I once got bitten by a praying mantis.

It had been in our house for 2 days and we realised it didn’t know how to get outside again. So I had to chase it around until I eventually caught it.

By that time the poor thing was obviously pretty stressed out. So it grabbed my forefinger in its pincers and bit me. I learn something important that day;

Praying mantises can’t bite humans for shit. They’re really REALLY bad at it.

Another time I was in the bathroom at work and after washing my hands was drying them on the towel. I was surprised because a praying mantis had gotten into the bathroom and was sitting on the towel. So I caught it to take it outside.

I felt a weird sensation in my cupped hands but didn’t check what it was until I got outside.

It turns out the praying mantis was probably indoors for a long time, because after washing my hands, it was working hard to drink up all the water caught in the creases of my palm and fingers.

I learned that day that praying mantises can drink up the tiniest traces of water with their little mouths if they’re thirsty enough.

@slightlysimian I love your bug style! I might have to steal it and draw like it all the time. Edit: Craaaap I forgot Bee girl’s second pair of arms. Okay I’ll fix that before I color.

I seriously hate the fucking wardrobe it takes an hour to make your avatar just the way you want it and God forbid you try to drag one item under or over another item then your entire avatar goes to shit and you’re dragging just to try anything and it won’t work and somehow you drag the base behind everything except the background and that’s the complete opposite of what it does and why the hell is the stupid wardrobe so fucking complicated I hate it