bug rant over

I hate when there’s an infomercial product that seems “lazy” (snuggies, this new snap on magnetic phone charger, etc) and everyone makes fun of it and people for being super lazy but its like

Think of the uses these things could have for people with disabilities. I know the snuggie was originally made for people in wheelchairs, and now its become a big joke if you have one

These new magnet chargers…I have no idea if they work, but think how easy it would be for people missing an upper limb to use, people whose hands constantly shake or people who are blind and have a hard time finding the charging port

Maybe next time you see a seemingly dumb product, take a step back and consider how it can be used from all walks of life, not just your point of able-bodied privilege.

to the anons than are sending me hate about why i’m a ‘disgrace for liking pewdiepie’, you’re making it all seem like i worship the ground he walks on and support all the offensive jokes he sometimes says which i don’t. yeah, some of the jokes he makes are uncalled for and yeah, he shouldn’t say them. 

also, i really don’t understand why you anons decide to hate on everything i do/say. i may be coming off as it doesn’t hurt but it really fucking does and i don’t get why you’re wasting a few minutes of your day to send me hate??? is it really necessary?? :/ you know, i have feelings. there’s a 17 year old human being that you’re sending hate to… I obviously know that i’m not going to be liked by everyone and i know that people won’t like the au’s i make which is fine, i don’t expect everyone to like me but for the love of god, stop sending me hate. just close down my page and carry on with your day, that’s all you have to do. 

it’s now come to a point where i’m deciding whether to deactivate my account or stop people from inboxing/messaging me which i really don’t want to do because i love talking with you all and meeting new friends. so to all the hate anons, please stop. please.

  • I swear, ship whoever you want, but do not ruin Ginny's life or kill her off just to make yourself feel better about your Drarry ship. At least give her a new badass bae and a good life. Don't ruin the female characters just to support your m/m ship.
Messaging other users

Sometimes I wanna message a bunch of people on here because I really like their posts. But then I get way too shy and anxious, so I don’t really do anything as a result.

Like, I see all these people asking other users questions and stuff. And I’m over here like, “that looks fun.” Then I go to try it but then I just kinda stop because I feel like they’re too good or something. It’s hard to explain, but it’s always something that irks me, especially since I really want to be able to ask other users stuff.

I think some people are getting way to caught up in the troyler kiss, and forgetting the real purpose of this campaign.  Yes the rewards and the possibility of having your OTP kiss on camera are great bonuses, but just think about how much good $500k can do for the Trevor Project. I mean even if we don’t raise $500k and we don’t get the troyler kiss, we already raised over $400k, $250,000 more than tyler’s original goal, which is just INCREDIBLE. Just think about how many lives are going to be saved because of that money. I think Tyler mentioned $15 funds one phone call, so that means we have already raised enough to fund over 25,000 phone calls, that could mean over 25,000 lives saved all because of us!!  And if we do raise the goal of $500k that is well over 30,000 people that we can help, and i don’t know about you, but to me that is worth a hell of a lot more than a troyler kiss. 

so okay, it’s apparently totally accepted to joke about diabetes, which in my case is autoimmune - there was nothing i could’ve done to prevent it, but it’s however extremely rude and insensitive to joke about aids or cancer etc??

every goddamn day when i go into the diabetes tag i see joke after joke; “bill has 30 chocolate bars and he eats 27 of them, what does bill have now?? diabetuuus lolololollololloool” or “wow i ate so much ice cream im gonna die of betuus XD” and picture after picture of junk food

do you even realize how hurtful and insensitive that is?? not only are you incredibly ignorant, you are also turning a serious disease into a joke

now go enjoy your working pancreas and longer life and get the fuck out of the diabetes tag (◡‿◡✿)

Since when did needles, tilts and turning leg holds become requirements of a dancer? It seems as though nowadays, if a dancer cannot do these, people downplay their abilities just because they seem to think that these moves define a dancers ability. 

Let me tell you, these are tricks, very impressive tricks yes, but a dancer’s ability to do tricks does not define their ability to dance. I’m just sick of there being so much focus on tricks and not enough focus on actual dancing. 

The reason why people don’t take transfolk seriously is not because some people use nounself pronouns.

The reason why people don’t take transfolk seriously is because they’re fucking transphobic.

Like you really don’t get it, do you? All of the binary transfolk who think nonbinary people don’t exist are saying the EXACT SAME SHIT about you that you say about otherkin. 

Why is this so hard to understand? Every time you throw otherkin under the bus, you open the door for someone “more trans than you” to exclude you from trans communities. What’s more important: ragging on someone’s identity because you think they make you look bad to transphobic cis people, or preserving EVERYONE’S right to identify as they wish?

Don’t let cis people turn you against other transfolk. News flash: despite what cisfolk think, the trans community isn’t hive-minded. You don’t have to perfectly understand one another, but you should respect one another. Transfolk, of all people, should be able to grasp this fucking concept.