omfg i missed designing characters more than i thought this was so fun i’m gonna die i just want to design characters all the time

newsha told me to draw a faerie and at first he looked like some kesha glam rock mullet moth man and i almost left it that way but i’m glad i changed my mind because i really like how he looks now


for a size comparison, his necklace is made out of sun flower seeds ;u;

he needs a name though pftpft  HIS NAME IS SWIFT

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What do you think Harry would have planned for the day when you first introduce him to your toddler daughter? Dad!Harry always gets me!!

*** This is edited and written on mobile but I think I might take this further and write a series! I love Dad!harry too, he is so wonderful 😭 thank you!!! Requests are still open :) ***

Tea Party

You heard a knock on the front door of you flat, and your heart skipped a few beats. You’d been waiting for this day for a while now, and you were suddenly hesitant about it.

It was just Harry, but this was also your little girl.

“C'mon, bug, let’s go see who’s here,” you said softly, playing with her small brown curls. Her hands reached up to you, signaling that she wanted to be held. You obliged and picked her up, making your way to the door.

With one big breath, you tried to shake the nerves so diligently pulsing through your entire body, making you nervous. You didn’t know why though – you loved Harry and he loved you; you shouldn’t be so scared.

Opening the door, you were met with a big smile from Harry and his eyes bore into yours, filled with excitement and compassion.

“Hi there, pet,” he said.

You felt your daughter immediately try to hide in your neck, body pressed tightly to yours as if Harry was the scariest person she’d ever seen. You laughed, “Bug, what’s gotten into you?”

You stepped out of the way to let Harry in and shut the door behind him.

“How was the drive over?” you asked, rubbing your daughter’s back in small circles.

“Was pretty nice, traffic wasn’t a problem either,” Harry said as he walked over to your couch, plopped down, and patted the spot next to him.

You followed and sat, hoping she would warm up to the idea of a stranger in her house soon. She wasn’t normally this scared of others…

You pulled her off of your chest and turned her to sit on your lap, facing Harry. He sat there and smiled, knowing that she was nervous and didn’t try and make any sudden moves.

“Bug, this is Harry,” you told her, stroking through her hair and held her hand with your free one, “can you say hi?”

She looked up at you with big doe eyes, still silent, and then back at Harry.

“Hi,” the tiniest voice squeaked out.

“Well hello there,” Harry murmured warmly, “it’s nice to meet yeh.”

She smiled a little but then almost immediately went back to hugging your torso, face buried in your shirt. You chuckled; she never put on this much of a show for anyone else.

“Bug?” Harry asked and waited for her to turn.

She didn’t at first, and he called her again, “Hey there, bug?”

Your daughter timidly turned to face him, looking up through his eyelashes.

“Your Mumma was telling me about your dolls, could you show me those?”

Her face lit up, “Yeah! Momma can we?”

She jumped off of the couch, almost an entirely different little girl, and grabbed your hand. You laughed, “whoa there bug, they’re not going anywhere!”

You turned to Harry and mouthed “thank you” before getting pulled down the hall to your daughter’s room. He followed the both of you, smiling to himself as he watched you interact with your daughter.

You soon found yourselves seated on the floor of a very pink bedroom, being shown all of the toys and dolls and books and dresses that she had. You mostly sat and watched, as Bug was showing Harry all of the toys. He soon had a pile of stuffed animals and books at his side, and a small tiara on his head.

“That’s for princesses, Mumma tells me that I’m gonna be one someday,” she would tell him, words stumbling out of her mouth with excitement.

He turned to you, grinning, and then back to her, “I think you are already one,”

The three of you spent the morning like this, it must have gone on for nearly an hour. It was the most at peace you’d felt in a while – you all fit together so perfectly. Harry knew that Bug meant a lot to you and the way he played with her and talked with her really made your heart swell.

You were shaken out of this fairytale-like setting by your phone, ringing shrilly. You sighed when you picked it up and saw your boss’s number on the screen.

“Are you okay to sit with her?” You asked Harry, defeat evident in your eyes.

“Of course,” he said, nodding his head, “do whatever you need. M'here as long as yeh need me.”

You pushed off of the floor and took the phone call out in the hall. You heard Bug giggling back in her room and Harry softly talking to her, probably reading a book.

It wasn’t a very long phone call, but your boss needed you at work. They were slammed and didn’t have enough employees to cover for the day. You agreed, knowing you needed the hours, and sighed when you hung up.

Walking back to your daughter’s room, you heard a ‘clink!’ and Harry talking in a higher pitched voice. You turned the corner and held back a laugh when you saw him seated at a small table, knees nearly to his chest sitting in such a tiny table. He still had the tiara in his hair, but this time was wearing a clip-on earring and had a dress-up purse in his lap. Bug had set up her tea set that she loved dearly and begged to play with almost every day. She was wearing a big princess dress and was daintily sipping on a pretend cup of tea.

Harry looked up at you and smiled, absolutely loving every second of this.

“Do you need to go?” He whispered over to you.

You sighed again and nodded your head.

“You don’t have to watch her, I can call a sitter and we –” you started.

“No, s'fine,” he cut you off, “she’s much happier here, I can tell.

“Plus, we haven’t even properly had our tea party yet.”

You rolled your eyes, “you’re ridiculous!”

He just sat there grinning, nodding along with Bug’s monologue she’d come up with. Today it was all about princesses and Harry was the Prince.

“Bug,” you called over to her, “Mumma has to go to work, can you stay with Harry?”

Her eyes grew wide and she jumped up and down, “Yes! Yes mumma yes!”

She ran up to you and hugged your legs, and then went right back to playing.

Harry looked back to you and nodded, mouthing the words “we’ll be fine,” to you.

You teared up a bit, knowing that she was in good hands. It wasn’t out of sadness, but out of relief and joy. She bonded with Harry so well and it just worked. He was the perfect puzzle piece for your messy life. And he wanted nothing more than to be a part of it.

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He just looks up with a bout f confusion before realizing they were gesturing at him. “Wait, wha– Hey! I’m not an asshole. What makes you say I’m an asshole?”

And there goes the boy, getting really defensive with his pretty much only friend. Face it, Princey boy, you’re kind of an asshole.

 “Uh…”, they’re just going to lower their head, apologetically.

“You’re right. Sorry, ‘twas stupid. Y’ain’t an asshole.”

“Yer The Asshole.”

Here is some info regarding Prince & his beef with Rick James that I got told. Prince hated how Rick treated women physically first of all, cause you already know his experiences of violence & abuse in his family. Second, Prince didn’t really sweat Rick. not musically. Prince used to be (& still is) real quiet around men, especially ones like Rick cause he would ALWAYS get the shit ripped outta him for being a shortie/feminine/weird like I said already & Rick took every opportunity to do that which made Prince hate him & avoid him. LOL Prince would come out in little bikini drawers & wiggle his ass & dick! 

Also, people mistook the silence & withdrawal for Prince being arrogant (he was, but not like that haha), Rick used to drink & drug mainly & focus on the music second as well which bugged Prince so much that he vowed to outdo Rick in performances/success & he surely did. Rick said in interviews that Prince’s success really bothered him & this is a quote I found: “I always felt our competition was healthy, although I was jealous when he started getting big, more than jealous, I was pissed.. because I felt his songs & a lot of his stuff wasn’t real.” One time, Rick STOLE Prince’s synthesisers (which he all programmed himself, barely anyone could do it to that standard at the time) & recorded Street Songs with ‘em. Rick then sent 'em back to Prince with a thank you note. Prince just shugged his shoulder & ignored it although he could of called Rick out for it. 
So, we think that he hated Prince cause he was trying to take his place & ignored him instead of confronting/responding & for trying to steal his show. Also, he hated that Prince was well liked, especially when Prince & Teena Marie became buddies & also when Jill Jones joined the purple camp too. Stealing Vanity & forming Vanity 6 was the last straw!
—  Confessions of a previous employee of Prince’s ‘Paisley Park’ studio
Book Tag

I was tagged by @jtkofs. Thanks so much, I had a lot of fun doing this!

First crush on a fictional character: I think it has to be Harry Potter - so clichéd!

Book that made me cry: There are so many, most recently it was “All the Light We Cannot See”, the first book I can remember crying in was “Charlotte’s Web”, no matter how many I’ve read and expect the gut wrenching twist at the end Jodi Picoult’s books always leave me a sobbing mess, the Clockwork Princess epilogue is a given, and I can remember Markus Zusak’s “The Book Thief” making me cry at school.

Book that was spoiled for me: I knowingly spoiled Half Blood Prince by bugging my mum (who was reading it first) to tell me what happens until she eventually did. I remember an incident at school as well though, when we were studying “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas” and the teachers accidentally sent home some spoilers with our holiday homework (an extra page was printed that wasn’t meant top be there) when we were all reading the novel to start studying it the next term. 

First time I fell in love with a book: Without a doubt, this has to be “Madeline” by Ludwig Bemelmans. My entire family will say I loved those books so much I basically taught myself to read from them when I four (my mother also used this love and bribed me into learning to write my name when I was 3 saying I couldn’t have my own library card unless I signed it myself - the book nerd was always prominent!)

First time you couldn’t stop smiling because of a book/character: It was probably the same as above, but other memorable books/characters which had me all smiles when I was younger were the Angelina Ballerina books, Matilda and I’m still a sucker for Lewis Carroll’s Alice.

First person who had a real impact on your reading:  Definitely my mum, she’s a kinder teacher who has a passion for children’s literature so our home was always filled with classic, new and beautiful picture books which were read on a daily basis.

I tag @cairstine @juls-92 @sania0810 @alexandraherondaleblackthorn (not sure who’s done the tag so sorry if I’ve tagged someone who’s already completed one).

Alphabet Tag

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A: Age - 26 but everyone says I look 18 so 18 it is 

B: Birthplace - SMA, Gto. 

C: Current time - 10:48 a.m.

D: Drink you had last - Café de olla with coconut milk

E: Easiest person to talk to - my sister Val 

F: Favorite song - This is hard considering my love for bands I listened to in high school is back but let’s see… 

K-pop: Admiring Boy - The BOSS(대국남아)

Non K-pop: You Only Live Once - The Strokes

G: Grossest memory - Idk, probably swallowing a spoonful of my own saliva?

H: Hogwarts house - Slytherin

I: In love? - Nah

J: Jealous of people - Why would I?

K: Killed someone - Not yet lol

L: Love at first sight or should I walk by again - Love at first sight 

M: Middle name - Liliana

N: Number of siblings - 3 (2 sisters, 1 little brother)

O: One wish - To marry someone I find physically attractive

P: Person you called last - @orangecarter 

Q: Question you are always asked - “How old are you?”

R: Reason to smile - Cold weather 

S: Song you sang last - Taken for a Fool - The Strokes

T: Time you woke up - 7:45 a.m.

U: Underwear color - Mint and black

V: Vacation Destination - I already went to South Korea last spring so I guess Japan is next?

W: Worst habit - Burping

Y: Your favorite food - Mexican food obviously but also Italian

X: X-rays - does an ultrasound count?

Z: Zodiac sign - Cancer

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Deciding what to name your baby can be a difficult decision. But in the meantime, giving your bump a funny or cute nickname can be a great way to bond with your unborn baby. It can help you feel a loving connection to your baby, especially during the first months when you can’t see or feel anything yet!

Some possible nicknames for your unborn baby*: 

- Peach

- Peanut

- Little One

- (Little) Bear

- Bug

- Bunny

- Angel

- Sunshine

- Prince/Princess

- Tiny

- Precious

- Sweetheart

- Teddy

- Snuggles

Have you heard or used any other nicknames? If yes, please add them to this post! 

*Those are NOT suggestions  for real names for your born baby

The Little Prince

Shy but determined to fulfill his royal post, this little prince clings to his scepter and does his best to stand tall.

My first impression of the buff-tip moth (Phalera bucephala) was that I should draw one as a prince of the bug kingdom, so here it is at last!

5x7″ ink and watercolor. Original will be available this weekend at the Midwest Furfest art show in Chicago.

mygalomorff  asked:

Aaaa Ignatius if u dont mind making a long playlist!! omfg u can also do Iggy if that's easier!! <3

GOIN FOR THE LONG HAUL… in this to the end

The Strokes - I’ll Try Anything Once

Vampire Weekend - ‘Giving Up The Gun’

Mat Kearney - Nothing Left To Lose (also, for some reason, Mat Kearney always makes me feel very peaceful – his music also tends to remind me of you, and i can’t place why.)

Local Natives - Airplanes

These Things Move In Threes - Mumm-Ra

Bleachers - I Wanna Get Better

Last Dinosaurs - Used To Be Mine

and lastly, one of my favorites: Keaton Henson - Sarah Minor

i hope u like them !!!!!