkin.” Paul knew John wasn’t lying, he had been lying on the sofa all day.

Paul keeps his annoyed facade on, though. “Perhaps if you drop the stupid nicknames, I wouldn’t mind making you a tea.” Paul crossed his arms and looked back at the telly. “Doll face, you must help me in my time of need!” John grabs at his stomach and throws his head back dramatically. “Bugger off, Lennon.” Paul stood up and touched John’s forehead. “You’re a bit warm.” Paul observed his annoying, apparently sick, boyfriend. 

“Please save me, Doodle Bug.” John sticks his bottom lip out, pouting like a child. “Enough with the bloody pet names!” Paul held back a smile, he couldn’t let John know that he was soft enough to actually enjoy these silly nicknames. Nicknames such as these had become a habit for John whenever he was feeling clingy, or needed Paul to do something for him. “Please, please, please, Bugga-boo?” John reached out at Paul’s hand. 

“Fine, I’ll make you a bloody tea. Would you like some soup to go with it, your majesty?” Paul faked a bow. “Actually, my Peach, some soup would be absolutely lovely.” John smiled. Just as Paul was about to exit the sitting room and head to the kitchen, a large smile spread across his cheeks, John made a noise. “What?” Paul spun around, hiding his smile again. 

“Would you get me a blanket, Sugar Lips? Your poor old Johnny is cold.” John pouted again. Paul felt his heart skip a beat at how absolutely and ridiculously adorable John was being. “Fine.” Paul had to look away, he had to get that smile out. Paul ran upstairs to their bedroom and grabbed John’s favourite dark green fuzzy blanket. He brought it back downstairs and draped it over his body, tucking it in around John’s body. 

“How’s that?” Paul held back a giggle, John looked like a Beatle-Burrito. “Just wonderful, Teddy Bear.” John yawned. “Alright, I’ll fetch your tea and soup.” Paul kissed John’s forehead and went into the kitchen. Paul starts making John his hot beverage and hot food, when he hears snoring. “Oh you’ve got to be joking.” He rolls his eyes and follows the sound. 

There he is, the lad who had been bugging him for tea and soup, John Winston Lennon, completely asleep. Paul couldn’t help but stand there and admire the adorable man. He squatted down beside the couch and touched John’s cheek. “John,” He whispered. “John, love, let’s get you to bed.” Paul whispers as John’s eyes flutter open slowly. He turns his head and looks at Paul, sending that familiar butterfly-like feeling throughout Paul’s stomach.

“Is me soup and tea ready then, Boo?” John mumbles, almost inaudibly. Paul chuckles softly and lifts John up off the couch. “Hold me tight, Johnny. We’re going upstairs.” Paul instructs to his older, sick boyfriend. John snuggles into Paul’s neck and yawns. “Thank you, Muffin.” 

The Mage’s plaintive “it wasn’t supposed to be like this…. it’s all a mistake…” sounds like the sort of line that’s meant to make the audience more sympathetic to the character, or at least open our minds to the possibility that he’s been misunderstood, except we know that he’s not??

His biggest villainous acts so far have been stabbing someone in the eye with a pen, providing guns to a pre-industrial agrarian culture, arming Susie and telling her to kill Dirk Gently, and maybe-brainwashing-maybe-killing Hobbs. There’s no way that any of these could be misinterpreted or misconstrued. There’s no way that Max is going to turn around now and go ha ha, joke’s on you, Panto was the villain all along or whatever. I’m not ruling out that the prophecy means something wildly different to what we’re all assuming, but I also think it’s pretty unlikely that the Mage is going to be on the side of the angels after all.

So that line has been bugging me all week and it’s going to continue to bug me.

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I want Polli to just silently brush Mystery's hair/(fur? what the heck are furries) And it's all nice at first, but then Polli starts finding bugs, grass, sticks, knives, and so on in it, and it just gets worse and worse. - "Mystery why is there a disembodied arm in here...."


You! Yes You! The absolute cutie reading this! I love you! And your F/o’s love you! And why wouldn’t they, you’re amazing and wonderful and deserve all the happiness and love in the world!!! Keep being amazing love and don’t let anyone get you down, you’re F/o’s and I believe in you!!!

Every time I see a ~nature X~ moodboard, it’s just a houseplant in a white room and someone wearing a green sweater. Like is that what you fuckin city slickers think nature is? 

Where’s the bugs? Where’s the tall weeds that stick to your pants as you walk through them? Where’s the mud that’s just deep enough to fuck up your shoes? Where’s that strange feeling that you’re being watched but you know that if you turn around and look, you won’t be able to stop? Where are the spider webs that you don’t notice until you’ve walked into them?
Have yall ever been outside?