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Don’t Wanna Move

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What if Eleven used her powers accidentally in her sleep? Kind of like sleeptalking, but with telekinesis?  

Short Mileven fluff drabble - 567 words.

It had been two years since Eleven had returned to Hawkins. She and Mike were still going strong and still getting good-naturedly teased by the rest of the group. They spent plenty of nights playing DnD with the whole party, or group outings to the arcade to maintain their clique’s monopoly of the high scores, but they loved nights like these best. Just quiet nights in snuggled up together. 

Tonight they had decided to make a blanket fort like Mike did when he first brought Eleven into his home. They had moved the TV in front of the opening of the fort for a movie marathon. El had turned away from the TV to doze with her head on Mike’s chest a little while ago. Mike was still watching the movie, but only just barely. His eyes were getting heavier and heaver and he kept kind of halfway drifting off to sleep. 

He knew that he should get up and walk El home and go to bed, but he was so comfortable and she was comfortable using him as a pillow, so he didn’t really want to move much… Only when he went to shift slightly did he realize that not only did he not want to move, he couldn’t move. 

He looked down at the sleeping El and was surprised to see a little bit of blood seeping from her nose. It took a moment for his brain to process what was going on. Once he did, he started laughing. His telekinetic girlfriend accidentally immobilized him in her sleep. He couldn’t think of anything that could possibly be more hilarious. 

“El…” He giggled. “El, wake up…”

Eleven shifted and slowly turned her head to look at Mike. “Mmm?”

“I can’t move…”

El looked at him for a moment, puzzled, and then jolted up, her hand flying to her nose to wipe the blood. “Mike! I’m sorry!!” 

Mike unfroze and sat up, still laughing lightly. “It’s ok, really!” 

He threw his arms around her and gave her a light kiss on the top of her head. 

“People do things in their sleep sometimes when they don’t mean to. It’s normal.” He suppressed another laugh. “It’s even kind of funny sometimes.”

El smiled. “Like when you talk?”

Mike stopped laughing and looked at her, surprised. “I talk? In my sleep?”

It was El’s turn to giggle. “Sometimes.”

Mike was blushing lightly now. What did he say to her when he was sleeping?

Eleven wrapped her arms around his waist and pressed her cheek to his chest again. “Like you said,” She muttered, sleepily. “Funny.”

“Hey now, come on. Don’t get too comfortable again… I should take you home.”

He tried to get up and found he was frozen again. He burst out laughing and this time, Eleven joined in. 

“Ok, now you’re doing it on purpose! I’d rather stay here too, but you know if I let you stay much longer Hopper will be coming after me.”

She pouted slightly, but nodded. Mike put a hand under her chin and lifted her head to look at him. He could never get enough of looking into her warm brown eyes. 

“Hey, I’m going to take you home now, but I’ll call you on the walkie to say good night before I go to bed.”



As was customary to them now, they sealed the promise with a kiss.