bugs for ts


Beetles WIP

Here is something different from the things I usually make: beetles! I was in town last week and saw these wooden boxes and suddenly got the idea to make beetles and put them in those boxes for display.
I was of course inspired by Animal Crossing to make just these and people who have played the game will recognize them (hopefully) as the Goliath Beetle, the Rainbow Stag and the Hercules Beetle! They are as you can see not in real life size, because they are made to fit into the boxes I bought. 

The legs are sculpted with black Fimo Soft and the body is roughly sculpted with white Sculpey III over a wire armature. Please note that I have never in my life sculpted bugs before and that I’m only making these for fun.

dear Dogs, i know you don’t have the popular history with catching vermin that cats do.  when people think of an average domestic dog, a picture of that dog chasing down pests in the house doesn’t really come to mind like it does with the adorably predatory cat.  what i’m saying is, look, we don’t ask a lot of you.  but you know…it wouldn’t suck if, when a three-inch cockroach struts across the living room, you’d acknowledge your proud terrier lineage and hunt that sucker down like the piece of filth it is.  at least look up from your nap. god.

Alien Challenge Day 4: Bio-luminescence. 

Crappy crap.

Any way, this species is similar to a deep-sea isopod, the main difference being the rather ostentatious bio-luminescent ribbon that can be unfurled from its belly, though it can sense its surroundings via electric currents much better then with sight. The ribbon is used mainly to attract mates and/or threaten predators and competitors. The face-marks on the primary luminescent spot  are actually gonads like that of the moon jellyfish. Because of this and the rather ghostly figure it casts, they are sometimes referred to as “Sea Phantoms.”

i found a ladybug larvae, and oh my god, it’s got bright orange racing stripes, and those tiny little legs, and it’s currently living on the elderberry bush by the basement stairs, because waaaah, cute, and i wanted to find it a nice place that wasn’t my t-shirt.

so every friday my environmental science professor has us watch a short video or two and then write a critique on them for a grade. This past friday the videos were about 1: bee colony collapse disorder, and 2: insects as a source of protein and the potential normalization of eating insects in western culture.

and the punchline is that today my prof brought in little cartons of fried bug snacks for us to try

the crickets were bacon and cheddar flavored so i didn’t try them (being vegetarian and all), but the larvettes were good