Kwinskii’s bugeye: Black Magic

If you can believe it this bugeye has over 210,000 miles (and over 200,000 of them were on the stock engine). Subaru’s industrial strength build quality definitely shows on this car…

Interestingly, Kwinskii owns two modded Subarus, this black bugeye WRX being one of them, and another White STI (full-on track buildup with a bazillion point hand made rollcage (w/ gussets), ballistically wide volks, and even more Voltex goodies than the WRX – also pictured below – but it now looks like THIS)

After hitting the 210 mark, this bugeye was freshened up with EDM HID projector headlights, a fresh coat of black paint, ’04 rear to fit the Voltex carbon rear diffuser, an STI shortblock (stock engine *with mods* gave out at 207k), and the most noticeable upgrade – 18×10 Work Emotion’s.

This is an extreme wheel setup, and I’m usually not a fan of too crazy aggressive fitment (when the wheel starts to exceed the fender line), but wide looks right on this car because it’s a near-widebody WRX. While he calls it a mere “fender pull” it’s clear that some immense metalworking talent and bodywork went into building the fenders out an additional inch or so. Normally fender pulling makes me cringe because it’s (1) a permanent/irreversible mod to your chassis (2) often poorly done with a Chipotle™ Burrito-foil crumpled texture… sometimes even rusting – but Kwinskii did it right.

“The stock motor lasted until 207,000 miles. Then I just did a STI 2.5L with WRX heads and an FP green EWG and all the supporting mods. Drove it like that for about 4,000 miles and now I’m on to better things and right now I am in the middle of a motor build.”

Suspension / brakes
Tein Super Racings with custom spring rates
Tein dual EDFC
Tein front strut tower bar
GT Spec Subframe brace
GT spec H brace
GT spec truck cage
STI control arms
Cusco 22 mm front sway bar
Cusco 22mm rear sway bar
Kartboy front end links
Kartboy rear end links
STI front Brembos
DBA 4000 series rotors
(STI Rears are being put on right now with DBA rotors)

New paint job done at 210,000 miles
EDM headlights
JDM STI hood scoop
JDM STI front grill
JDM STI fog light covers
STI blinker covers
Brand new OEM bumper with shaved and new hole cut for front tow hook
Brand new OEM 04+ rear end with taillights
Front fenders rolled and pulled and the little body line is now gone
Rear fenders rolled and pulled
Voltex rear diffuser
Nukabe how hooks front and rear
Prodrive lip
(V2 STI lip on the way to make the front end be even with the rear)
Work XD-9 18X10 +18 (5×100 and only set in the country) with 265’s
Volk Black lug nuts

Motor / transmission. (I’m just listing everything that is going into the car right now or is on the car)
Brian Crower 2.7L (102 bore 8.2:1)
Brain crower 280 cams
Darton Sleeves
Commetic head gaskets
Cosworth High volume high-pressure oil pump
Cosworth main and rod bearings
Cosworth Valves 1mm over sized
Cosworth Valve springs and retailers
Cosworth timing belt guide
Cosworth 11mm head studs. The new stronger ones
JDM Spec C intake Manifold.
Rotated intake manifold
Custom intercooler piping
Wiggles clams
Tial GT35R .82 rotated
Tial 44mm wastegate
Tial Q blow off valve
APS fuel rails with custom lines
1150 or 1600cc injectors. I might also get a 42R and switch every now and then so I haven’t made up my mind on that yet.
Koyo radiator
Samco radiator hoses
APS short ram intake
APS exhaust
APS Exhaust manifold
APS 525 Silver front mount
Process West oil cooler (not that get of quality FYI)
Moroso oil pan
Aeromotive Fuel Pressure regulator
Prova water to air separator
Painted engine bay and wire tuck
STOCK Transmission still haha. (New one coming when this one goes. Either PPG or STI 6 speed)

I know there is a lot more that I am forgetting in the motor I just can’t remember right now.

Sparco Pro2000’s X2
Takata long harnesses X2
Cusco 7 point cage with 2 add on bars.
06 STI steering wheel
Beatrush bulkhead divider

Featured: DonnieBrasco’s Bugeye

This is one of the more epic bugeyes to roll out of SoCal.

What sets this car apart is the prodrive lip with V-limited lip underneath. Donnie was one of the first bugeyes (possibly the first) to roll with this setup. His Prodrive lip is authentic – one of the last ones Prodrive USA had in stock before they closed down North American operations. This setup has become increasingly common as replicas of both prodrive and v-limited lips have become available for cheap but still nobody has pulled it off like this.

The other thing that sets the car apart is the wheels… but they speak for themselves…

rare/out of production bronze Volk Racing SE37K wheels (they were replaced by the Volk RE30’s)

It says something that this is actually the winter setup (although to be fair does SoCal really have winters?)

THIS is the summer setup…

BBS LM wheels. Real. Specs remain a mystery (no really I’m not too lazy to look it up he just won’t give it up lol).


EDM HID headlight – the correct beam pattern, Light output 6k
Prodrive Genuine Lip one of the last pcs. DAN Prodrive have before they closed shop.
New OEM front bumper color match PPG paint
S204 vlimited rep lip
08 STI front seats
JDM red hazzard button
OEM 3pod guages
black plasti dip trim
black suede interior
editors note: GT Spec grill in the top “winter” photos – it’s essentially a Zerosports grill but with the three holes filled in on either side. People often confuse it as being a replica of the LIBERAL grill which looks similar but somewhat different, but in actuality the GT Spec grill a semi-original part.

TDO4 – bought w/ 10k miles
BN heads, subaru genuine OEM headgskets
ARP cometic head studs
BN waterpump, timing belt, belt tensioner
BN fuel filters and regulator
Group N engine mount
Group N tranny mount
Prodrive catless up pipe
stock catted dp
APS cat back
EXEDY stage 2 clutch – 8kmiles ago
Mishimoto aluminum radiator
Gimmick black silicone radiator hoses
New thermostat
STI high pressure rad caps
Motul 75 90 tranny fluids – Done at Yimi 5k miles ago
Factory Short shifter
kartboy shifter bushing
now flashed on stage 2 XPT MAP


Whiteline 22-27 mm F&R swaybar
Whiteline ALK
Whiteline center roll adjuster
Whiteline Lateral links
Kartboy endlinks
STI aluminum control arms
JDM STI titanuim strutbar
Ingals Camberbolts
Megan tracks 10k-12k CO

Photocredits: Luis3rd (winter setup); Chris Sustrino a/k/a TimeAtk on Nasioc (summer setup)


BugeyeGarage Interlude: On the streets of Tokyo

I try and steer clear of too many non-bugeyes in this blog… but with photography (and cars) this gorgeous it’s worth the acknowledgement that there are other versions of the New Age impreza made by Subaru. : P

Heavily modified JDM STI S202 (bugeye) and JDM STI ver. 8 (blobeye). Amazing machines.

side note: This probably isn’t Tokyo ; )

full feature on the yellow one (Pikarin) to come!


I promised more on this modded s202 from Minkara a few posts back belonging to Pikarin from Osaka, Japan. It packs a JUN 2.2L stroker for starters. I think this is my first J-spec subaru post as well! I’ve been on an S202 kick lately so a little background…

At 320 horsepower from the factory, the Subaru S202 was the first car to break the 276-horsepower restriction on all Japanese cars (ever notice why so many cars in Gran Turismo are “exactly” 276 hp) and paved the way for the ISF, GTR and other high horsepower creations to roll out of the island country. Every generation of Impreza has had a super limited edition sportscar model dubbed the S201 (classic GC8 ), S202 (bugeye GD), S203 (blobeye GD), S204 (hawkeye GD), and R205 (the new GRB).

The S202 essentially takes the stripped down racing model of the STI – the STI type RA spec C – and reloads it with high end sports car goodies: STI projector headlights (heavier but better looking), STI front mount oil cooler, bronze 17″ STI wheels made by RAYS (which bear a striking resemblance to RAYS Volk CE28N), chassis and brake upgrades, and a carbon fiber GT wing. Only 400 were ever made.

This guy modded an S202. He took Subaru’s ultimate bugeye and made it better, and more suited to his use for it as a weekend track car.

The metal bumper vent only on one side of the car may not be the prettiest but it is functional… behind it is a the GReddy front mount oil cooler (in addition to the STI factory front mount oil cooler that all S202′s come with), which vents air through the metal duct… pretty creative engineering.

The vents cut into the stock rear bumper (though they vary in appearance) – and the flip up rear license plate with vents behind it – are pretty standard faire on Japanese track cars. Both allow trapped air to escape the bumper and reduce drag.

The S202′s front-mount factory STI oil cooler switched positions with the intercooler.

And it gets tracked…

– JUN AUTO custom 2.2L stroker kit EX
– JUN AUTO pistons
– JUN AUTO oil pump
– Tomei valve springs
– Tomei cams
– Tomei timing belt reinforced belt guide
– Tomei exhaust manifold (headers)
– Ganador Full Titanium exhaust
– Cusco air intake hose
– HKS racing intake
– HKS twin power ignition amplifier
– Big throttle Racing shaft Baku Baku Factory (ばくばく工房 Big throttle Racing shaft)
– Power enterprise F1 black engine bearing
– SARD fuel collector tank
– SARD fuel injectors
– SARD fuel pressure regulator
– Laile (BeatRush) crank pulley
– Tomei baffle stiffiner plate
– ARC oil pan
– Kondo Engineering “3” all aluminum radiator
– Kondo Engineering tune for 2.2L motor
– Ecutek ECU

Turbo & Cooling
– IHI Turbo (machined)
– GReddy Type RS blow off valve
– GReddy Front Mount Intercooler SPEC-R (editor’s note: the SPEC-R is a different GReddy fmic than the smaller GReddy front mount that you see on U.S. WRX’s)
– earlier setup: ARC top mount intercooler and Prova High Pressure Bypass Valve (made by Forge)
– STI Oil Cooler (stock - OEM S202 Part)
– GReddy Oil Cooler (secondary… custom metal vent)

– ATS Twin Carbon Clutch
– Steel mesh clutch hose
– Cusco transmission mount
– Cusco 1.5way RS differential

–PFC front three piece rotors for STI Brembos
–RDD rear 330mm three piece rotors for STI Brembos
–Endless EP357ME22 brake pads
–Endless CCR brake pads
–Prova carbon fiber brake cooling guide ducts

– Extended studs
– Hyperco HYPERCOIL coilovers
– Kondo Engineering Harmonic Drive
– Swift Hyperco Springs F 12k R 10k + 4k Hyperco spring assisted design
– Ikeya Formula roll center adjuster
– Cusco sway bars
– Okuyma floor braces
– Okuyama rear seat delete plate
– J Speed rear seat delete plate reinforcement braces (editors note: there’s a brace for everything :O)
– J Speed multi-piece fender braces
– Beatrush rear strut and trunk braces
– Beatrush floor brace
– STI titanium front strut bar (stock - OEM S202 Part)
– STI lateral links and trailing arms (stock - OEM S202 Part)

Wheel & Tire
– Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 tires
– STI wheels by RAYS
– RAYS Volk Racing CE28N (black) 17×9 +43
– RAYS Volk Racing RE30 (black) 17×9 +43

– Ganador SuperMirrors
– STI version 1 lip w/ factory STI unpainted/flat black option
– STI mesh fog covers – unpainted.
– STI projector headlights (stock - OEM S202 Part)
– STI roof vent (stock - OEM S202 Part)
– STI S202 carbon fiber wing (stock - OEM S202 Part)
– Monster Sport carbon trunk
– Monster Sport carbon hood with drop-in hood vent — also custom vented over the turbo.
– hood pins
– Stage 21 custom vented fenders – 20mm wider than stock

– Recaro Tomcat Limited Edition seats w/ yellow “carbon kevlar” style fabric insert
– Defi gauge pod + gauges
– Infinite i-TCMS (Mugen track display meter)


Carbon Bronze bugeye | Dirty Gerz

WHAT: a somewhat famous custom painted “Carbon Bronze” (Acura TL-S color) bugeye.  Also nice mixed bodykit consisting of GRreddy G-Racer front lip / Chargespeed version 2 sideskirts / OEM Subaru rear lip.



  • Custom carbon bronze pearl paint (acura TL-S special edition color)
  • antenna shaved, entire rear trunk shaved (wing & key holes)
  • rear fenders rolled and slightly pulled then professionally reshaped (no ripples, etc)
  • EDM STi projector headlights w/kaixen 6000k HIDs
  • JDM sti grille with pillar deleted
  • JDM 02/03 STi hoodscoop
  • Chargespeed CF brake ducts
  • Craftsquare TC-F carbon mirrors w/blue tint
  • Greddy front lip
  • Chargespeed v2 sides
  • OEM/SPT rear 3pc diffuser
  • 32% carbon ceramic tint


  • Omnipower full coilovers (not big in the subaru scene but they are/have been quality coils)
  • Performance alignment and professionally cornerbalanced (-1.5F -2.2R camber)
  • Whiteline 24-26mm adj front sway
  • 18 x 9″ +35 Rota G-force (currently painted white with purple deevo racing lugs)
  • 245/35 bridgestone potenza re760s (more than 80% tread left)
  • Also running dba 4000 series slotted rotors and Hawk HPS pads.


  • stock td-04 turbo
  • Prodrive PPP3/ecutek engine management (dynotuned and datalogged by renowned tuner Scott Seigel)
  • Prodrive turbo inlet
  • Prodrive divorced wastegate DP (w/hi-flow cat)
  • Prodrive catless flex uppipe
  • Invidia n1 catback

other random bits:

  • the jdm s202 hazard button
  • STi short throw
  • CF momo knob
  • lamco boost gauge, etc.

THE JUN WRX – Jun Auto Mechanic’s “Super Lemon GDB” Bugeye

This is the JUN Super Lemon GDB.

For a time this car broke and held the lap record at Tsukuba circuit in Japan –– right when the track was making a name for itself as the proving grounds for high-horsepower creations from Japan’s top tuners. The retina scorching signature “JUN lemon yellow” paint and GTR-faced original ADVAN RG’s belie the true legacy of this car.

It wasn’t so much that it broke the record at Tsukuba – it was the way that it did it, and the Subaru vs. Mitsubishi rivalry for Tsukuba supremacy that was going on at the time. With *only* 582 horsepower and all OEM metal paneled body, the JUN WRX posted a lap time of 55.9 seconds and snatched up the title from HKS’s Mitsubishi Evo VII (56.814 second lap on Dec. 26, 2001). JUN’s record was only taken away by the Sun Auto’s Cyber Evo (55.801 seconds on Dec. 9, 2003 via Eiiji “Tarzan” Yamada) — but it took an additional 200hp over the JUN car to do so. Ten days after Sun Auto took the record, the record was broken again by the HKS Evo TRB-02 (54.739 second lap – Dec 19, 2003 via Nob Taniguchi) — a car which essentially was HKS’s old Evo VII but entirely rebodied in super lightweight carbon fiber widebody that you’d be hard pressed to find on a street car.

A similar comparison can be made to the McLaren F1’s world’s fastest production street car title only being taken away by a certain car only with an additional 400bhp (not to mention four extra cylinders, and four more turbo’s than the McLaren’s zero). OK maybe I’m exaggerating ; ) But the JUN WRX is loved among bugeye enthusiasts.

Older pics from the now-defunct Exvitermini blog (the Aussies behind the 1400-hp drag Skyline GTR-700). Don’t mind the 2003 digicam technology : P

JUN’s original-design front bumper (modified for this car with narrower center air dam to feed the v-mount intercooler/radiator and nothing else), one-off custom CF splitter purpose-built only for the JUN GDB… known to scrape perfectly level pavement in hard turns : P

WRC-style sport mirrors likely made by STI for the GC8-chassis Impreza and adapted to the JUN GDB.

Stock WRX reflector headlights (lighter weight than the JDM projectors and stock on the STI Spec C) with JUN original-design eyelids. GTR-faced Advan RG’s housing giant Endless big brakes and Zeal Function-SPL coilovers.

Hood with custom-cut vents for the V-mount intercooler (not a WRC drop-in hood vent despite similar look)… and cowl by the windshield likely to vent heat from the massive turbo setup. The hood eventually received NACA vents (see last pic).

Custom turbo location against the firewall with meticulously welded titanium turbo inlet piping. Split intake manifold with two gigantic surgetanks atop a 2.5L JUN stroker kit on a 2.0L EJ207 (this was before the EJ257 existed). Dual-core V-mount intercooler setup. JUN’s trademark green-to-yellow fade painted timing belt cover.

You may have seen the video of the white JUN GC8 setting a top speed run. That car was owned by a customer, this car was owned by JUN itself and allowed the company to flex its engineering might and be even more creative.

SARD GT wing with custom covered mounts (not unlike the Mugen wing for RSX’s) mounted on the chassis itself as opposed to the trunk… and JDM STI rain visors. A nice “street car” touch on this track beast.

…and an enormous one-off rear diffuser purpose built for the JUN Car with integrated rear bumper vents. Closest thing you can buy for a bugeye outright is the Mature diffuser but even that is dwarfed by the JUN race piece.

Dr. Susumu Koyama – V.P. of Jun Auto, tuner and brains behind the JUN WRX. photocreds to super street mag

BORE / STROKE 100mm / 79mm
MAX BOOST 1.6kg/cm2
MAX POWER 600ps / 7600rpm
MAX TORQUE 68.4kgm / 5400rpm
CAMSHAFT JUN High Lift Camshaft INT 272-10.3/ EXH 272-10.3mm
CAM SPROCKET JUN Slide camsprocket
VALVE SPRING JUN Racing valve spring
VALVE RETAINER JUN Titanium valve retainer
PISTON JUN Stroker kit 2.5L piston 100mm
CONNECTING ROD JUN Stroker kit 2.5L connecting rod
CRANKSHAFT JUN Stroker kit 2.5L crankshaft
GASKET 0.7mm
INT MANIFOLD JUN Prototype 4 throttle surge tank
MUFFLER JUN Original titanium muffler
RADIATOR JUN Aluminum V mount type
CLUTCH CUSCO Prototype twin
TIRE ADVAN A-048 255/40-17
WHEEL ADVAN RG 9.5J-17(PCD 114.3 HUB) note: this car has multiple sets of Advan RG in different sizes… wheels shown looks more like an 18″
EYE LINE JUN eye line
FRONT BUMPER SPOILER JUN front bumper spoiler

Keiichi Tsuchiya putting the JUN Car through the ringer and throwing it around the track for the Hot Version vol. 64 DVD

Parts Bin / DIYs: DIY bugeye mods

DIY mods (or do-it-yourself mods) are inexpensive mods that can be done in your own garage using your own handiwork… when done right it adds a great personal touch to your car for not much money… when done wrong it makes your car look really cheap. Moderation and an objective sense of taste is the key.

Someone on Nasioc went and found nearly a decades-worth of DIY writeups for the Bugeye, and made a list with all of them in one convenient place.

DIY done right: Iheartmysuby’s Bugeye with DIY splitter under a Prodrive lip, and DIY painted headlights. definitely look for more on this car in the future.
Another place for DIY’s and step by step install write-ups –> SCOOBYMODS.com (serving the Subaru community since you could pick up GC 2.5RS’s new in showrooms)


Tommy Kaira M20b (PART: Tommykaira body kit)

Tommy Kaira, the famed Japanese tuner (famed by way of Gran Turismo) does things a little differently than most JDM tune shops… This car is a “complete“ turnkey tuned car sold by Tommy and marketed in its own manufacturer name and model – the “TommyKaira M20b” (think of it as what Saleen does for to Mustangs. Or John Lingenfelter + Corvette). They’ve only recently beginning to sell and market their parts à la carte.

Not to mention 2.2-liter stroker motor fully built by Tommy Kaira. This is not a just a bolt on appearance package with stickers. TK did this car right by giving it an enlarged version of the JDM EJ207 (sti 2.0) from the factory built to TK’s own specs. ……..it also comes with a bolt on appearance package : P (body kit + wheels + interior… stickers optional) if you couldn’t tell from the pics. There are a few examples of this body kit that I’ve seen in the U.S., though not many to be sure.

Wheels: SSR type C (the Japanese version of the SSR Competitions sold in the U.S.) and lowered on Buddy Club Racing Spec coilovers… Tommy Kaira also manufactures it’s own original design 6-spoke wheel.

The lines of this kit are very aggressive (this is not a kit for those who thinks the modding stops after a “V-limited” lip) and it packs a menacing look that is only matched by the M20b’s performance.


Josh/Kaeo_15’s bugeye | Reinventing Originality

 WHAT: It’s getting harder and harder to stand out from the pack with bugeyes these days.  This guy does a really great job of it.  This bugeye just doesn’t look like any other bugeye you’ll ever see on the road.

This car has things that just don’t see elsewhere like the frontend consisting of one-offed retrofitted HID projectors in OEM headlights, offset nicely by painted chargespeed brake ducts more common as of late (still rare), but you don’t see them painted often, and ARC magic front lip splitters which were never even made for Subarus (these were meant for a JDM Evo 6 GSR).  It rolls on Black chrome finish Work XD9 wheels.  Oh yeah, and the Prodrive lip?  It’s real.

side note:  the ARC Magic splitters used to be on the Prodrive front lip on my own car… ended up selling to this guy who pulled them off pretty amazingly

Mods list –

JDM STi hood scoop
JDM STi grille
JDM STi Spec-C roof vent
JDM Rain guards
Retrofitted factory headlights with FX35 projectors (clear lense upgrade), E55 shrouds, and Greddy 35w HID kit
Chargespeed brake ducts (paint matched)
Prodrive lip
ARC Winglets
Paint matched side markers
OEM Subaru side strakes
OEM Subaru rear lip
04-05 WRX tail lights
20% rear window tint
Hella Supertones (painted matte black)

Prodrive Recaro sport seats
V4 STi rear seats
DIY black door cards
Prodrive floor mats
Cobb delrin shift knob
Blitz BLM boost and water temp gauges

Wheels, tires and brakes:
Work Emotion XD9 18X10 +33 custom black chrome (Street)
255/35/18 Hankook Ventus V12 Evo
Work Emotion CR Kai 17X9 +34 in matte gunmetal (Everything else)
MXP purple lug nuts
Custom powdercoated Lollipop purple 06 WRX 4-pots
Hawk HPS pads
Techna-fit SS teflon coated brakelines
ATE super blue fluid

Stance GR+ Coilovers (F & R camber plates)
Cusco 24mm adj. rear sway bar
Whiteline fixed 22mm front swaybar
Whiteline steering rack bushings
Kartboy rear subframe outrigger bushings

Original EJ205, transmission and clutch (138k miles)
FP TD05H 18g 7cm
OEM sti intercooler
Gruppe-S y-pipe
Samco TB hose
Walbro 255 lph fuel pump
Denso 625cc injectors
Turbo XS stealthback
Prodrive round-tip muffler
DIY cadmium coated and gold foiled turbo heat shield
SMC methanol injection
Cobb accessport with protune by “Jesus” @ HB speed (285whp ~20 psi)
Prodrive oil cap
Beatrush alternator cover
Perrin radiator cooling plate
Kartboy short shifter
Kartboy shifter bushings

I’m half tempted to censor out the fitment stickers but Josh = good people, and “the Supreme Court has roundly rejected prior restraint.” haha : D

Originally posted 10-7-2010


BugeyeGarage Parts: Prodrive Bumper

Subaru dropped a special model version 7 WRX STI called the “STi Prodrive Edition”… and the similarly equipped “STi Type UK” (for UK markets).

They were known for their custom WRC-themed front bumper, custom grille, custom sideskirts, and custom high-rise wing (same as the stock 04+ STI wing/the bugeye STi came with a WRX wing in stock form)… as such all of these parts have become hot commodities

The Prodrive edition bumper fits on bugeye WRX sedans (or wagons with sedan fenders although I have yet to see a Wagon-Prodrive! edit: found a widebody wagon Prodrive in progress in Australia)

Prodrive edition bumper – Ritch’s WRX from Nasioc

Optional Prodrive foglight kit You could also further customize the bumper with an optional foglight kit featuring Prodrive foglights and fog covers with cutouts – GoJohnnyGo from ScoobyIreland‘s modified authentic STI Prodrive.

Also found this old pic of what appears to be an STI-Prodrive (possibly concept?) at the 2001 Tokyo Auto Show.  Notice the differences: extra light on the foglight cutouts similar to the bugeye WRC rally car. No info on whether these parts are production, but they’re certainly rare if not one-of-a-kind.


Zerosports Bugeye

WHO:  BurtonCR on Nasioc  |  WHAT:  Bugeye with bayside blue paintjob and ZEROSPORTS full body kit

Everyone dreams about what their car will ultimately look like/be like but nobody really finishes their car.  Even those who have hung on to their bugeyes as original owners go through different mod phases and their cars look different every year.  Here is an example of someone who is 100% done with their car.

This guy used to live in my area and I’ve seen the car transform from a stock-ish bugeye on white Rota subzeros to the amazing machine you see before you that looks like it would fit in with the Minkara crowd.

Hands down one of my favorite bugeyes of all-time.


Engine / Transmission
-IHI VF30 turbocharger
-STI pink 565cc/min fuel injectors
-Walbro 255glph fuel pump
-TurboXS UTEC engine management
-Greddy Airnx intake
-HKS Skyline intercooler core
-Aluminum mandrel bent intercooler piping
-Titanium intercooler endtank covers (scorched)
-Godspeed uppipe
-Godspeed downpipe
-Kakimoto GT 1.0z titanium exhaust (scorched)
-Zero/Sports radiator shroud
-Beatrush alternator cover
-Ported/Polished/knife edged throttle body
-Syms grounding kit
-PPG straight cut synchro gear set
-Tuned by Element Tuning

Suspension / Brakes
-JIC FLT-a2 16 way adjustable coilovers
-Helix rear sway bar
-Whiteline endlinks
-Cusco front strut tower brace
-Cusco rear strut tower brace
-Carbotech Panther slotted rotors
-Carbotech Bobcat pads
-Goodridge SS brake lines
-Whiteline steering bushings

Wheels / Tires
-Advan RCII 17×8.5”
-Yokohama AVS Sport 245/40/17
-Zenki forged aluminum lugnuts

Body / Interior
-Bayside blue paint (Nissan R34 GTR color)
-Zero/Sports front bumper
-Zero/Sports rear bumper
-Zero/Sports sideskirts
-Zero/Sports wing
-Zero/Sports carbon fiber sidemarkers
-CWEST v2 fog covers
-STI rear diffuser
-Vortex generators
-Prodrive WRC carbon safari mirrors (real rally car part)
-JDM STI HID black chrome headlights
-JDM signal repeaters
-Kaminari Carbon fiber reverse cowl hood (painted)
-Sparco SS hood pins
-STI hood scoop
-Subaru JDM window visors
-Carbon rear license plate surround
-35% tint
-Zero/Sports gauge pod
-Pro Race EGT, Boost, Oil Pressure gauges
-S202 black interior
-Red interior lighting
-JDM Trunk Monkey
-Bride seats

Keep in mind that this is a DAILY DRIVER

The Great Migration: BugeyeGarage Life on Tumblr

So I started this blog in 2010, when I was a full-time student.  The idea was to create a blog as an educational resource that documented all the things that you could do with the bugeye WRX, a two-year variant of the second generation of Impreza (and first turbo model in the U.S.) which has garnered a cult following in popular automotive culture: whereas most newer WRX’s were more refined, the bugeye model was intentionally in-your-face.  It was originally panned by automotive journalists as ugly, but they still recognized its performance capabilities: it won several magazine’s “Car of the Year” award – a feat not even repeated by even the higher-performing STI in 2004.  Many enthusiasts have now come around to the styling, in part because the infusion of a huge backing by Subaru Technical International of aftermarket parts never directly sold in the U.S.

That was back when I had time to blog.  I used the Wordpress software because it seemed to be a popular pick among blogs I followed – specificallyAClassBlog, O.G. Made (defunct - ran by Endless USA team), the original D.O.M. (defunct / Dom at Endless), RA64FreddyJDMEGOStickydiljoe: The ChroniclesBespoke Ventures: The Real JDM, the list really goes on and on…

Unfortunately for a variety of reasons, life got in the way, and I couldn’t devote the same amount of time to blogging that I wanted to. Now that my time is a bit more free I’m trying to reclaim all that lost time, but if life ever gets busy again (and I’m sure it will) I don’t want it to come at the expense of an un-updated blog.  I committed that I didn’t want to see BugeyeGarage ever go the way of some of my favorite automotive resources of yesteryear (JTuned, Car and Model, DynamicFusion, to name a few), and didn’t ever want to take it down.  But believe it or not most of the posts I wrote on BugeyeGarage took between 45 minutes to an hour to write.  As my time got shorter, my posts got shorter, and generally there was more space in between posts.

More recently I’ve discovered Tumblr (for another blog I made) – which is pretty great because an idea can go from your head to your Tumblr in a matter of minutes.  Over the next few weeks I’m going to be re-posting previous Wordpress BugeyeGarage posts to my new Tumblr site.  At least one site (import2.com) permits the importing to Tumblr from WordPress for a pretty nominal free (seriously great concept - if you’re ever in need of such service give them a look), but I’d actually like to re-post and re-celebrate all the BugeyeGarage content from the past 4 years.

So stay tuned!

9/10th of the Way There

I’m sure we’ve all experienced this at one level or another - an epic car build that falls just short of flawlessness due to one or two questionable mod choices. Sometimes level heads will recognize “that’s an amazing car build except X.” Occasionally, for J-spec cars, people will say that different styles are popular in Japan than here, and if it weren’t for Japanese builds pushing the limits of styling certain things would not be as popular over here.

Here we have an awesome widebody bugeye monster. However, the owner clearly has a predilection for ventilation (it’s common in Japan to vent all the things with hood vents, naca and brake ducts, and rear bumper ‘speed holes’ and create all the downforce with canards, splitters, diffusers and big wang), and a strong liking of lighting. Also the black/white “Panda” color scheme was carried over to a two-tone scheme on the wheels. Some of this would be seen as a bit of overkill in the U.S. - particularly the altezza style rear trunk lights which was popular with the Honda crowd during the “Sport Compact” age in the late 90’s.

I did a quick photoshop - on an app on my phone so don’t mind the rough edges - to show how just a few changes would make this car a 10/10 in the U.S. I’m sure it’s a 10/10 by Japanese standards already !


So one day I’m out walking and I saw a pretty clean looking white S2000 – Noticed it had a cool looking front license plate holder. Usually, I’m not a fan of those tilted license frames but this had me stopping to take a look. It looked cooool… and made me want it. After some searching I found out it’s made by JDM Honda tuning company Backyard Special for the S2000 — However it doesn’t work for U.S. and Canadian license plates (only jdm plates).

However Rick’s Signature Accessories in Maryland makes a similar model for U.S. plates. From the product description: “this is the only front license plate holder of its kind available for the S2000 that fits US and Canadian license plates. It replaces the ugly and arcane holder that comes stock with the car.”

Subaru bumpers actually come with pre-cut holes – this license bracket (made for S2000’s) surprisingly lines up with these holes

However, the hardware provided with the bracket won’t work on a Subaru. I had to get some license plate mounts (available at any hardware store) to fill the 10mm pre-cut holes.

Installed pics.

Love this part. Way better than the bucktooth and directs airflow to the radiator. I like that it’s simple/clean/functional – but really I think I just like the “speed holes.”

The bracket can be bought at Rick’s Signature Accessories ($32). The license plate mounts (needed to install) are at any hardware or automotive supply store. I found mine at ACE hardware (74 cents)


“Unknown hood”

Came across this pic the other night on Minkara described as “unknown hood” by the owner of the car… Never seen it ever before anywhere but I love/want it (painted though)

The front vent reminds me of the Kaminari reverse cowl hood for Bugeyes though it clearly isn’t (this hood has an integrated scoop for one)… or a Firstmolding hood for blobeyes.

…also reminds me of something you’d find on a Skyline GT-R from Top Secret

Has anyone seen this bugeye hood before / know the manufacturer?