bug type is weak against fire type

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Some pokemon types feel so unnecessary in red and blue. I think bug and poison type should have just all been grass type. Bugs and grass are both weak to fire. Poison kills grass but all grass types are part poison so it does nothing. Bugs are supposed to be strong against psychic, but ghosts could have done that. Adding poison type to ghosts ended up making them weak to psychic. Adding poison to grass types makes them weak to ground, but a grass type is what you would use against a ground type.

Not all Grass types are part Poison! Tangela was pure Grass.

But… yeah, the type balancing was the least of Gen 1′s problems, honestly.

Scolipede and Yanmega: Double Trouble

This article is going to quite unique! I got a request on how to use Scolipede and Yanmega together on a team. Both are great Pokemon, super fast, and are quite complementary to each other. I’ll be covering on how to use them together both in single and in double battles.

Single Battles: Pass the Speed Boost


  • Nature: Adamant (Up Attack, down Sp.Atk), Jolly (Up Speed, down Sp.Atk)
  • EVs: 252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 HP
  • IVs: HP, Attack, Defense, Sp.Def, Speed
  • Ability+Hold Item: Speed Boost+Starf Berry
  • Moveset: Baton Pass, Toxic Spikes, Venoshock, Megahorn


  • Nature: Naive (Up Speed, down Sp.Def)
  • EVs: 252 Sp.Atk, 252 Speed, 4 HP
  • IVs: HP, Attack, Defense, Sp.Atk, Speed
  • Ability+Hold Item: Tinted Lens+SilverPowder
  • Moveset: Bug Buzz, Ancient Power, Whirlwind, U-Turn

This set right here is one of the devious strategies I’ve ever thought of. Send out Scolipede first in battle. Send out the Toxic Spikes. Now collect as many Speed Boosts as you can until Scolipede is ready to faint. Then, Baton Pass that Speed Boost to Yanmega. If you wait until Scolipede uses its Starf Berry, it’ll also Baton Pass that randomly boosted stat. By way of Scolipede, Yanmega now gets to take advantage of both of its awesome abilities, still getting a hellish Speed while being able to handle targets resistant to attacks.

What comes next is truly evil; start spamming Whirlwind. Assuming you set the Toxic Spikes out, you will end up poisoning every last one of your opponent’s Pokemon. Yanmega is more than fast enough now to do this without taking damage. So, what happens next? Yanmega itself can start attacking. Bug Buzz is such an excellent move for it, being the Psychic of the Bug-type world. Or, Ancient Power is another excellent option, possibly raising Yanmega’s other stats while at the same time covering for its Flying, Fire, and Ice weaknesses.

Or, say you’d rather take care of these nerds with your physically attacking Scolipede. Just U-Turn right over to Scolipede, and start spamming the Venoshock. Seeing as you should have already poisoned the entire team, Venoshock will inflict massive damage. Excellent sweeping material. Or you could always stab them with Megahorn.

Flaws with this combo? There are many, the most obvious being that they’re both Bug-types and therefore aren’t accomplishing much in the way of type coverage. Besides that, this set is absolutely worthless against Steel-types, seeing as Steel is immune to Poison. Make sure you bring a good Fire-type along for the ride; Scolipede will be happy to Baton Pass a Speed Boost over to any other ally. Finally, both Scolipede and Yanmega are set up as sweepers with frail defenses, relying entirely on their Speed. Scolipede may not get as many Speed Boosts as you want before it’s forced to pass them.

Double Battles: Poison Support


  • Nature: Impish (Up Defense, down Sp.Atk)
  • EVs: 100 Attack, 156 Defense, 252 Speed
  • IVs: HP, Attack, Defense, Sp.Def, Speed
  • Ability+Hold Item: Poison Point+Poison Barb
  • Moveset: Toxic Spikes, Venom Drench, Venoshock, Spikes


  • Nature: Timid (Up Speed, down Attack)
  • EVs: 252 Sp.Atk, 252 Speed, 4 HP
  • IVs: HP, Defense, Sp.Atk, Sp.Def, Speed
  • Ability+Hold Item: Speed Boost+Salac Berry
  • Moveset: Whirlwind, Bug Buzz, Ancient Power, Shadow Ball

This set is absolutely beautiful. Scolipede plays a much more defensive role here, allowing it to stay in play longer for it’s crucial part in this strategy. The idea here is beautifully simple; set up the Spikes with Scolipede, and continually force the opponents to switch with Whirlwind. As of Gen III, Spikes can be stacked up to 3 times. With 3 layers of Spikes, each switch will take away ¼ of the foes HP.

Once all the Spikes are set up, why not send out the Toxic Spikes? You can never have too many entry hazards. Yanmega is super fast, and will Whirlwind the foe’s entire team into the hellish spike pit before they can have any say about it. Worst come to worst, Scolipede and Yanmega are both super powerful attackers, and will happily take out any Defog users trying to ruin the fun.

While Yanmega is doing all the fighting, Scolipede will be working in the background spamming Venom Drench against any possible threats. Toxic Spikes should have already made Venom Drench possible. When Scolipede does decide to attack, it’s Venoshock is going to hit hard when backed by Poison Barb.

Flaws in this strategy about the same as in the previous strategy, except with the new threat of Defog. As aforementioned, the best way to deal with Defog is to wreck them before they cramp your style too much.

Overall Scolipede and Yanmega work excellently together both in Single and Double battles. Their Speed will play a crucial role, whether you Baton Pass a Speed Boost in singles or spam entry hazards in Doubles. Both sets are centered around Yanmega’s Whirlwind. Keep in mind that because they are both Bug-types, they offer minimal type coverage and will rely on other ally members to take care of their shared weaknesses.

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any early analysis on the starters?

It’s still a tad early to say anything, but at the same time there’s some stuff we can reasonably conclude as well, so I’ll take a crack at it. But first, let me point out that no matter how accurate this is to what we’ve seen, the right Hidden Ability could throw all this out the window, similar to Protean kicking Greninja into the stratosphere. 

Decidueye seems to be the fan favorite, at least in the creators’ eyes, since I get serious Greninja vibes from it. It’s objectively the most creative of the 3 designs I feel, but anyways. 

Type: Grass/Ghost is alright. Could be worse, could be (a lot) better. It leaves you with some useful resistances to Water, Electric, Grass, and Ground, as well as immunities to Normal and Fighting. On the other hand, you’ve got weaknesses to Dark, Ghost, Ice, Fire, and Flying. Offensively, Grass isn’t too great, but Ghost is pretty reliable, if not all that useful. I have a strong feeling that Ghost is now strong against Fairy, which would make it significantly better overall, but doesn’t help out Decidueye ALL that much. The biggest issue for it, though, is probably going to be the Grass type’s general lack of coverage moves; that is, Grass types don’t usually learn moves of many different types, which is a hassle considering how much support they usually need. 

Signature Move: Spirit Shackle is a god send. A manual Shadow Tag is amazing, and keeps momentum in your favor. Exactly how well this move will work depends on a few other things. It’s almost definitely going to have perfect Accuracy, as Ghost types are the most accurate type there is. I see it having about 70 base power, which makes it too weak to rely on heavily, but it’s main use would be the utility of pinning Pokemon down, so this isn’t too big an issue. 

Projected Stats: I see Decidueye being very fast with an average Attack, which will probably be its primary attacking stat. If this is the case, Spirit Shackle (which I assume is a physical attack but I could be wrong) will be quite effective, as Decidueye will be able to force slower Pokemon to switch out, then be able to pin down the incoming Pokemon so you can pivot to the right one and go from there. Anyways, it would probably have to rely on Leaf Blade or some such if this is the case. This isn’t a bad thing at all, but there are stronger, more useful moves on the special side of things. And of course like most fast Pokemon, it’ll probably be quite frail as well. 

Overall: Right now, it looks like Decidueye will be pretty average, probably performing a bit better than say, pre-Mega Sceptile or something. But, I sense it will get some favoritism in the form of Hidden Abilities. 

Type: Fire/Dark is not bad at all. Weak to Water, Ground, Rock, and Fighting, but offensively powerful against Steel, Grass, Bug, Ice, Ghost, and Psychic. If nothing else, it’ll be useful on mono Dark teams to help with Bug and Fairy (to a lesser extent) types. 

Signature Move: Darkest Lariat looks awesome, but competitively it can very a little. The move is said to ignore the opponent’s stat changes, which is nifty in that it ignores Defense boosts and Evasion ones. However, these stats are rarely, if at all, boosted in the common battling scene, so the actual effect of this mvoe won’t be seen too often. However, IF this move works like Unaware, in that it not only ignores the foe’s stat boosts, but also your stat drops, THEN this move will really be useful, allowing Incineroar to stand up to Intimidate users better than most physical attackers. It’s probably pretty accurate as well, and I see it being quite powerful, probably 90 power or so. 

Projected Stats: Incineroar is 100% going to be a physical attacker, anyone can see that. I get Emboar vibes from it, in that it will probably be kind of bulky but not too fast. However, tigers are usually pretty quick, so I think it will have a pretty average Speed, maybe 90 or so as well. Being a Dark type, if it gets access to Sucker Punch (which I’m almost certain it will), this is a non issue to a degree. It will probably have a pretty high HP and/or Defense. It will almost definitely have low Special Defense. As for Special Attack… it’s kind of a toss up whether it’ll go mixed or not. I think it will stick to the physical side though. 

Overall: Nothing too special, but nothing too significant holding it back. Hidden Abilities notwithstanding, I see Incineroar being the worst of the three by default (which doesn’t make it bad, and won’t stop me from choosing it).

Type: NOW we’re talking. Water/Fairy is one of the best types in the whole game. Resistances to Fire, Water, Ice, Dark, Fighting, and Bug as well as an immunity to Dragon with only weaknesses to Grass, Electric, and Poison sounds too good to be true. 

Signature Move: I can’t even remember what it’s called, but it’s easily the worst. In fact, it’s actually below useless since it HEALS THE OPPOSING TEAM. Sure, it does damage, but nothing excuses healing the opponent. And because it does damage, you can’t reliably use it on your own Pokemon either. The ONLY way this mvoe will have some semblance of use is if it goes the Wake-Up Slap route, and doubles in power to 140 or so if it hits a Burned target, curing the Burn in the process. Even then it’ll be tough to use right (although it opens the door to some interesting strategies), but definitely not out of the question like it is now. 

Projected Stats: Obviously leaning to the special side; while it may have Special Attack as its highest stat though, I foresee it having average HP and good Special Defense (and low Speed). All of this combined with presumably a useful support movepool (and hopefully at least one recovering move) would make Primarina a terrific defensive Pokemon, one that many common Pokemon struggle with. It could also most likely function as a bulky special attacker as well, making it the only one of the 3 starters who, based off of my (baseless) projections, has multiple roles available to it. 

Overall: A terrific typing allows Primarina to overlook its useless signature move, and propel it to the top of the list of these 3 starters. That said, I see the other two starters getting better treatment with their hidden abilities, if only because they remind me of Greninja and Chesnaught respectively. 

In Summary: Primarina looks to be the best right now, probably followed by Decidueye and then Incineroar, although this was literally all just based off of gut feelings of mine regarding their stats. And, I cannot stress this enough, the proper Hidden Abilities, especially new ones, can come out of nowhere and really shake up this ranking (although it’s unlikely Primarina will ever be the worst of the three given its fantastic type). And that’s not even taking into consideration whatever these starters’ “secrets” are. Perhaps their own Z moves or something akin to Battle Bond? Who knows. 

But yeah, sorry if this wasn’t much of an answer!

10 Pokemon Type Effectivenesses that are Hard to Memorize or Just Don’t Make Sense

Pokemon Sun and Moon has a new feature where it tells the player the effectiveness of a move. Older players scoffed at this saying “ I memorized all the type effectivenesses. Younger players are just being coddled!” Ok, good for you, but I feel like this is a neat feature. It will help younger players, and it will also be useful if there is a unique Pokemon type combination. Though I will miss when I’m playing online and somebody doesn’t realize that their Draco Meteor won’t work on my Clefable. Also, you sure you memorized all of the type effectivenesses and resistances? I don’t think you have. To prove it, here’s ten examples of type effectivenesses or resistances that make little to no sense, or are just hard to memorize. 

10. Most of the stuff with Fairy type:

I am actually good at memorizing the stuff with Fairy since I like using Clefable, but if I think about it, the Fairy type’s resistances and weaknesses don’t make sense. Steel and Poison don’t make the most sense as weaknesses, but I guess they did it to make those mostly defensive types better at offense. It makes sense for it to be strong against Dark, if you think of Fairies as pure and good types that are meant to banish away the darkness. Dragon is a weird thing for Fairies to dominate, but I guess the logic is that Fairies would use their magic to defeat the power dragons. The one I don’t get is Fighting. I don’t see how Fairy would be strong against Fighting. I guess they wanted to give Fighting another weakness. The one that makes the least amount of sense is that Fairy is weak against Fire, but Fire isn’t strong against it. I would forgive someone for being surprised that Fire isn’t strong against Fairy. 

9. Only Ground is Super Effective against Electric:

Electric type is a bit of a cheap type since it’s only weak against Ground. I would think that a couple of other types would be strong against it such as Rock, Grass, or even Dragon.

8. Bug is super effective against Psychic and Dark:

Bug is usually considered one of the weaker types since there are a lot of types that are resistant to it, however it is still super effective against Psychic and Dark. This doesn’t logically make any sense, but it does make bug types a little bit more useful. I guess it’s hard to do evil or use your mind if there are bugs in your pants. I don’t know. 

7. Dragon is only super effective against Dragon:

Dragons are seen as a very powerful type, since there are many strong dragons out there. That might make it funny that Dragon is not a very good offensive type since it’s only strong against itself. Maybe it would be overpowered if it was strong against other types.

6. Ice is only resistant to Ice: 

Ice is a sucky defensive type since it’s only resistant to itself. It’s like the opposite of Dragon. This makes Ice pokemon that have good stats (many of them do) useless in battle since there are so many types that are strong against it. I would think that maybe it would have a few more resistances such as rock, grass, flying or bug.  Ice type should have more resistances. Have you ever tried to get Ice off your windshield? It’s not easy!

5. Fighting, Ground, Flying, Bug, Rock and Fairy aren’t Resistant to Themselves:

There are many Pokémon types that are resistant to themselves such as Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Steel, Dark, etc. This means that it is easy to forget the ones that aren’t resistant to themselves. For example, I would be online using my Clefable and Klefki in a multi battle against a Xerneas. The Xerneas would use Dazzling Gleam and I would still be surprised it’s regularly effective against my Clefable (my Klefki would still have some resistances due to it’s steel typing, but I keep expecting it to be more resistant).  Since there are 9 types that are resistant to themselves, it’s easy to forget the ones that aren’t. 

4. Poison is resistant to Fighting:

Would one think that Poison would be resistant to Fighting? Probably not. It’s an easy one to forget. I guess one could remember it by thinking that Poison weakens one’s muscles so of course Fighting would be weak against it.  But then why isn’t it strong against Fighting as well?

3. Fighting is resistant to Bug: 

Ok, so Fighting is resistant to Bug, but Ice isn’t. I guess the logic is that a Fighter wouldn’t be scared of Bugs. However, they are scared of Fairies. This is an easy one to forget especially since Bug type is one of the less used types.

2. Ghost is resistant to Bug and Poison:

This one’s easy to forget. I honestly never remember that Bug or Poison is weak against Ghost. There really isn’t an obvious reason for Ghost to be resistant to both of those types. It’s especially easy to forget because Bug is strong against Dark, but not strong against Ghost. I guess poison makes a little more sense since you can’t poison a ghost, but by that logic you can’t burn or freeze a ghost either.

1. Ice is not very effective against Water: 

This one goes against all logic. One would think that since Ice can freeze water that it would be super effective against it, but no. The funny thing is that Ice is not very effective against Water, but Water isn’t super effective against Ice. So I guess in the end,  the game telling us the potency of a move isn’t such a bad idea after all. 

Just a fun little tidbit, with today’s reveal of Type: Null’s evolution: 

Part of its description was “While it is Normal-type as standard, there is a special hold item called Memory that lets it be one of all 18 types at any one time thanks to its ability, AR System.

Now, I read this literally right after waking up (not kidding, my alarm went off and I immediately checked Serebii) and thus without my glasses to in that state I mistakenly read this to mean that this thing would be all 18 types at once, simultaneously. So since I wasn’t getting out of bed right away I got to thinking about what the sheer implications of an 18 typed Pokemon would be, and it turns out that if it were to be all 18 types at once, it would have 4 resistances of varying degrees, 8 immunities, and (here’s the fun part) exactly one weakness. 

So what would this weakness be to? Well, it actually took me only a few minutes to figure out. I didn’t have to do any calculations; all I needed was first a list of all Pokemon types that are super effective against more types than resist them. For example, Grass was out of the question because its strong against only Water, Grass, and Ground, but resisted by Bug, Flying, Steel, Poison, Fire, Dragon, and Grass itself, meaning that someone with all 18 types would ultimately have a resistance (as it were, a resistance that multiples damage by 0.0625). 

The only types that would have a net weakness were Ground and Rock, however, since the Pokemon would be part Flying type, Ground’s damage would in fact be completely nullified. But Rock is not nullified by anything, and is strong against 4 types while only resisted by 3. Thus, a hypothetical Pokemon of all 18 types would in fact have a single, good old fashioned x2 (regular) weakness to Rock. 

A Pokemon could literally be all 18 types at the same time and it would still have a god damn Stealth Rock weakness. 

If you’re curious about its other type match ups, you can look under the cut:

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There's a fair bit of ninja pokemon: Greninja, Ninjask, Accelgor, Toxicroak, etc. Just for fun I'm going to add a Ninja Type. The pokemon that gamefreak chooses to exude ninja-ness are mostly composed of Poison, Bug, Dark, and Fighting types, so if we put those traits together, it's weaknesses include fire, flying, ground, fairy... oh no! Those are the worst common type weaknesses, and we should throw in a weakness to pirate type attacks, but at least it resists fighting and ghost.

While you’re at it, I have a few additional new Pokémon types to suggest:

- Light (blinds you with bright lights; Grass-types are immune)
- Sound (deafens you with loud noises; Grass-types are immune again, because f&%$ you, that’s why)
- Taste (incapacitates foes with overpowering spices; strong against Psychic)
- Steam (because we have Water and Ice)
- Science (Fairy and Science are weak against each other)
- Antimatter (using one against a Pokémon of a different type annihilates both of them)
- Human (is actually an enslaved Pokéfan in cosplay)
- Potassium (like Steel but weak against Water and strong against bananas)
- Furniture (is good to sit on)
- Scottish (strong against Rock, Steel, Dark and alcohol, weak against the English)
- Spiders (not like Ariados or whatever; actually made of millions of tiny spiders)
- Hard Cheese (should require no explanation)
- Soft Cheese (similar to Hard Cheese but obviously is softer)

Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer 6 Break Down/Thoughts

Holy shit the news just gets bigger and bigger in Pokemon Sun and Moon. We got so much to break down that I don’t know if I will be able to cover everything in this post. All I can say is expect a freaking load of posts from me in the coming days about Pokemon.

I’m a humble person, with humble desires like saying “Fuck yah, I was right, I am the master Z moves work exactly as I predicted.” I won’t say that, it’s true but I won’t say it. So Z moves are a move you can use once per battle of any type in the game. You have a Z-ring and a Z crystal to perform a Z attack. Z crystals come in every type, it’s likely the player will have to find most types to use them and it is possible you will have to pre load a crystal in advance before battle. A Pokemon can only use a Z move if they have learned a move of the same type. The limitation isn’t exactly as I predicted so long as you store a move of a particular type on the Pokemon you can give them access to an ultimate move. I imagine Z moves will be a nice way to just wipe away wild Pokemon if it doesn’t have PP but it’s possible that filling the 5th slot it also has PP that needs to be refilled? Regardless it appears you’ll be getting your Z ring very early in the game since in the Japanese trailer the player seems to be getting it where they fight their rival.

Pokeride is another new feature where particular Pokemon can join a trainer to adventure. This can apparently be done anywhere once you access the particular ride Pokemon, these Pokemon do not join your party and have obvious limits like not riding a shapedo as a land shark. Charizard will likely work similar to Soar, on the ground we have scoutland, mudsdale, and tauros, and in water we have Sharpedo, and Lapris. It seems they are summoned from some kind of device and a ride ball. So the device likely works as some kind of portable PC that can only send these particular riding Pokemon. This is going to be a nice way to replace bikes it seems and really make the player more attached to the world of Pokemon. This is a major dream field in particular flying on a Charizard.

Gym leaders, screw that Alola ain’t about that life instead we have the Island challenge. These are challenges played out in three phases inside of the four islands of Alola. First part is the trail where a player meets up with Trail leader who asks the player to do something. These are not battles but instead some form of side quest. We seem to have three confirmed, finding two items, a test of knowledge and some kind of dance thing? Then we go into phase two where we battle against a Totem pokemon is a buffed up version of a regular Pokemon that is also able to summon other Pokemon inside the battle to fight the trainer as well. The summoning of ally Pokemon is apparently not limited to Totem Pokemon ether but will occur with some other Pokemon as well.  The final phase will have the trainer battle a Kahuna, the leader of the island in a grand trail. After beating the Kahuna in battle we will be able to advance to the next island. Hala, your rivals grandfather will be the first of these Kahunas. A slightly worrying fact is that he will only have three Pokemon but with one of them likely being Tapu Koko it could be pretty interesting.

Gee wiz I guess we can call it a wrap, nothing else to see here except HOLY HELL AlOLA FORMS. You know the youtube videoes where someone overreacts to some news, that shit was me seeing alola forms for Ninetales. Look at this majestic little fox, like it most likely won’t even be that good with Snow clock as it’s ability and the ice/fairy typing isn’t really great. Still I want it, want it bad, want a plushie, like now. Then Sandlash aka queen Elsa actually has a decent typing as long as you don’t fight two of the most common offensive types Fire or fighting that it’s 4 times weak against. It steel Ice now making it utterly immune to poison, resistant to normal, grass, ice, flying, psychic, bug, dragon, and fairy. I’m hoping it has a hidden ability because Snow Clock isn’t that good of an ability. Exeggutor gets to become the dumbest looking dragon yet and it is our first grass dragon I believe. Grass more or less makes dragon type bad but it is at least cool to have the typing around now. How these types of Pokemon will be affected by breeding and stuff is my biggest point of curiosity. Anyway, expect at least one post about this concept from me very soon.

Oricorio is a new bird Pokemon with a gimmick of having a different form on each island. Oricorio comes in Fire, Electric, Psychic and Fairy each being paired with flying type. I don’t really want to do a type breakdown for each but I do want to talk about it’s new ability. Dancer allows for oricorios to use whatever dance move a Pokemon uses right after they use that. It was showed with a buffing dance but it appears it will be with any move that includes dance in it’s name. This ability will be an amazing way to make dance moves feel less safe since if you can predict your foes Dragon Dance or other dance move a switch into an oricorio can allow it to get a free buff as well leaving them in an even playing field. Some Pokemon may be able to shrug it off but it should be a pretty cool Pokemon. Fire/flying may not be a good type combo but the red bird is my fav so I gotta have it.

Gumshoos isn’t really noteworthy to talk about other then it’s kinda funny design and it’s attempts to make Alola great again. Lurantis like Gumshoos will be a trial pokemon, this darling cutie will be just a pure grass type and it’s ability leaf shield isn’t super noteworthy. It does have access to a new solar beam like attack that is physical instead of special, at least that is what it seems to be but other than looking cool it’s not likely to be great without setup.

Last and depending on your view of it potentially least is minior a rock/flying type Pokemon. It’s new ability Shields down makes it have stronger defense until it’s HP is halved, while it’s HP is over half it also is immune to statuses. This pokemon loses these buffs when it’s HP is below half becoming really cute but also likely useless. The Rock Flying type makes it weak against Water, electric, ice, rock, and steel. It gets to be totally immune to ground and resistant to normal, fire, poison, flying, and bug in exchange. Seems like decent typing but nothing great. Perhaps if this Pokemon can learn recover it could be really competitively viable as the trainer has to manage when to heal properly less they lose the defences and then in turn likely lose the Pokemon.

That’s everything I’m going to cover, I hope you enjoyed this post, stay tuned for a whole lot more Pokemon content including the next Pokemon update.