buggy love

Stand still and kill. That’s my motto: stand still and kill. I’m putting that on shirts. I’m putting that on mugs. I’m putting that on babies’ little fucking buggy chairs. Everyone’s gonna love it. It’s fun for the whole fucking family.
—  Jacksepticeye: Clone Drone #5 - 3/14/17 (https://youtu.be/0MvDjUV-7g8?t=6m59s)

TWELVE FOREVER IS AWEEEESOMEEE. /my lines suck i’m sorry imma tired potato/

anonymous asked:

I think Buggie are in love with each other and not knowing it yet.

I think they both know it (Juggie’s been in love since the show started), just they’re both distracted/not ready to fully own it/a little scared by it all. Jughead was pushing her away, precisely because he thinks the day will come that she dumps him and he’ll be so deeply in love at that point, he won’t be able to move forward….fortunately, they solved their very realistic fight.

my only wish for cars 3, besides all the obvious ones, is that those little beetles that were in cars 1 and were probably just a small detail that the creators got a lot of joy from are in the new movie too because they are obnoxiously adorable and also a pun and they make little condensation trails that look like tire marks when they fly and look confused 99% of the time

i also wonder way too often if they would be called beetle beetles

they need more appreciation ok this has been a psa 

fuckingup-withclass  asked:

Can you do the nationality HC for the warlords? And the admirals? Omg I love your HCs.

Nationality Hcs, my true time to shine


  • Dracule Mihawk: Mexico
  • Bartholomew Kuma: Morocco
  • Boa Hancock: China
  • Buggy: Netherlands
  • Edward Weevil: Norway
  • Sir Crocodile: Italy
  • Donquixote Doflamingo: Spain
  • Gekko Moriah: Romania
  • Jinbe: Japan


I know they’re all japanese but I’ll just add my own stuff to them and make them biracial

  • Akainu/Sakazuki: half Japanese, half Ukrainian
  • Kizaru/Borsalino: half Japanese, half Italian
  • Aokiji/Kuzan: half Japanese, half African-American
  • Fujitora/Issho: half Japanese, half Armenian

ellingto-on  asked:

Can I have gif reaktions (do I write it right?) for Robin, Buggy, Shanks, Doflamingo and Marco playing with theire children?

I think reactions is with c, and yessss you totally getting them sweetheart *-*


Expect her to press tons of kisses on her baby while playing with it’s little hands and feet


Priority is making his baby laugh and have fun


there is no moment ever those two ain’t having fun


nobody ever sees Marco smile so softly and sincerly 


but also

 There are sweet moments no worries