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Borderlands!AU Arcade is resigned to his fate as bug dad.
One of these days he’ll get around to actually naming the poor bby scythid crawler.
One day.

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anonymous asked:

is it true bethesda and zenimax tried to sabotage fallout new vegas?


They were supposed to do the QA.

Look at how utterly buggy New Vegas was.

And besides all that, they put an 18 month dev cycle limit and they limited the number of spoken/recorded lines to 10000. for ALL of the DLCs, which is why there’s so many mute/speak in beeps characters and most certainly why there’s only one living character that speaks to you in Lonesome Road, the last one.

They also said “no” to various interesting ideas that Obsidian had, such as being able to pick either a Ghoul, Human, or Super Mutant MC.

Not to mention all the tons of cut content you had (Did you know that originally, Benny was gonna be a companion and that they considered having Vulpes Inculta be a companion?)