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Increase your chances of survival as the concrete jungle crumbles around you by carrying the urban bug out bag. This heavy duty backpack sports an understated black exterior designed to conceal the bountiful survival supplies stored inside.


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Konata wig style successful! :D Not bad for a first time. There is a teeny tiny spot of the underside showing but i can fix that with the hair. (That and I’m so tall I doubt too many people will notice it XD) Also lookitmywiddle antenna~

i’m honestly terrified of bugs and nobody seems to get that?? like they thing it’s just a general thing but i honestly just had a meltdown and almost threw up because of bugs

Um, wow.  Thank you so much everyone for liking and commenting on my photos and art.  

I’ve not tried to hide it but I think with this many, I should put a disclaimer here. I am way older then most of you.  I do have a website that you can visit and get the gist of it, The Bristlee One .  If anyone at all feels uncomfortable because of my age and feels they must leave, I completely understand.

I started “following” Mark back in late 2012 because my son had just gotten “into” YouTube and as a concerned mom of a 10 year old, I felt that I needed to watch what he was watching.  At first Mark bugged the hell out of me.  Screaming and carrying on, I’m not sure where it flipped and I became, hmmm, not a fan but a person that enjoyed watching and learning the games. I’m also a gamer from way, way back.  In 2013 my son discovered Jack. Holy hell, that was when I bought him (my son) a gaming headset.  I thought, crap, I can’t listen to that without wanting to pull out my own fingernails.  I’m not saying that I’m not a fan, I certainly am but probably for different reasons.  I went to IndyPopCon because of my son. He is a HUGH fan of all 4 guys.  To learn as much as possible I sat down prior to going and really watched their vids.  It was the comment Vids of Jack’s that made me a fan.  I could only think about how proud his Mom must be (told ya I’m not a fan like you are).  So at Indy I took quite a few pics.  At first if was because my son asked but then the staff made it a challenge (tell me I can’t do something after I paid for VIP tickets and get told they aren’t honoring them…..ya right).  That is why I have so many pics.  I’ve been taking pictures for a very long time but never thought to share or really take pics that people might like.  I find that making people happy through pictures, well, it makes me happy.  

So, when I got the chance to go to VidCon, I took it.  I took quite a few there but some of my favorites are with Tinyboxbri and XYPT while there.  I know I’ve made some friends on this site despite my age.  So all in all, please only stay if you feel comfortable.

Thanks for stopping by.

i still haven’t figured out how to say ‘please don’t hijack my posts’
without sounding like a bitch- if i try to be formal it sounds patronizing
and if i try to be funny it sounds mean (at first i was trying to be
funnyish) but if someone doesn’t know any better i don’t MEAN to blow up or

(should probably say NOTHING but it bugs the shit out of me lmao)

Earlier today, Tumblr did an update that no longer allows users to edit or cut posts. As you might imagine, this is a problem for people who use Tumblr as a roleplaying platform. There is a fix, though! If you use Chrome or Firefox, you can download the new XKit (linked accordingly). Start it up, go into the “get extensions” tab, and select “editable reblogs”. If it doesn’t work, try clearing your cashe and closing/reopening your browser. It was just added, so there may be some bugs to iron out, but it’s certainly better than nothing.

If you use a different browser, the most we can recommend is deleting the entire post and pasting the previous reply. You’ll lose any gifs that were in it, but it’s a workaround. Hope this helps!

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Oh gosh…sorry for this obnxious post but I just realized how many of you are following me… 274

Like… wha….what… I’m nothing! I’m just your mildly good writer who rambles about stuff and bugs the living daylights out of anyone. I am so so so so honored! You guys are the best and I love y’all! 

Shout out to couple that have been with me through thick and thin:

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Here's a prompt if you take them? Castle and beckett have "the talk" with their daughter

First, thanks for the prompt. I enjoyed writing this :) Also thank you to bunysliper​ for the help and support and amtepefor the beta. You both are lovely <3

She really wants to slap him across his face. Maybe that’ll get his eyes to stop bugging out.

“Castle,” she hisses before taking a breath and speaking sternly.  “You need to calm down, okay. This is not the end of the world.” She lays both hands on his shoulders to help emphasize her point.

“What do you mean it’s not? She’s way too young to have this talk.”

“No, I think she’s old enough to understand. We’ve waited long enough and now that an opportunity has presented itself we need to take advantage of it.”

Castle nods, but his eyes are still glassy and unfocused.

“Besides haven’t you done this before? With Alexis. What did you say to her?”

“Alexis already knew everything about sex. Meredith handled the period and sex talks. You know what this means, Kate? She’s gonna start getting curious about boys now and then she’s going to start coming home late-“

“Seriously!” Kate takes her husband’s face in both of her palms, forces him to look her directly in the eyes. “You need to calm down. She is only seven years old.”

“I’ve never been caught having sex before,” he squeaks, running his fingers through his hair. Then he stops abruptly and looks at her with wide eyes. He gestures between the two of them. “No more sex. Ever.”

Kate’s mouth drops to her knees, her arms crossing over her chest. “Cas- Castle? You can’t be serious.”

“It’s not worth the risk!” he yells while trying to keep his voice down. “What if she has seen more than what she did? We could’ve been on top of the blankets, Kate.”

“But we weren’t.”

“What if we were against the wall?” He points out to the living room when he says, “or on the couch?”

“Thinking about scenarios that didn’t happen won’t help us!” Kate shakes her head before pinching the bridge of her nose. “We trained for this, Castle. We knew it was coming. Are you ready or not?”

Swallowing, he turns to stare at his daughter through the open bookshelves, worry splashed across his face. “As ready as I’ll ever be. But no mention of dad puts his stick in mommy’s cave, got it?”

“Got it.”

They both take a deep breath before walking out of Castle’s office and towards their daughter.

Olivia looks up from her lap, dried tear streaks on her cheeks, and runs to her mother. “Are you okay, Mom?”

“Yes, Liv. I’m fine,” Kate says, letting out a nervous chuckle. Liv takes her mother’s hand and leads her over to the couch, pointedly not looking at her father. “Why?”

“Cause you were screaming.” When neither of them speak Liv begins to speak softer, too shy to let her father hear. “I thought-I thought that dad was hurting you. Like Angie’s father.”

Angela Martinez is one of Olivia’s friends from school. Her father is a war veteran who suffered from PTSD, which caused him to sometimes act in violence. Olivia occasionally still has nightmares about the bruises she’d found on Angela.

“No, sweetheart I’m okay. Your father didn’t hurt me,” Kate explains. She tugs her daughter into her arms, runs her fingers through her hair.

“Then why were you screaming?” The tears have started up again and Liv buries her face in her mother’s neck.

Kate gestures for Castle to come over and sit on the opposite side of their daughter on the couch. So they can both tackle this situation together.

“Liv?” Castle starts, resting a gentle hand on his daughter’s shoulder. “You know I love you and your mother more than anything, right?”

Wiping her eyes, she nods her head in affirmation, but still doesn’t look up at him.

“Angie’s father loved her too but he-“

“Angie father was sick, Liv. He needed help,” Kate chimes in.

Liv takes a deep breath and crosses her arms. Not in defiance, but in protection. “What was wrong with him?”

Kate sighs, takes her daughters hand in hers, hoping she’s not closing herself up from them. “Remember how we talked about a disease called PTSD. It’s when,” Kate swallows thickly, glances at her husband for support.

“It causes your nightmares to come to life,” Castle says and Liv finally looks at her father, her eyebrows shooting up to the sky.


“Yes. So every time Angie father would get upset, he didn’t know he was hurting them.”

Kate and Castle both see as their daughter begins to understand. Like a light bulb as turned on in her head. Suddenly she doesn’t seem as upset, but still a bit confused.

“So, why were you screaming?” Liv asks, turning to her mother with a brow raised in question, looking entirely too much like her father with those blue eyes pinned on her.

“Well, Olivia, as we said, your dad and I love each other very much and sometimes we like to show each other how much we love have,” Kate explains, but she isn’t sure if she’s even making any sense. In fact, she’s contemplating sticking Castle with the rest of the conversation.

“Like, kissing?”

“Yes!” they both shout at the same time.

“Exactly,” Castle adds. “And when you love someone and you marry them because you have to be married-you want to make them happy and feel good, right?”

“I guess so,” their daughter says, shrugging.

“So when you saw your father and I in the bed together-“

Liv cuts her mother off to say, “you were loving each other.”

“Yes. Perfect.” Kate has never felt more relieved ever in her life. She looks up at Castle and can see he’s happy that Olivia understands so well.

“And that felt good?” Castle nods and reaches for Kate’s hand. “It felt so good you were screaming?”

Castle tries and fails to hide his laughter with a forced cough and looks away when Kate glares at him.

“Sometimes,” Kate begins, noticing that she sounds like a broken record with all the ‘sometimes’ and “sos.’ “It can get loud. I’m sorry if that scared you, Liv.” Kate smooths her daughter’s hair back and kisses the top of her head.

“It’s okay. I’m okay now.”

“Do you have any more questions?” Castle asks, stopping Olivia from standing up.

She shakes her head. “I don’t think so.”

“Can I have a hug then?” Liv smiles and throws her arms around her father. “I love you, sweetheart.”

“I love you, too.” Moving from between her parents Liv makes her way towards the steps. “I’m gonna call Alexis. She said she was going to help me with my science project.”

“Okay,” Kate says. “What do you want for dinner?”

“Chicken soup!” She yells from the top of the stairs.

When they’re alone again, they sigh together before laughing.

“That wasn’t as bad as we thought,” Castle announces.

“As you thought. You were completely freaking out.”

Castle chuckles, wraps his arms around his wife and tugs her into his lap. “I did freak out a little bit.”

“You were hyperventilating.”

He shrugs. “That was easy. I could even do it again.”

“Good. Because we’re gonna have to.”

“What do you mean?” he asks, turning to look at her with worried eyes.

Kate bites her lip, lets out a small giggle. “Eventually we have to connect her period with sex, Castle. Meaning, we have to tell her how it works.”

“Are you kidding me?” he exhales, closing his eyes.

“Don’t worry, Castle. I’ll be there.”

Castle groans and covers his face with both hands before peeking through his fingers. “You know what this means?”


“This means we are not having sex ever again.”

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She was careful about the type of dessert she picked out for them to try.

He could be very adamant about these types of things, she was learning.

Sweets. The devil.

According to him, probably. He never used those exact words.

“Have you ever tried Anmitsu before? It’s not made out of bugs or anything, but it’s really yummy.” She grinned, ordered just the one serving in case he hated it. She wasn’t about to get stuck with two desserts and have to finish them both.

Because she would finish them both.

“Here! We’ll tag-team it.” She stuck a spoon in his hand and let him have the first bite. “Impress me, Senpai. Let’s see how much of that you can finish by yourself before calling in for reinforcements, keke.”

Vehicle Every Day Carry - Get Home Bag |

Vehicle Every Day Carry Items (VEDC)

July 13, 2011 By Creek 28 Comments

This is a guest post by JJ Johnson (JJSERE1). JJ is a former USAF Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) Instructor and currently runs his own survival blog which can be seen here: http://www.realitysurvival.com.  He also has a YouTube Channel with several survival/self-reliance related videos which can be found here: http://www.YouTube.Com/user/RealitySurvival

Most people in America spend the majority of their time split between three places:  their home, their place of work and in their vehicle.  Numerous excellent articles have been written on what emergency gear and supplies to keep in your home and to a lesser extent at your workplace.  A lot of good material has also been written on Bug Out Bags (BOB) and Every Day Carry (EDC) items as well.  This post will focus on items related to vehicles and what items to keep in them with two primary areas of concern.  First, Vehicle Every Day Carry (VEDC) items. Second, items for your Get Home Bag (GHB).

Most of us rely on our vehicles on a daily basis and would probably also need to rely on them in an emergency situation.  In any emergency or survival situation that does not involve the destruction or mandatory evacuation of your home, your first priority should probably be to get home.  Of course that is assuming you don’t need immediate medical attention.  Home isn’t only where you hang your hat, it’s also where all your stuff is.  Stuff or resources are the key to making it through tough times happy and healthy. So, with that in mind all of the items on this list are geared towards getting you home.

Here is a list (and some of their possible uses, if its not self explanatory) of all of the items I recommend keeping in a vehicle all the time. In no particular order of importance.

  • Jumper cables
  • Two tow straps – Vehicle extraction.
  • Small bag of easy light charcoal – fire starter / signal fire.
  • 5 road flares – Emergency distress signal, fire starter.
  • Come along – Vehicle extraction.
  • Bobby Stick / Club – Self Defense, fire starter.
  • First aid kit – Medical, Fire starter.
  • 12 Volt Air Compressor – Refill a flat tire, Light, Signal.
  • Extra fuses – Vehicle repair.
  • Siphon pump – To transfer gasoline from one vehicle or gas can to your vehicle.
  • Hat
  • 2 – 40 ft sections of old climbing rope – Vehicle extraction, emergency repelling to assist another, etc.
  • 2 – carabineers, a figure eight and enough rope for an emergency swiss seat.  
  • Extra batteries – For GPS, Spotlight, etc.
  • Bottle of Excedrin – Medical, Energy boost.
  • Binoculars – For locating nearest civilization (if you travel in rural areas).
  • Gloves – Personal protection.
  • Extra 550 – Multi Use, Fire, Shelter, Improvising, etc.
  • Seat Belt Extractor /Cutter – To cut jammed or locked seat belts after an accident.
  • Cell phone charger
  • 120 Volt to 12 Volt Inverter – For powering a laptop or other potential communication device.
  • LED Spotlight – Distress signal, warn oncoming traffic of your presence at night, work light for vehicle repair.
  • Mag Lite – Distress signal, warn oncoming traffic of your presence at night, work light for vehicle repair, self defense.
  • Tire Repair Kit
  • Valve stem tool and spare valve stem cores
  • Roll of black tape – Multiple Use, vehicle electrical system repair, improvising.
  • Roll of duct tape – Multiple Use, temporarily stopping leaky hoses, improvising.
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Sun tan lotion – For long walks in sunny or desert environments, fire starter.
  • Insect repellent
  • Ice Scraper – Snow removal, improvised digging device, self defense.
  • 2 Gallon Gas Can – With Gas.
  • One gallon premixed water and antifreeze (Note: Don’t ever use anything that has contained antifreeze as a drinking water container.  Also don’t attempt to drink any fluid that contains antifreeze, even if its been boiled.  Antifreeze is poisonous.)
  • Entrenching tool (E-Tool) – Not seen in this picture, because I think it was left in a prairie dog field on my last trip to West Nebraska.
  • Tool Kit – Includes: Basic Socket which has Phillips and straight, metric and standard 3/8 sockets and wrenches, ¼  inch multi-bit driver, variety of ¼ bits, hex wrenches, needle nose pliers, adjustable wrench, spark plug sockets, wire cutters, 3/8 drive flex universal adapter, 6 inch extension, 3 inch extension and 3/8 ratchet.  Also added is a small hack saw, 2 pair of vise grip locking pliers, standard and metric deep well sockets, a leather man, a bigger adjustable wrench, a roll of electric wire, a roll of utility wire, a standard pair of pliers, a 2 pound hammer, another ratchet and a bag to carry it all.

Also not pictured here, that should be added for older vehicles is a few quarts of oil, and transmission fluid, an extra serpentine or V-belt(s) for your specific vehicle and any unique tools that are required to change it.  During fall and winter an extra sleeping bag or wool blanket would also be prudent.  If you drive a newer vehicle (within ten years old or so) that is well maintained, the likely hood of needing the spare oil and belts or hoses is pretty low as long as you keep up on your vehicle’s preventative maintenance.



I also recommend keeping a Get Home Bag (GHB) in your vehicle in case it breaks down beyond repair, gets stuck in a ditch or for whatever reason you just have to leave the vehicle and go on foot. 

This bag is smaller and lighter than a full 72 hour bag (BOB). I guess it’s more like a 24 hour bag.

 Its purpose is to contain just the items that may be needed to get home on foot, even if it’s a long hike.  Again in no particular order, here is a list of what I recommend for a Get Home Bag.

  • Small backpack
  • Emergency credit card – With at least a $3000.00 credit limit.
  • Prepaid calling card – With 60 minutes or so of time on it.
  • $100 cash – Pay for a ride, buy spare parts or food, water, etc.
  • Bright colored poncho – shelter from rain, signaling.
  • Old broke in tennis shoes – Better for long walks than dress shoes, boots, or high heels.
  • Thick wool socks – Change of socks so feet stay dry and avoid blisters.
  • Umbrella
  • 4 Bottles of Water
  • Emergency Water Filter Straw – Can be used with empty water bottles to re-stock on fresh water for the long walk.
  • 4 granola bars
  • Collapsible baton – Self Defense (Note: Check your local laws to ensure these are legal for carry).
  • Small handgun and ammo and holster (Note: Ensure you carry in accordance with local & state laws, be licensed if required.)
  • Combat field bandage – Medical, Fire Starter.
  • Triangle bandage / kravat – Multi use, medical, water filter (not purifier), dust filter for face, etc.
  • Toilet paper
  • Candle – Fire starter, Signal, Night travel (cut the bottom off of a water bottle and stick the candle through it to shield from the wind).
  • 6ft x 8 ft Tarp – Shelter, ground tarp for working on vehicle.
  • Cigarette Lighter
  • Magnesium Fire Starter / Fire Steel
  • Pitch Wood Club – Fire starter, Self Defense
  • Compass / Signal Mirror – Navigation, directional day time signaling (A couple flashes in a drivers eyes will get their attention – just don’t hold it on them as it could cause an accident).
  • Led flashlight – For night time travel and vehicle repair.
  • Emergency road flare – Emergency distress signal, fire starter.
  • Folding saw – Collecting fuel for an overnight fire if needed, removing debris from a road, etc.
  • Fixed blade knife – Multi use.
  • Handheld CB – Signaling and Communication
  • Handheld FRS / GMRS Radios – Signaling and Communication
  • Notepad and pens/pencil – Leaving directions, destination and contact information.
  • Road map – Finding ways around obstacles or detours.
  • Handheld GPS – Waypoints to home and friends houses or rally points preloaded.
  • Shemagh – Head cover, scarf, dust filter, water filter, Wet down put on neck to avoid overheating, etc.
  • White  cotton towel – Waving it at passing cars is an emergency distress signal, to clean up with after repairing vehicle
  • Wool stocking cap
  • 6 hand/foot warmers
  • Gloves

All of the gear fits nicely in a small backpack and it all weighs only about 22 lbs. But once you put on the tennis shoes, socks and drink the water, the weight drops a few pounds.  A little heavier than most will be used to carrying on long walks, but it isn’t over whelming and will give you plenty of resources to deal with a wide variety of situations.

While all of the items have multiple uses, the cash, prepaid calling card and emergency credit card are in all likelihood the most useful in most real world emergencies.  If you had a long walk the extra socks and tennis shoes would also come in very handy, especially if you have to wear nice dress clothes to work.  High heels or dress shoes aren’t fun on long walks. Well, I’m not personally aware of the comfort level of high heels, but my wife tells me they aren’t great…

So it may seem like a lot of gear all in all.  But when you start exploiting all of the hiding places in vehicles you would be surprised what you can hide away for safe keeping until it’s needed. Here are a few pics of what it looks like in the truck.

As you can see it all tucks away quite nicely and the only thing that is taking up any floor space or foot room is the GHB.

For my own vehicle a few additional items I would like to have, but haven’t purchased yet are a portable battery booster/jump starter and a high lift jack. I also plan to add two 4 foot 2x10s with ¼ “ grooves cut across them every couple of inches and painted with traction paint on  both sides.  Boards fashioned in that manner will go a long way in vehicle extraction and negotiating rough or rocky terrain.  

If you found the information in this page useful please “Like” my page on Facebook at www.Facebook.Com/RealitySurvival, follow me on Twitter @RealitySurvival or subscribe to my YouTube Channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/RealitySurvival.  Last but not least you can follow my blog by email by subscribing to my webpage at www.RealitySurvival.Com

What items that aren’t listed do you carry in your vehicle that could be useful in getting you back home?

This is a guest post by JJ Johnson (JJSERE1). JJ is a former USAF Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) Instructor and currently runs his own survival blog which can be seen here: http://www.realitysurvival.com.  He also has a YouTube Channel with several survival/self-reliance related videos which can be found here: http://www.YouTube.Com/user/RealitySurvival

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