Mohrbacher: The Gathering 2014

Hey there! I’m the artist behind a few popular commanders. Animar, Grim-Grin, Erebos, etc.

I’ve got a Kickstarter going on right now and I’ve got some limited run playmats that I’ve made specifically for Animar fans. I thought you might be relevant to the interests of your readers :)

Just search for Mohrbacher: The Gathering 2014 if you want to check it out.

<3 Pete Mohrbacher

Check out this kickstarter started by bugmeyer. If you guys are interested in beautiful playmats or prints of cool cards then definitely check it out!

I always have my sketchbook open when looking through the artists I follow on various social media platforms so if I see something interesting I can draw/write it down for inspiration for my own work. It usually ends up just looking like a mess, but today I ended up with something I actually liked. And will end up being a character concept for another project. Also random notes from class.

When I got home today, I was not expecting to find something in the mail addressed to me. But I was pleasantly surprised by these three awesome playmats by @bugmeyer! These are from Peter Mohrbacher’s Angelarium, which I highly recommend you check out! I look forward to playing a bunch of games with Raziel, Eistibus and Da’at!

P.S. sorry for the quality of the image. You can get a better look at these (and many other) illustrations here.