Who needs words? (as noted by @sullypants)


We dont have anything to be nervous about. Shes the princess.
I know, I know.
No, no. No, you dont know. I was the boy in the palace. The one who opened the wall. Shes the real thing.
That means our girl has found her family. We have found the heir to the Russian throne! And you
Will walk out of her life forever.
Princesses dont marry kitchen boys.

♡ ANASTASIA secret santa gift for @jemmablossom

Riverdale Writers Room

“so we have the core four at kind of a weird position. Should Betty and Archie start a full fledged affair. Or apologize to their significant others?”

“nah, have Betty reject him and not talk about it with Jughead.”

“um what?” 

“Make Betty reject Archie.”

“But um we just uprooted the entire core four because they kissed.”

“yeah we need someway to break them up for the time jump.” 

“I feel like there could have been an easier way to handle that-”

“No there wasn’t. Everyone will love this. Betty kisses Archie and goes back to Jughead. everyone wins.” 

“But won’t the Barchies be sad about lack of payoff and bughead’s be sad that their ship still cheated, plus it kind of paints both Betty and Archie in a negative light. Also what about Veronica.” 


“Veronica. We kind of made a point of her and Archie being soulmates last season.” 

“I’m still confused. Who is Veronica?”