buggy's adventure!


Embark upon a spin `round the perimeter aboard your own personal Doom Buggy or Atomobile, through the moldering sanctum within Disneyland’s own HAUNTED MANSION, then cast your minds back to the days when Tomorrowland‘s ADVENTURE THRU INNER SPACE daily convinced young children that they were actually experiencing the uncertain dangers & excitement of being miniaturized beyond the smallness of an atom. Enjoy this brief interlude upon the safe and private confines within these Omnimover vessels without having to Actually experience Going on the Rides Themselves Per Se !!

  • Buggy writes a children's book

There once was a bee who befriended a lonely flower. 

This certain flower sprouted away from the other flowers and spent most of its time dancing alone in the sun. 

Feeling pity for the flower, the bee visited it frequently. They danced and played and told each other stories,  The flower talked about the weather and the bee talked about the hive, spending so much time together these two formed a close bond. 

Like every other visit, these two danced and sang and told each other stories. 

After a long while the bee decided it was time for him to return to his hive. Saying goodbye to the flower the bee was about to fly off until he noticed something coming their way.

It was a scorpion!

The scorpion, entranced by the flower, wanted to take it home with him. This didn’t sit well with the bee so he told the scorpion that he couldn’t take it away. This just angered the scorpion and they both started arguing!! After an intense shouting match the furious scorpion screamed that he’ll take it by force if he had to.

Not wanting the scorpion to pluck the flower… 

The bee…blew itself up…

…and blinded the scorpion…

Unable to see, the scorpion stumbled away. Walking past the flower.

The flower now all alone, wanted to tear its roots right out of the ground, yet no matter how hard the flower pulled and pulled it just couldn’t tug itself free. 

Realizing that trying to rip itself free would be useless, the flower could only lament. 

And soon, the lonely flower who had no one to dance with anymore.

Wilted away…