So I'm rewatching Starship and

Favourite moments so far:


-“No more singing and dancing!” Joey: *wounded animal gasp*

 -Taz: “The first thing a robot did, kill its creator and make more evil robots!” Megagirl: “ALL HAIL ASTROBOY”

 -“But of course I got caught. Everyone at the academy was right, I am a slut - no, I mean a dumb slut”

-“I thought I’d never get to see you again! Which would really suck, because I never actually got to see you the first time”

-“I found something which displeases me” *holds up bag labelled ‘JR’S POT’

-“Oh hey Bugette, we’re just trying to get Bug laid”

-Feb: “You thought I was too stupid to figure it out, huh?!” Bug: “But you didn’t figure it out and I told you TWICE”

-Megagirl: “You are not half the man as my boyfriend, Tootsie Noodles” Junior: *double-takes*

-Junior: *chokes mid-song* “YEAH I’M SMOKING POT”

-this entire musical. just…everything

1. “You seriously think I can’t lift you up ?” - Connah

A/N: I combined this with ‘I wanted a ConnorxReader fic where the girl is a stable keeper in the mansion and she is a little fat *~* Can you write some sort of a thing?’. To the ones who requested these, I hope you two don’t mind!

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I haven’t made a shirt in months. Seriously, the last one I made was my ‘don’t fear the Reapers’ shirt back in March.

But, thanks to a message between a lovely bugette and myself, I am so, so close to making a shirt that says ‘Bayek Protection Squad’ on one side with the Assassin’s Creed logo on the other.