Since I knew there was no way I could top last year’s valentines, I thought I’d make a Chrysalis one just for fun, but make it a little more “monstrous”.  However, for some reason, I felt compelled to make it a humanoid version (an updated version of this), as opposed to a bugpony.

I decided to pull the design a little bit away from the insectoid/alien look, and a bit more towards some type of fae.  I envision her hair having a texture like the membrane of a leaf (even though I’m not entirely sure how that would work).  I’m not really sold on her neck at the moment, and might do something similar to how I did the neck on this (still one of my favorite things I’ve ever done).  I made the horn more like that of a markhor goat, which I think is what the stylization in her canon design is actually meant to imply.  And yes - I’m still sticking with the bifurcated mouth, because it’s delightfully horrifying.

But yeah…basically, I ended up working on something entirely different than I had originally planned.

Your love is wasted on this oblivious creature. Give it directly to me.

Hungry bugponies are unusually strong and unpredictable when you’re between them and the things they eat, it turns out~

Beep! All robots must have their secrets! Robots survive by being mysterious~

The robot’s heart drive is capable of simulating organic emotions, which is at least enough to keep a bugpony fed for, say, ten asks or so~

Robots! (5/10)