“World Mosquito Day” was created when the link between mosquitos and malaria transmission was discovered! It aims to raise awareness about the causes of malaria and how it can be prevented. You want bats, like Nickola pictured here, around because more bats result in less mosquitos! This also means a reduced chance in contracting a virus transmitted by mosquitos! 


I just did a bit of reading about the random unfollowing trick that Tumblr sometimes does (I’ve not seen it much myself, but apparently a lot of you have seen it happen). I found a post from somebody back in 2012, and they had been tracking it for a while - and discovered a pattern to it.

They noticed that the total of their follower/following counts stayed the same when it happened - so somebody new followed, and somebody they were following dropped off.

That’s GOT to be a bug in the following code - where an opposite method or function than intended is being called somewhere. The fact that it doesn’t happen ALL the time probably means there’s a race condition in play too - by that I mean a timing issue - two things happening at the same time, and depending on which happens first, different outcomes occur. Caching could also be involved - Tumblr has historically used all manner of clever techniques to scale minimal hardware to millions of users.

To be honest, it doesn’t surprise me that this has been going on for at least five years. As we’ve all said before - it’s pretty stunning that Tumblr continues to exist, given how badly engineered it has been in the past.

anonymous asked:

I am looking for compatible bug co-existent colonies, bugs I can eventually feed to my dragons.

Hey there! So if you’re keeping these bugs as feeders and not for your own enjoyment there’s not really any benefit of keeping them together. In the crowded confines of a feeder colony they will stress each other out and it will be difficult to provide perfectly for the needs of both species; the colony won’t be nearly as productive as it would have been if you raised either species separately.

However if you are looking for bugs that can live together as a community display blue death feigning beetles, desert millipedes, and various other dry-habitat darkling beetles can make a cool desert bug display. These won’t make good dragon food though unless you pick out the beetle larva (definitely not the millipedes though as they are poisonous).