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Day 424 - Fushide | フシデ | Venipede

“Prequel” to Day 304 - Donphan. (http://autobottesla.deviantart.com/art/Day-304-Donphan-518594726?hf=1) Here’s their first meeting in the city.

Fushide’s body has an accordion mechanism, allowing it to stretch to move, and even roll about. However, it does not evolve until it can roll into a full wheel. They are one of the only city dwelling Bug-types. People are used to seeing them roam the streets freely.

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Daddy!Luke Grocery Shopping


Requested: Yes

Warning: Cutest Overload :-)

Summary: Daddy!Luke takes his baby girl to the grocery store. 

A/N: Sorry its so short lovelies! My request box is open :) 

It was about the time of week that normal families dread. Grocery Shopping. You, on the other hand, really looked forward to grocery shopping. You would always make it a required family outing because doing something boring with people you think are hilarious is not boring at all. You would stand behind and push the cart and look at the list, the one you had to make sure to write or you knew you would forget, while Luke would walk in front holding your four-year-old daughter, Aria’s hand. Ari absolutely loved to help pick the groceries off of the shelf, but because she was so short, Luke would stand next to her and grab the items off of the shelf for her and give them to her so she could place them in the cart. It was quite a process and shopping took forever but it was extremely worth it to watch the man-giant interact with his princess. Sometimes, on special occasions, Luke would place Aria on his shoulders so she could reach the up-high items as well.
“Okay darlings, we need noodles! The long stringy ones! Can you grab them for me Ari?” You ask your daughter as she nods happily, her long blonde hair swishing around as she does so. Luke chuckles as he watches his daughter look frantically through the shelves to find the pasta. After a few minutes she finally spots them on the top shelf. “Daddy?” Aria tugs on his pant leg. “Yes Bug?” Luke looks up from his phone and Ari points to the noodles and pouts. “Don’t pout my little bug, I will get them for you.” He smiles cutely while he reaches up and easily grabs the string pasta before handing them to the small child so she can stand on her tip-toes to put them in the cart. The rest of the shopping went the same way and about an hour later, you, Luke and Ari were all standing at the cash register. Luke had your daughter resting on his hip as he helped you grab the items from the buggy to the conveyer belt. She rested her head in the crook of his neck and her thumb was plopped in her mouth as you watched her eyes slowly droop.
You giggled slightly as you took a peek at the lady working the cash register. You could tell she was in her late teens or early twenties and you could also tell she was trying to keep her composure. Her name tag read ‘Jessie’.
“H-hello Mr. and Mrs.Hemmings. How are you this afternoon?”
“We are great! Thank you for asking love.” Luke smiled politely as he handed me his wallet to grab his card. His hands were a little full to do it himself.
Jessie blushed a deep red and continued to bag the items.
“Your daughter is the cutest.” She blurted out and Luke answered a well-mannered thank you as he slightly bounced the child in his arms, trying to get her to fall asleep for good.
After packing all the bags of groceries back into the cart, you walk to your car with Luke right behind, carrying the sleeping toddler in his arms.
You hear him whisper, “It’s time for your nap little bug, go back to sleep.” Smiling at your husbands attitude towards your daughter, you realize you’re just about as pooped as she is. What an eventful day for the Hemmings family.

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like yeah, that character IS great, I DO love them but, I promise you we haven’t forgotten,but it’s only one. We could always use more, people