Sky News made this. This is an advert that was played on British TV. I can’t believe this. This is amazing. God bless Sky News

And they also made this

Pierdem multe.
Nu știu de unde ar trebui sa încep, tot ceea ce știu e ca fiecare dintre noi pierde câte ceva, azi mai mult, maine mai puțin, săptămana viitoare mai deloc, sau poate mai mult decât poate duce, dar fiecare pierde.
Fiecare pierde si poate ca nu toți își pierd părinții la vârste fragede, sau prietenii in accidente de mașina, sau persoane dragi din cine știe ce motive nu tocmai plăcute, dar toți oamenii pierd. Unii pierd autobuzul de șapte si zece minute, alți câțiva lei din buzunarul de la spate. Unii pierd ultimele grame de speranța, alții o iubire banala. Unii pierd un loc de munca, alții ultimul loc la buget de la facultate.
Oamenii pierd, pierd sentimente, dureri, lacrimi de fericire si tristete. Pierd povesti de o vara, zile întregi pierdute afara, pierd zâmbete si priviri stinghere, îmbrățișări calde si buze reci. Pierd apusuri calde si dimineți răcoroase, ieșiri gălăgioase si concerte banale. Pierd timpul si amintirile de ieri. Oamenii pierd alți oameni.
Si poti tu sa-mi spui, sa-mi promiți ca maine nu o sa pierd pe nimeni, ca nu o sa ma pierd pe mine?
Poti sa promiți ca maine va fi bine, ca nimeni nu o sa piardă pe nimeni?
Poti sa promiți ca ceea ce e azi va fi aici si maine?
Nu poti promite, nimeni nu poate.
Am pierdut multe, lucruri mici care pentru alții poate nu valorează nimic, dar au fost pierderile mele si m-au afectat mai mult decât as fi crezut cu putința. Așa ca poti sa ma crezi cand iti spun ca pierderile sunt ca un ciocan in inima, ca un glonț in tâmpla. Ele te omoară si totuși te lasă sa trăiești.
Pierdem multe si știu ca nu e drept si ca orice as spune, orice aș face nu pot vindeca suflete, dar poate undeva, cândva tot ceea ce am pierdut va fi regăsit din întâmplare, intr-o noapte oarecare.
—  19augustanonimat
DIY Project: Wax Paper Backdrop | Style Me Pretty


10+ yards of ribbon
size 10 crochet string
tapestry needle, scissors
1 ½ boxes of interfolded waxed deli sheets
match stick


1. Fold waxed paper sheet in half to form a square and cut out circle shape.

2. Cut circle in half and set aside. Cut crochet string to desired length and tie a slip knot on one end.

3. Fold half-circle into cone shape by turning the corners in towards each other so that they overlap. Secure cone shape by stitching in and out of where the paper overlaps.

4. Fill length of string with cones, leaving about a finger’s width of space between each cone.

5. Prepare the ribbon by trimming a clean angled end. To keep end from fraying and unraveling, lightly singe the ribbon’s edge. Thread the ribbon through the slip knot loops.

6. Synch down slip knots to hold cone strands in place. Leave about a finger’s width between each strand.

7. Trim away the tails of the slip knots.

8. Continue to repeat this process until length of ribbon is full.


Keeping A Budget: Simple Tips To Get Started

Setting up and sticking to a personal finance plan sounds intimidating, but this young NYC couple has figured out how to keep budgeting simple.

Low budget organising

So as you know I said I’d start trying to get organised, but since I can’t get any of those fancy pencil cases with the compartments or neat folders and stuff, I used a couple of low-buget, easy-to-find items to organise some of my stationary! :D

1. Clothespins

On the extreme right, you can see I’ve used a clothespin to keep my exercise sheets together, and on the top are my chem flashcards (my camera wouldn’t focus on them haha). In the centre I’ve kept all my clothespins together by clipping them to a piece of card so I don’t lose them.
On the left is my tiger notepad which is an old notepad that ran out of paper. I wrapped it in newspaper and then the picture of the tiger to reinforce it. On the inside it looks like this:

It’s not very neat, but it works to keep any quick notes or lists and things that I make together.

2. Rubberbands.

I use rubberbands to separate my different categories of stationary since none of my pencil cases have any compartments:

and I keep my rubberbands together like this:

3. I don’t own any sticky notes either, so I just-

use masking tape.

I hope this helps…???

  • Ellis:You're a poor teammate if you don't think people can surprise you.
  • Kling:Not these people. It's Thursday, so Pinoe's going to leave early to dance with Dancing Reagan, they're the first ladies of Dance Movement. Becky's going to be going over her weekly buget, and Tobin is going to be attending a pizza-for-one class.
  • Tobin:Tonight's menu, "Pepper-alone-i."
  • Kling:And if I leap at Kreigs from across the room, she will most certainly catch me in her arms. [Runs across room.]
  • Kriegs:HOLDING COFFEE, HOLDING COFFEE! [Cup shatters and Kriegs catches Kling in her arms.]
  • inspired by - instagram.com/p/3edQz2IypC/
U.K.'s About Face Puts PrEP in Jeopardy, Shocks LGBT and HIV Activists
The shocking decision means Brits still can't access the proven, life-saving HIV-prevention protocol.

After waiting 18 months for the British National Health Service to begin covering PrEP under the publicly funded healthcare system and weeks before it was supposed to be rolled out, activists and clinicians were stunned when NHS England—that country’s Department of Public Health—announced instead that it would no longer even consider the proposal. Arguing that England’s healthcare system should not be paying for PrEP, the bugeting and planning oversight board effectively puts the HIV prevention protocol—already available in the U.S, France, and Canada—into limbo in that country.  

“By denying full availability of PrEP we are failing those who are at risk of HIV,” said Ian Green of Terrence Higgins Trust, noting that that HIV rate hasn’t declined in a decade. “Over 2,5000 men are diagnosed with HIV each year in the U.K. It is quite clear that although we have had some huge advances in HIV treatment, HIV prevention is something that we are still struggling with.”

According to AIDSmap, Catherine West, a  Member of Parliament in the U.K., spoke out against the decision saying it “totally fails those at risk of contracting HIV.”


Before, the camera setups in a Star Trek episode or movie were about as dynamic as the camera work on an amateur sex tape. There was never any artistry attempted. Everything was stiff and lifeless, devoid of color and creativity. Before Abrams, Star Trek was a rice cake for your eyes.

Go watch the opening tracking shot of “The Diesase”. I fucking swear these people.

Go watch any of TOS in all its technicolor glory, and make sure to watch any other show that was on air at the same time with the same buget.

Go watch “Empok Nor” and all the dutch angles in that.

Go watch the space walk scenes from “First Contact”. Jonathan Frakes won the Saturn for that and it wasn’t for playing Riker.

Hell, go watch Wrath of Khan. Watch the whole fucking movie. There is a reason Meyer won the Saturn for best DIRECTOR. There is a reason the film was nominated for the Hugo and the Saturn.

Seriously. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, shut the fuck up.

aliceraptorreturns  asked:

Im new here and allready L♡VE your blog ^_^. I wonder, what kind of low-buget shops/items do you suggest for strega-beginners? (Im goth for 10 years though). Xxx

As always we suggest thrifting above all else! You get unique and amazing clothes for very cheap and without impacting the environment :)
You can easily find strega clothes in stores like H&M and ASOS though, just be thorough and comb through their stuff. ASOS especially has some great dresses for strega (look in their ‘outlet’ section), and H&M’s Divided Grey label has a bunch of cool stuff.

All in all you can probably find a strega-able item in any high street shop :) Just find a lot of inspiration pictures and go on an adventure!

- Mai Magi