buggy the clown arc

#opanniversary day 6 - relationships/interactions

I thought this moment in Luffy and Buggy’s relationship was incredibly sweet. Despite the fact that they were enemies in the past, Buggy cared for Luffy’s well being. I don’t think Buggy exactly sees him as a friend, but he is hesitant to give Luffy’s unconscious body away to a complete (and frankly, shady-looking) stranger. He cares about him being taken care of properly and wasn’t willing to throw his life away after all they went through together in Impel Down and throughout the Marineford War. Buggy may have been an accidental and even reluctant helper, but he was a helper nonetheless and showed that he has some sort of positive (or dare I say, caring) feelings towards Luffy. I loved this switch in their relationship and hope it will change their future interactions for the better!