bug nest

Michelangelo is such an empath, and that must be so exhausting sometimes

To suck up your brothers’ negative emotions like a sponge and have literally nowhere to squeeze them out

Raph is angry again, which makes Leo tense, which makes Don frustrated

and all Mikey can do is joke and desperately attempt to diffuse the tension because he can’t stand another night by himself with all of these emotions that weren’t even his to begin with

Cause what his brothers don’t know is that once he’s done playing family therapist, those feelings don’t go anyway. They stay in his head and chew at him like little bugs and make nests and breed under that big stupid smile he’s always flashing

Mad Max: Ranger Road

Background: Our party, average 12-13 in level, (mostly homebrew due to a lax DM) consisting of a death slaad brewmaster, an oni shadow dancer, a squirrel gunslinger, high elf war mage, high elf arcane sniper, a half-orc bartender, and a half-demon adventure cook, are assaulting a nest of bugs that wish to devour what little remains of our world. The squirrel and adventure cook have been left behind for various reasons.

DM: So, the bugs knew you were coming and have amassed their army. You have about 70 men alongside the party.
Death Slaad OOC: Guess I’m in front then.
DM: (Bartender) should probably be in back.
Everyone finds their places and we prepare for the fight.
Arcane Sniper: *Uses magic shot for splash damage and wipes out a decent amount of the bug forces*
War Mage: *Working on clearing the rest out*
DM: Slaad, jump check right now.
DS: Uhh, 43.
DM: You all see the slaad leap about a hundred feet into the air and a massive bug comes flying out from under ground and nearly grabs him.
AS OOC: 32 for nature knowledge?
DM: It’s a bug. And it’s big. Probably an honor guard for the queen you’re hunting. You want this thing dead.
AS: Alrighty then. *Proceeds to use most of her spell imbued arrows and half-healths the big bug in one round*
DM: Alright, the remaining bug soldiers charge at… *rolls dice* The sniper.
AS: *throws arms wide* Witness me.
Party: *Scrambles to kill the rest of the bugs before they reach the sniper who is basicly just laughing at this point. Sniper makes it out with just a scratch to the nose.*