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Thank you for all the lovely comments! We hope you’re all enjoying the pack so far!

My house was infested with little green spiders, they were everywhere! So I grabbed the hoover and proceeded to clear my home of the creepy crawlies. After sucking up most of the bugs, the hoover packs up, it’s full. I’m trying to find a way to open it up to empty it when I hear a voice,
“Give it a gentle squeeeeeeeeze”
It was Alan Rickman! The vacuum cleaner was talking to me in Severus Snape’s voice,
“Give it a gentle squeeeeeeeeze”.

Don’t You Want Me? (Jooheon x Reader)

Rating: M

(A/N) YA’LL. WHAT IS GOOD???? It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything and what a great way to return then with some Monsta X? I’ve recently fallen extremely hard for this group of boys and I’m already in way too deep. Help, I’m drowning in Wonho and Shownu’s back sweat. Ew, okay that was gross. Anyway, without further ado, here’s some yummy first-time smutty smut with my dimple-faced angel Jooheon (◕‿◕✿)

Originally posted by destinybbb

You couldn’t ever say no to Jooheon, no matter what the request, big or small. You were already a huge pushover, but when it came to that dimple-faced angel, you were completely powerless to him. So when he begged and pleaded to go camping down by a popular creek to celebrate your six month anniversary, he didn’t have to try too hard to break your will.

You liked camping, but you didn’t love it like all the crazy outdoors nuts. You liked laying out in the sun to tan, eating the delicious camping food, and just lazing around without a care for what time it was or what you had to get done. You didn’t love, however, the bugs, the unpacking, the packing, the greasy hair, and the stink that just clung to you no matter what you tried.

But you would put up with it, for Jooheon, because you loved him more than anything…and you also had a surprise in store for him.

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I think making Instructional comics is going to be my thing, I really enjoyed doing this. In case you didn’t I’ve done a lot of traveling, quite often to Hot Spots around the world, and I’ve picked up a few practical and not so practical skills and knowledge that I’d like to share with you guys in the form of these Comics.

The character taking you through this process is named Jackie from another comic that I’m working on called ‘The Blitz’. 
Let me know how I’m doing.

anonymous asked:

I have to go to camp and I want to cry what do I do while I'm there ? What pranks can I pull ?

Max: Uh, let’s see… if David were here, he’d tell you to bring a bunch of supplies, like plastic bags to line your hiking boots with in case it rains. 
Max: But since the real point of this blog is that David isn’t here, I’ll give you my assistance. 

Max: Go to the dollar store and buy plastic snakes/bugs. Pack a bunch of washable markers. Buy a voice-changer if you have to and whisper into it at night. Just don’t bring fucking snacks into your cabin. You will get unwanted guests.

bungy stickers
a pack of buggys for ur buggy needs. stick them anywhere- your laptop, your phone, your journal, in the trash. take my baby boy on an adventure. show him the world

capitalism held me at gunpoint and told me to make buggy stickers so i sried and said okay

12 stickers for 4 bucks and 16 cents what a steal

Felix Natalis Night

Ignis heard it before he saw it. The man waited patiently behind his desk, only for the doors of his private office to open rather softly considering the shrill of his name just a few months ago and the sound of the rushing heels.  He watched as the Future Princess of Lucian slowly closed the door behind you, at odds with how much of a rush you were in.

“Good morning, Princess.” Ignis called to you as you moved into the room. “There is tea on the cart, should you like a drink?”

You quickly took him up on that offer, falling rather gracefully on one of his couches, yet that might have been due to the large dress that you were training in this morning. Etiquette lessons! Now you understood why your future husband was always running from his duties.

Ignis watched as your breathing seemed to calm and your adrenaline lowered, “Do you feel better?”

You blinked in confusion, before panic engulfed your entire body again, as you stood, careful to place the teacup down before turning to the advisor, “Ignis, it completely slipped my mind! Today’s Noctis’s birthday.” You cried.

“Oh that, Noct doesn’t really celebrate his birthday.”

You wanted to cry in frustration, “I know Iggy, he just likes a little get together, but I haven’t gotten him anything, or had the chefs prepare him anything, and he has that stupid meeting.”

Ignis begun to interrupt, but instead watched you pace his office, your posture and movement in your dresses have become much better in your training. The pacing would need working on and what did you just say, “Pardon me, what was that?”

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Once Upon a Time Season 6 Spoilers

Under the cut you will find the current state of known casting and episode spoilers including set reports.  Please note that EFNS is going to make some judgement calls on what we think are credible spoilers among the set reports with some heavy weight given towards events with multiple witnesses and or photographic evidence.

Please note that the show frequently uses blatantly false information in casting notices in order to avoid spoiling.  Both Gil McKinney (Prince Eric) and Sinqua Walls (Lancelot) have described reading for completely different parts and finding out after they were cast who they were actually playing.

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A little fic about moving in together and happy endings and Captain Hook learning about Brazilian waxing. I blame @kliomuse for this because she just encourages my dirty musings over messenger. 

In the end it was easy.

“Move in with me.”

The sky didn’t fall, the world didn’t end and her hand didn’t tremble.

Her father had once said that life was made up of moments. He drives them to the hardware store in his truck to buy moving supplies, and offers to ferry the boxes from the Jolly to the house so they didn’t have to rent a U-haul. Emma could have used magic, but Hyde’s escaped and the Evil Queen is lurking around town like a walking, talking thorn in Regina’s side, so she’s holding off in case she needs it for battle. Instead, they fold boxes and buy packing tape and borrow day-old newspapers, in moments when things are quiet and Happy Endings start with new beginnings. There’s a shadow behind David’s eyes and her mother tells her about a story they’ve decided to leave untold, when they go on a coffee run to Grannys and leave Henry digging through a chest of God knows what and Killian and Belle sort books.

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Black Sea

A/N: The first half was written by @ghikij This is our attempt to sorta rationalize how a DiaKanan scene would go based on their characters, since we don’t have any canon scenario to base their interaction off of lmao.
Note: This blip took place in ep7, like a behind-the-scenes sort of story
Words: 3,532
Characters: Kurosawa Dia, Matsuura Kanan

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