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If you were to create Bug type Pokemon, what kinds would you make?

we need more that look somewhat like their real-world counterparts, like this fella here:

it actually resembles a dragonfly, right??

hell, why not have a pokemon based on the honey ant?

you could totally make a pokemon outta this guy!!

what about a pokemon based on the giraffe weevil??

after you finish laughing, look me in the eye and tell me this couldn’t become a pokemon.

or maybe we could go with exaggerated versions of common bugs, like a mosquito that has a super long proboscis and carries a tank around on its back filled with a red fluid (that may or may not be blood), or an inchworm that’s really long and its body is almost like a spring or something???

there’s so many possibilities for bug types that i could go on for days about it!!!

I love how Bionicle G1 was like,

“How ‘bout we start out easy with some bugs.

Then we’ll throw in some bugs…

…And then we’ll take the bugs, and make them SHINY!

After that, why don’t we try bugs?

Now, at this point, people might be kinda sick of bugs. So lets just do robots…

…That are kinda like bugs.

Oh, and there’s a guy who got turned into a giant bug.

OK, I think it’s time for more bugs!”

Then, Lego took a break from bugs.

Except not really, cuz there’s a guy who rides on a huge bug.

And then, they went underwater, where you’d think they couldn’t possibly make another bug.


Back on land?