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Stand still and kill. That’s my motto: stand still and kill. I’m putting that on shirts. I’m putting that on mugs. I’m putting that on babies’ little fucking buggy chairs. Everyone’s gonna love it. It’s fun for the whole fucking family.
—  Jacksepticeye: Clone Drone #5 - 3/14/17 (https://youtu.be/0MvDjUV-7g8?t=6m59s)

what more could i possibly need in my life than 707 and overwatch

first pic is a good ol design of blackwatch agent ……….. (drumroll please) …………..

7 ! 0 ! 7 !

…..its sorta flashy for blackwatch but cuz seven’s mostly in his office hacking and eating chips, they dont rly nag him about it.

then theres sombra seven. bc. lets face it. what a sombra main. but also a bastion main (obviously, while using the dune buggy skin). seven would love bastion !!! a cutie patootie robot with a sense of humor !!!

TWELVE FOREVER IS AWEEEESOMEEE. /my lines suck i’m sorry imma tired potato/

So it’s been a while since we had a Bughead Fam Love!Fest Post but you see - I have this amazing Reylo friend ( @corariley ) who is JUST getting into Bughead - and she asked me for blogs to follow.

I have nearly 1000 followers and at least 475 Bughead followers and there are SO MANY of you that I love love love (so it’s hard to choose which to tag - I’d be here for hours) - so maybe it’s time to share the love in the whole Bughead!Fam yet again. 

I’m not gonna list ALL of you - but please reblog this post with other blogs that you feel are essential for a new Buggie to follow. Love all you, fam!

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Some of these friends are writers - some graphics makers - some full of meta goodness - some keeping the pulse on the Sproushart side of the fandom. I love all of them - and there are SO many more. 

Last Straw

Hi guys this is my first fanfic! Hopefully it’s written okay… I can only post on mobile so I apologize!

I will post Chapter 2 if people like this:)

Request: @ineedthesons your favorite son just got out of prison for something he didn’t do, really. Maybe he was set up by the club, maybe not. Write how he reacts to coming home back to his girl.

Chapter 1:
When happy got arrested things seemed very off….nothing made sense. The day after Happy got arrested, his old lady needed answers. Lana went straight to the club house and found Jax. Jax informed Lana it was a wrongful arrest and they’ll take care of it, not to worry. But it’s been three years and nothing.

3 years. Happy missed 3 years of his first born child life. Lily is 4 now. Lana heart aches, knowing happy will always beat himself up for missing time with his babygirl. Lana buckles Lily in safely and heads to the prison. Today, Happy finally gets out.
“Mommy, are we getting daddy??” Lily asks for the 10th time today.
“Yes baby girl. We are here now!” Lana says excitingly. Lana gets lily out of the car and she starts running towards the man leaning on the post.
“DADDY, DADDY, DADDY!!!” Lily screams, Happy turns around to see Lana and lily, he’s never smiled so much in his life.
“yes babygirl, daddy’s back for good. I love you buggie.” Happy says kissing lily cheek and giving his old lady the biggest kiss.
“You know Hap, everyone at the clubhouse is waiting.”
“Bug, wanna go see Abel?” Happy asks his daughter, who shakes her head alot.

Happy, Lana and Lily pull up to the clubhouse. Gemma was outside and ran right to the car.
“Happy! I’m so glad you’re home.” Gemma says kissing happy on the cheek. When you all entered the clubhouse, it was decorated SAMCRO style. Welcome home sign, booze everywhere, joints all around.

“Lily want to go play with Abel out back?” Gemma says taking lily hand.

“HAPPY!” All his brothers yell. Each one giving hugs. “We missed you, ya crazy bastard” tig says giving Hap a hug.

Tonight is exactly what everyone needs. Those mother fuckers will pay for everything they have done. Happy swore on his life he’d get revenge.
“Baby. You okay?” Lana asks, pulling happy out of his thoughts.

“Of course love. Everything will always be okay. Get me a beer please? Lana kissed his cheek and went off to get a beer.

"I need help brothers.” Happy says to Tig, Chibs, and Jax.

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I’ve decided to take a two day (ish) break from tumblr. I love this fandom and I love interacting with everyone and I know that two days will likely result in me missing dozens of important updates (😣) but I’m going to take a rest for the sake of my mental sanity. This week is crazy busy and I know that if I’m not careful I’ll get wrapped up in this fandom family and fail to get anything done. So this is just my way of letting you know I’m not ignoring you if I’m not responding and that I haven’t abandoned this blog (I could never!). I’ll be back soon my buggies, I love you all 💕