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Does it annoy you when straight girls say "girl crush"? Like what exactly is it supposed to entail? Surely it just counts as a regular crush.....? Do you think it's like the female version of "no homo"?

Yes, it bugs the shit out of me, anon. Yes, it is literally saying “no homo”.

It also is so homophobic, imo, to HAVE to say that you aren’t attracted to someone “like that” if people are talking about someone being attractive or if there’s a post about someone. It’s like ok you don’t have to SAY “oh but i’m attracted to her not in that way, in this other way. NOT sexually” or something like that. No one cares or is going to think you’re gay. I really feel like anyone who feels the need to do that, to say that, IS attracted to whoever it is and maybe others of the same-sex, and is trying to convince themselves they aren’t, more than anything else.

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People need to stop bugging out about the fact that Kylie 'lied' about getting lip fillers! In the video she already explained that she's insecure about her lips, so why would or should she have to justify her insecurity to everyone? Everyone comes to terms with the way they look or the way they talk or whatever it is that makes them insecure but it takes TIME. I think people are forgetting that she's only 17 and is still developing as a person and still has her own personal shit to work through

I absolutely agree with you!!

Apparently it’s gnat season in Toronto?

It might just be along the waterfront but there are massive swarms of tiny flies. I kept encountering huge clouds of them. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. It’s like something out of a Stephen King story.

Swallowing a fly is one thing, but I got them in my eyes, up my nose and in my lungs. After my run I looked like the grill of a car after a summer road trip. I had to wash bug carcasses out of my hair.

I’m pretty sure this is one of the seven signs of the apocalypse.

Garrus: Hey, if you feel like taking a little break on the Citadel - 

I’m in a slump where I’ve just been getting stoned/day drunk for the past like, week, so i’m going down to the fishing hole with my dad to get bitten by bugs and get out the house and clear my head a little


.22 LR Ammo storage

Many people are constantly coming up with ways to carry ammo around in their Bug Out Bags. Some of the more popular ways I’ve seen either include mulitple mags, or shoving the ammo in an old (cleaned and dried) Gatorade bottle. The problems with these method are both the extra weight and bulkiness.
Fortunately there is an easier and less bulky way to keep a plethora of small caliber ammo handy in your bug out bag (or even your range bag as pictured above).

Paintball Pods
Yeah you heard correctly… anyone with prior experience in this sport knows what im talking about, for those that dont- you can find them on amazon HERE.
As someone with prior experience in this sport, if you do decide to go the way of the pod, i recommend going with a smoked or non-translucent plastic, as the clear have a tendency to crack with any extended amount of time in the sun.

In one 140rd paintball pod you can squeeze well over 500 rds depending on how many silica packs (if any) you decide to put in there. I can fit two of these pods in the front of my RUGER 10/22 Takedown Pack (pictured above).

Stay Prepared, Stay Safe & Happy Trails!

Survival Kit In the Making!

Found this neat little checklist (http://prepperhelp.com/post/74739023329/diy-30-day-earthquake-home-emergency-kit-checklist) and thought why not make my own! Inspired by prepperhelp here’s my checklist!

First Aid Kit
[ ] Purell Hand Sanitizer(2 clip ons)
[ ] Neosporin
[ ] Ibuprofen
[ ] Theraflu
[ ] Band-Aid Value Pack 120 count
[ ] Gold Bond Rapid Relief Anti-Itch Cream
[ ] Band-Aid Antiseptic Wash
[ ] Hydrogen Peroxide
[ ] Johnson & Johnson Aid kit
[ ] Johnson & Johnson Rolled Gauze (2)
[ ] Johnson & Johnson Red Cross Secure Flex Wrap (2)
[ ] Rubbing Alcohol
[ ] Sewing Kit
[ ] Thermometer
[ ] Exam Gloves

Personal Hygiene
[ ] Tooth Brush (and Travel Case)
[ ] Tooth Paste (With Mouth Wash)
[ ] Tooth Floss
[ ] 3 in one Body, Shampoo, Conditioner wash
[ ] Dry Shampoo
[ ] Dove Deodorant
[ ] Bug Spray
[ ] Sunscreen
[ ] Kleenex Tissue
[ ] Wet wipes
[ ] Dr. Scholls Inserts
[ ] Cottonelle Cleansing Cloths
[ ] Travel Case Holder

[ ] Oatmeal Cups
[ ] Granola Mix
[ ] Fruit Cups
[ ] Beef Stock
[ ] Mixed Beans
[ ] Jerkey
[ ] Power Bars

[ ] Sleeping Bag
[ ] Pillow
[ ] Tent

[ ] Crowbar
[ ] Hatchet/Axe
[ ] Switchblades
[ ] Pepper Spray

[ ] Medical Anatomy Coloring Book
[X] Knots and How to Tie Them (BSOA)
[ ] Detail Map
[ ] The Complete Guide to all 58 National Parks

[ ] Printed Contact Info (Ziplock Bag)
[ ] Emergency Clothes
[ ] Solor Power Charger for phone
[ ] Batteries
[ ] LED flashlight
[ ] Camp Lanter
[ ] Candles
[ ] Compass
[ ] Lightweight Rope
[ ] Lighters
[ ] Durable Backpack
[ ] Swiss Army Knife
[ ] Cooking Pans
[ ] Duct Tape
[ ] Laundry Detergent

It’s not much but I like to think it’s a good start for a bug out bag!