bug team

a conversation ladybug and chat noir had probably idk
  • CN: ok we need a team name
  • LB: a team...name...
  • CN: yeah like you have The Sailor Scouts. The Justice League. The Avengers. The Power Rangers.
  • LB: i love that The Sailor Scouts was your first example.
  • CN: missing the point! the point being we should have a name.
  • LB: I thought we were The Bug and Cat Team.
  • CN: ugh no, ladybug, we need something way cooler. like, ah...CATBUG.
  • LB: Pretty sure that's taken.
  • CN: Alright, how about...The Miraculous Mates.
  • LB: no
  • CN: I Break It, She Makes It?
  • LB: that sounds like a sitcom
  • CN: The Spandex Kids
  • LB: for god's sake, i am not announcing myself to villains as being part of The Spandex Kids. i want people to take us seriously.
  • CN: The Onesie Twins!
  • LB: NO
  • CN: The Masked Lovebirds
  • LB: ...nice try
  • CN: eh, worth a shot
How to make ya boi happy

After Guzma has a bad day, some Team Skull grunts go out early one morning to leave the few pokebeans they scrounged up days ago in a forest where they know their boss often goes for walks.

The grunts high five each other on a job well done when they check in on their boss later and find Guzma surrounded by curious bug Pokémon lured in by the pokebeans. Some tears are shed by the grunts at the sight of Guzma hugging the bug Pokémon to him. The grunts proceed to lose their shit when Guzma smiles and affectionately nuzzles the wild bug Pokémon.

Ah, yes

The “let’s see how fast I’m going to die in fire” -boss fight

Ended just as expected