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the ideal boyfriend

dark hair, perfect cheekbones, and black eyes. likes diplomacy, helping people, and alien cultures. the dawn herald of the oroboro nest. refers to himself as “we,” can see auras, writes memoirs, and hits people with a stick. hears the electrons sing, knows when the star-signs freeze, and loyal to his bug nest. truly the kindest soul the galaxy has ever known.

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Could you do the tfp insecticons getting a new queen after all they've been through?( megatrons abuse, being forcibly controlled by airrachnid/ Their recent escape from the moon) so they don't trust anyone, but this new queen just blows them away and even gives them names and not just "drone"

You didn’t specify who the queen was so I took the liberty of choosing one :)

Soundwave’s Log



Location:??? Shadowzone

Attempt to open Groundbridge:Unsuccessful. Attempt to open Spacebridge: Unclear. Portal opened in Location: Unknown. Portal opened to Location: Unknown.

Lazerbeak: Recharging. Energon levels: Low.

Will now attempt other means of contact…


           Her studies were paying off, Franki decided as she hopped into bed. She was usually quick to absorb information, but botany turned out to be a struggle. Hailey was a patient teacher, however, and she was eventually introduced to the relationship between plants and insects. To say it was fascinating would be putting it dully. Frankie was captivated by the world of entomology. How could such tiny, short lived creatures be so utterly essential to life? To her bugs were the most interesting cog in the big science machine that was the universe. She giggled and tugged her pigtails out, untangling the knots before falling back onto her pillow. Yes, she was glad she stuck it out for botany.


           Heatwave couldn’t believe his optics. Honest-to-Primus could not believe them. It had to be a dream. Doc Green had not called at one in the morning because a portal spit up insecticons in Frankie’s bedroom. Frankie wasn’t cuddled up to giant metal bugs in a pillow nest. She was not naming them, for Primus’ sake!

           Heatwave’s obviously-dream-self reached through the window and tugged Frankie away, making the insecticons hiss.

           “Get away from them!” he shouted. “They’re dangerous!”


           “Unhand our queen!” The largest insecticon trembled as he stood, raising his pinchers. He was clearly unfit to fight, but more than willing. Heatwave sneered, daring the thing to come closer.

           Frankie wriggled out of his grip. “Stop it, both of you!” she snapped. She knelt and smoothed her hand over the insecticon’s helm. He leaned into her touch; Heatwave shuddered.

           “Heatwave, it’s okay. This is Katydid. He’s my new friend.”

           “Friend?” said Heatwave. “Frankie- those are insecticons! They’re dangerous. Now come with me before you get hurt.”

           With a low growl, Katydid moved to shield Frankie. She patted him and said, “I won’t get hurt, they like me. And they aren’t dangerous, either- they’re just scared… and hungry.” With that she gazed up at Heatwave, eyes wide and shiny, bottom lip poking out. The dreaded puppy dog pout.

           No. No way. They were already low on energon as it was. Now way in the pit were they going to waste any on vicious, savage-

           Frankie’s lip started to quiver.

           “Fine,” he grouched. “I’ll get them some energon. But they aren’t staying here!”

           The insecticons didn’t seem to hear that last part, cheering “energon!” and “all hail the queen!” as they buzzed and nuzzled Frankie happily.

Evan x reader who doesn’t like outdoors headcanons

-  There’s something about being outdoors that Evan really enjoyed.  When he was outside he was a lot calmer - no crowds, no pressure, no insecurities. He finds nature fascinating and he just loves the outdoors, ok?

- You, on the other hand, do not. You’d much prefer to sit indoors, curled up with a good book, or just cuddled into Evan’s side watching a movie. No bugs, no bizarre weather, no dirt. Nothing about the outdoors particularly appealed to you. 

- Despite this you’ve been on a quite a few walks with your boyfriend through forests and greenlands. Probably because you can’t resist how cute he is and you want to do the things he enjoys just to see his little happy face. 

- But this doesn’t stop you trying to convince him to stay inside with you, to watch a movie or binge a new Netflix series. But you can bet that he’d put up a fight. “But … oh Y/N please do that again … but I had a nice day planned, I - AH - I found this forest which has this freshwater s-stream running through it and …” he’d breathe out, eventually giving up as you convince him ;)))) not to go for that walk he had planned. 

- When you actually do go outside with Evan, you do make an effort to enjoy it - just for him. 

- That doesn’t mean you enjoy the outdoors though. At every bug or every twig that touches you you jump a little bit or let out a little squeal. But Evan thinks its absolutely adorable.

- He loves to help you over fallen branches or muddy puddles. Every time you come to one you’d pout or try to make an excuse to turn round and go home, and every time he’d kiss you until your giggling and agreeing to continue the walk. 

- You definitely don’t like the outdoors but 80% of your protests are just so Evan will try to convince you otherwise with cuddles and lots of kisses (and eskimo kisses too, Evan loves these I will fight you)

- Once you find a little clearing in the trees, he definitely takes off his jacket for you to sit on as you complain that you don’t want any bugs crawling all over you. 

- There has been a few times when you’ve been making out on the grass and he goes to push you down and your like “no, I am not laying down so some bug can make a nest or whatever in my hair” and Evan just laughs. 

- He just thinks your aversion to nature is cute?? Like you’re very serious about your hatred towards it and Evan just thinks you’re being adorable?? Which makes you more annoyed which then makes you seem more adorable?? 

- But he loves it when you are just sat cuddling and looking up at the sky, not even talking, and its just so peaceful and calm and you just love each other so much and you don’t need anything else. 

- He’ll always tuck your hair behind your ear and then put a daisy or a flower there and his nose will crinkle up because you just look so cute and he’s so overwhelmed?? 

- And then you’ll do the same to him and you’re just giggling at how cute you are and he’s just so in love?? 

- He suggesting going camping once and you actually considered ending your sixth-month relationship until he the corners of his mouth turn up and you realise he was joking. 

- But you did agree once to sleep in the Hansen’s backyard until it actually got dark and you couldn’t take the idea of something burrowing into your ear canal as you slept (despite Evan telling you numerous times that that would never happen). 

- The majority of your time together is still spent indoors as you can be very convincing and Evan just wants to make you happy. 

- But soon you start to spend a lot more time outdoors, but only with Evan, and that didn’t mean you liked being outside, it just meant you liked loved being with your boyfriend. 

- Your favourite spot is the park he worked at over the summer. Its where you have your first date. 

- So basically, you had let Evan choose the location your first date thinking he’d choose the movies or maybe a cute cafe. But he chooses the national park (he wants to impress you, ok??) , and despite your doubts things go really well. 

- During your first date you discover that Evan has so much knowledge about everything outdoorsy. Like he’d tell you about the different types of trees and you’d just look at him, surprisingly super enthralled in everything he’s saying. “Am I boring you? God, I must be, I’m sorry -” “No, Ev, I like it! You’re so interesting, I could listen to you talk for hours”. And Evan is just so?? shocked?? Like someone is actually interested in what he has to say?? 

- You also have your first kiss at this park. 

- “You got a -” he brushes the leaf out of your hair. You’re looking up at him, your mouth parted slightly, and he can’t help himself. He leans down to brush his lips against yours. You reciprocate his kiss, and when he pulls away his nose is scrunched up, his eyes still closed, and he’s got the cutest little smile on his face. You laugh and press your foreheads together until a ladybug flies between you and you scream. 


Posting all the character sheets I’ve drawn so far, plus the brand new “Bellwether Family Portrait”

Meet the Bellwethers. Aster, son of the infamous shamed Mayor Ash Bellwether does his best to keep up the families professional appearance. But behind the veneer of class and prestige is the stink of booze and cigars. His father’s life and death ruined him, and he takes it out on those around him, most notably his wife Clover. Clover runs an antique shop, and is even more quiet and soft spoken than Dawn, which makes it even easier for Aster to walk all over her. If it weren’t for his death during the “Zootopia’s Last Night” Terrorist plot, Clover most likely would have been the one in the ground first.

Gustav is a goat with a lot of heart, but in pretty bad physical shape. He was born with a deformity that causes one of his horns to grown in frail and crumbling, leading it to breaking apart easily and bugs nesting in the open horn. In addition to that he also also one of the few goats in the modern day born with the genetic marker for a fainting disorder, which Val finds hilarious. Gus’ closest friend is Vernon Hunter, a wolf he met in high school. Since then the two have always been in each others lives in one way or another, most recently with Vernon working under Gus at Bug Burga. Gus is kind, and generally friendly, but a little absent minded at times, and he loves traditional role playing games.

Also, yes Maze controller is a reference to that terrible Mazes and Monsters movie with young tom hanks, it’s hilariously bad. Also Asriel shirt.

At first blush Val seems like your typical troubled teen. She’s snarky, inappropriate,and has a dark sense of humor. She’ll also swear up and down that ‘Old Red’ is the only thing she loves, and that the bike is her spirit animal. Needless to say a lot of mammals don’t put up with her long enough to really get to know her. Val is deeply loyal to her friends and family, and knows when to drop the sass and lend an ear to her loved ones. She even reluctantly puts her friend Vernon before the possible destruction of 'Old Red’ in the 'Rehabilitation of Dawn Bellwether" story. A lot of Val’s personal life is murky and unknown, and she likes it that way. But much to her chagrin Vernon and Gus are aware that her Dad is just a hard working office mammal, and not some hard as nails ex-con.

Then we got Nick and Judy, on vacation in Bunnyburrow at least for the drawing. Kinda have their personalities down. They were pretty well explained during the film. But now having four years on the force and a few near death experiences under their belts the developed an penchant for being terrified for the other ones safety at nearly all times. In the events of the story they reconcile these fears and confess their love for one another.

Finally we have Dawn Bellwether, newly paroled and out of prison through the course of the story she is desperately trying to make a new life for herself. Unfortunately most mammals won’t give her the chance aside from Vernon Hunter. Vernon is a large wolf, who’s slow to anger and has a habit of acting before fully thinking things through. He was the first to give Dawn a chance right out of the gate, and later they end up saving eachother’s lives and eventually falling for one another. I drew them apple picking because at the time it was picking season where I lived.

So that’s all the character sheets so far. I think I’ve only got one more for this story featuring Don Polaraski and Dr. Gnu. Enjoy.


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10 and 11 with Catilin Snow please

10. “Stop being a baby.” + 11. “Sit still, would you?”

Originally posted by killervibedaily

Caitlin let out a big sigh. “Sit still, the more you squirm the harder this gets.”

You reached up to scratch your head but Caitlin swatted your hand away. “Ow,” you said, rubbing your hand.

“Don’t touch your head, I told you I have to collect samples of the creatures before I can cure you,” she said as she pulled on a new pair of gloves. 

Just your luck, you’d ventured to another world only to have some microscopic bug nest in your hair and decide to make itself at home. Thankfully Caitlin had promised to help. 

You took a deep breath then nodded. “Okay, go ahead,” you said and braced yourself. 

Caitlin rolled her eyes. Then she searched your scalp until she found a bug a decent size. She pulled it out with her tweezers and placed it in a petri dish. Then she pulled another one out, this time she killed it then placed it on a different petri dish. “All done,” she said as she pulled off her gloves.

You turned to her. “So what should I do about,” you said and pointed to your head. 

“Well on first glance they don’t seem much different than lice so just use whatever it is they use to kill lice. I should have some results in a couple days.” 


“Caitlin no!” You cried as she walked towards you with the shaver. 

She smiled sympathetically. “It’s the only way (y/n).”

You shook your head. “I’m not getting rid of my hair it took a long time to make it look this good.”

“If we don’t shave off all your hair and apply this special formula then those bugs from earth 2 aren’t going away.”

You sighed. “I wish I’d never gone in the first place.”

Caitlin approached you with the clippers. She touched your shoulder. “If it helps you’ll still look beautiful bald.”

You frowned. “Just do it. I can’t stand the thought of those bugs in my hair another minute.”

You closed your eyes and heard the clippers turn on. 

A few minutes later Caitlin was rubbing her special formula all over your head, gloves on of course. Then you rinsed it all off and poof earth two bugs goodbye.

As you finished getting dry you gave Caitlin a hug. “Thanks for helping me out Cait.”

Caitlin smiled. “It’s no problem, just next time you’re on a strange world maybe don’t have sex with the first person you meet.”

You smirked at her. “Jealous?”

Caitlin’s cheeks turned red. “What? No I-”

You laughed. “Just messing with you cait.”

Michelangelo is such an empath, and that must be so exhausting sometimes

To suck up your brothers’ negative emotions like a sponge and have literally nowhere to squeeze them out

Raph is angry again, which makes Leo tense, which makes Don frustrated

and all Mikey can do is joke and desperately attempt to diffuse the tension because he can’t stand another night by himself with all of these emotions that weren’t even his to begin with

Cause what his brothers don’t know is that once he’s done playing family therapist, those feelings don’t go anyway. They stay in his head and chew at him like little bugs and make nests and breed under that big stupid smile he’s always flashing

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Ah, can I request something where the guys find out that their s/o is uncomfortable with being randomly touched? Like, not really in any kind of nsfw sense. More like even something innocent like tapping them on the shoulder could cause them to freeze or flinch or something. (But they're fine if they know it's coming. It's the unexpected stuff that's the problem.)

Here you gooo, this took me a small while to complete ^^; it was super interesting to write though! Thank youuu for the request and enjoy!

~Mod Kaede

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Ok, so this month i’ve “finished” my test location. Basically was just planning to see how it would look like, so now i won’t be working on locations till finish writing a plot based on what i can implement (or i think i can). STORYTELLING IS PAIN!!!
Anyhow, I so don’t get why you guys got so interested in what i’m doing just for fun, but thank you very much anyway, 💙 seriously, you brought me so much  confidence.

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Peter jumps in and takes the hit for Kitty, then smooshes the space bug in a glorious coupling of Claremont’s classic power overexplaining and a truly marvelous sample of Colossus being endlessly forthright.

We’ll see in about a page, Xavier will change his mind and let Kitty stay on the team, but I’m going to talk about that part here more than there because I think it’s more relevant commentary. Even when I was little (though I couldn’t articulate it until much older), I appreciated that Kitty didn’t handle of all of this herself. This is basically her test, her trial by fire to her place on the X-Men, and she nearly didn’t make it. If it hadn’t been for Lockheed helping her in the fight, and if it hadn’t been for Peter coming in at the last second, Kitty would’ve died in those tunnels.

But it wasn’t her victory that was the point of it all (and to Xavier’s credit, he didn’t feel it was either). Kitty proved herself by what she DID do, not by what she failed to do. She noticed something was wrong, she took the initiative to check it out and maybe fix it, she kept in contact with Xavier rather than arrogant or petulant, she was smart and deductive, she was fast and calm, she adjusted in the face of the unexpected, and she never gave up.

And then Lockheed eats the entire space bug nest. Thousands of eggs. No, really.


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Hi~ :) i love your headcanons and i was wondering if you could do a headcanon for mc finding out she is pregnant with the OTBS guys and that she hides it until he finally notices it or she got put into the hospital for working too much. Somewhere along those lines, if you are okay with it. I mean its interesting how the OTBS guys reaction would be

Sure thing! <3 

Minato: You were looking a bit pale at the office, and everyone started to worry. Minato came over to your desk with some hot tea and ruffled up your hair. 
“You okay, dopey?” he asked, smiling. 
You nodded and returned the smile. Suddenly, your mind went blank, as the tea slipped out of your hands. 
“Where am I?” you asked, rubbing your eyes as you woke up. 
“The hospital. You overworked yourself.” Minato said, next to you. 
He was gently holding your hand and looked relieved you were okay. The doctor came in after another minute and beamed at you two. 
“There’s the happy couple! Congrats on the baby!” he said, patting Minato on the back. 
Minato’s gaze fell between you and the doctor, his eyes growing wider. 
“We’re having a baby..” he mumbled, still processing his thoughts. 
Minato looked into your eyes with pure joy and rubbed your stomach. 
“Let’s hope that our baby is less dopier than you.” he said, which resulted in a smack from you.

Kaoru: You were late every single day for the past 2 weeks, and looked really pale. Whenever Kaoru tried to offer you some food, you just had a disgusted face and denied it. Everyone noticed how you never even touched your food anymore, and it was worrying everyone. Especially Kaoru. 
“Hey, are you okay? Do you need some medicine?” Kaoru asked you. You didn’t even eat a bit of breakfast.
You had no time to respond, as you felt nausea again. You raced into the bathroom and made it just in time to grip the toilet bowl. Kaoru was by your side in a second, holding up your hair. 
After you were done, he helped you clean up and sat you down on the couch. 
“What’s going on?” he asked, his worry growing. 
“Nothing, it only happens in the morning.” you replied.
It was then when something clicked. Morning. Throwing up. Pregnant. 
”____. Are you.. pregnant?” he whispered. 
You meekly nodded, looking down at your feet. 
“Why didn’t you tell me?” Kaoru asked, with a warm smile. He hugged you gently and kissed your cheek. 

Shusei: These days, you always wore sweatshirts and baggy sweatpants. Shusei didn’t mind, but he noticed that you were always so tired. He didn’t want to bother you so he never pressed on you, until you were making ramen with peanut butter at 2 in the morning. 
”____, what are you doing? Can I have some?” Shusei asked, walking into the kitchen. 
You smiled at him and stirred your ramen. 
Once the two of you were eating the ramen, he asked you. 
“Okay, what’s going on?” he asked, putting down his chopsticks. 
You looked up at him and shrugged. 
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” you replied, taking another bite of your ramen. 
“With this appetite, it’s almost as if you’re pregnant.” Shusei joked. 
You froze in your seat and looked up at your boyfriend. 
“You… know?” you asked. 
“Wait. You’re really pregnant?” he asked, surprised. 
You nodded shyly. Shusei’s eyes got wide and came over to hug you. 
“We’re going to have a 3rd player in our family.” he said, as you rolled your eyes. 

Chiaki: “You’re dipping a rice ball in ranch sauce?” Chiaki asked you, eyeing you weirdly. 
“Mhmm. It tastes great.” you said, stuffing your face.
“You’ve been eating a ton of ranch these days, right?” Chiaki asked, putting down his rice ball. 
You nodded, chewing your ranch coated rice ball. 
“But you hate ranch.” Chiaki said, smirking back in his chair. 
You froze and blinked at him. 
“I’m craving it these days.” you replied, shrugging it off. 
“They say that if a woman has random cravings, it’s a sign of pregnancy.” Chiaki said, trying to tease you. 
You choked on your food and started coughing. 
“How did you find out?!” you yelled, trying to breathe properly. 
“Huh? Really?!” Chiaki cried out, his smirk disappearing. 
“Yeah, Chiaki. You’re going to be a dad.” you whispered, looking into his face. 
“Are you sure I can do this?” Chiaki whispered after a short silence.
“I know you can.” you replied, hugging your boyfriend.

Akiyoshi: The moment you slipped out of consciousness, Akiyoshi protected you from hitting the ground. Akiyoshi never left your side until you woke up with a aching headache. 
“Hey, are you awake?” he asked, tucking your hair behind your ear. 
You nodded, stirring in your sleep. You felt at ease, before you realized you were at the hospital. Akiyoshi was going to know. The baby. 
You jolted up from your position and faced your confused boyfriend. 
“I have something I need to say.” you cried out. 
“It can wait, you need rest first.” he said, trying to take care of you. 
“No it can’t. You need to know.” you said, brushing his hand away. 
Before Akiyoshi could reply, the doctor came in and explained. Everything. 
Akiyoshi was speechless with his mouth wide open. 
“Close your mouth, bugs will nest there.” you muttered. 
Akiyoshi quickly glanced at you and his eyes immediately softened. 
“Thank you so much. Thank you for making me a father, _____.” he said, hugging you gently. 
For the entire time you were at the hospital, he wouldn’t stop talking about the preparations for the baby and what food you should be eating. Your heart warmed at your boyfriend’s concern and care. 

I hope you liked this!