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So I FINALLY got a gel light and ordered some gummy jelly and the no wipe top coat from enailcouture. I freaking love it. There are probably better products to use to do these built up gel droplets but I was just messing around with it as I don’t have any gems yet. 

I put Sinful Colors Orange cream as a base color and the rest is acrylic paints and the little gem looking things are just a holographic glitter piece with built up gel. I also built up the gummy jelly on top of the lady bugs to make them more 3D. 

Niall-- Dancing in the Moonlight

“I’ve got it handled, don’t I Doodle Bug?” Niall said, tickling at his little girl who squealed and ran off, a giant grin on her face.  He turned back to his wife, love and adoration naturally slipping into place as he looked at his best friend.  “Go have your girl’s night, love.  You deserve it.”

And as far as Niall was concerned, she really and truly did. He had been doing promo and then touring for months which left his loving and strong wife to take care of their house and child by herself, all while still working and following her own dreams. She never once complained about all of the weight on her due to the rigors of Niall’s career, but he knew she needed a break and that she wouldn’t take one if he didn’t push her to.

It had been Niall’s suggestion that she take a day to spend with her friends and sisters.  It had been four months since she had done anything just for herself, not with their daughter or Niall in mind, and he was determined she would relax.  He had let her sister and best friend plan out a day full of spa treatments, nail appointments, a few nice meals, a movie, and shopping at her favorite mall, all funded by his credit card.

She was grateful for his thoughtfulness, but she couldn’t help but be uneasy.  “Are you sure you’ve got everything under control?  She’s going through a bit of a phase and you’ve only been home a couple of days…”

“Hey,” Niall whispered, cupping her chin in his hand.  “I love you, but you’re overthinking things.  I’m her dad, remember?  We all win today.  You get to rest, she gets to hang out with her daddy, and I get to spend time with my little princess.  Don’t worry about us, go enjoy yourself.”  Lots of kisses for Niall and their daughter ensued, but he could see how grateful she looked as she slipped into the front seat of her best friend’s car.  It was hard for her to turn off the full time mom part of her brain, even while she was at work, but that made it all the more important for her to get away.

Niall locked the front door and turned around to see his three year old daughter looking at him curiously.  “Daddy, where did Mommy go?” she asked, her thumb slipping into her mouth. 

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I just finished nail school, and we had to do a final project. I am obsessed and constantly inspired by nature, cabinets of curiosities and the like so I decided to do a bug collection!

I used press on nails, nail polish, paper, thread, beads, rhinestones, caviar beads, pearl cabochons and lots and lots of Swarovski crystals!

# 1,448

Omega Radio for June 12, 2013; #20.

  1. Alan Vega “Jukebox Babe”
  2. Monks, The “Higgle-dy Piggle-dy”
  3. Death “Keep On Knocking”
  4. Cigarettes, The “You Were So Young”
  5. Clash, The “Guns Of Brixton”
  6. Joy Division “Day of The Lords”
  7. Jack White “I’m Scared”
  8. Tiger Trap “Super Crush”
  9. Beat Happening “Outer”
  10. Slowdive “Morningrise”
  11. Toll “Radio Moscow”
  12. Xiu Xiu “I Broke Up”
  13. S.M. Nurse “No Pop”
  14. Bug, The “Run The Place Red” (AFX RMX)
  15. Mantronix “Bassline”
  16. Nine Inch Nails “Come Back Haunted”
  17. Boards Of Canada “Jacquard Causeway”, “Skyliner”
  18. Chvrches “Gun”
  19. Classixx “Dominoes”
  20. George Kranz “Trommeltanz (Din Da Da)”
  21. Appaloosa “Intimate”
  22. Mike Simonetti “The Magician”
  23. Glass Candy “Redheads Feel More Pain”

Anything-goes volume.

Disgusting Habits

by reddit user litolic

“Could you stop doing that, Richie?”

It all started out innocuous enough. Richard’s mom wanted him to stop a bad habit she had long ignored. The kid was biting his nails to the point where his fingers bled, it was disgusting. Habits are tough though, they creep up on you like weight gain, a little indulgence here, a little there, the pennies make the pound. 

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Title: The cheesiest pick up line, ever! 

Character: Will Solace 

Author: Mod Amelia 

Prompt: ‘That’s the cheesiest pick up line I’ve ever heard’ 

Description: Will Solace decides to try out his flirting skills on you. 

Warnings: None, really. Apart from Will’s bad flirting. 

You sat at the Camp fire with your siblings, you had recently found out you was a daughter of Aphrodite. Across from you sat the Apollo cabin, all above six foot and all with bright blonde hair. There was something about that cabin that brought your attention. It was either their blonde hair or the fact one of the guys were staring at you.
You nudged your sibling, Piper, and you immediately caught her attention “Who’s that in the Apollo cabin who’s staring at me?” You asked, feeling quite uncomfortable with the situation. Piper followed your gaze and smirked as soon as she saw who you was talking about.
“Will Solace. He’s one of the healers, he’s probably one of the kindest guys at Camp.” When you looked back at him again, you managed a small smile. He smiled back, revealing his dimples you’d just now noticed. You tried to hide your blush, dimples were always a deal breaker for you “He’s nice, you should talk to him.” Piper took you away from thought.
“I could never talk to him,” You whispered to her “are you seeing how hot he is?” You gestured your head towards him and Piper looked back at him, smiling her award winning smile “Besides, if you look like that you probably have a girlfriend.” You stated, sounding logical. Piper frowned at you for a minute.
“And even if he does have a girlfriend, what’s the harm in talking to him?” Piper asked, sounding confused “Unless you find him attractive and think if you spoke to him you wouldn’t be able to keep your paws off of him.” She joked, playfully punching you. You rolled your eyes and let out a couple of giggles.
“No. But he’s not bad looking, is he?” You asked, staring at him. He was bending down to talk to one of the younger Apollo siblings. She looked exactly like him exact her hair was longer and her eyes were brown rather than Will’s blue ones. For a minute you observed his moments, everything he did was so graceful and beautiful. You would never be able to pull off such elegance even if you tried. When Will did it, it was just effortless.
“No, of course he’s not. I mean, I love my Jason but Holy Aphrodite that guys a God.” You smiled at Piper’s words. She wasn’t like that to anyone but you, you felt like you opened up the real Piper and allowed her to be herself “As I said, you should go talk to him.” Piper stared at her nails. For a daughter of Aphrodite her nails weren’t all special, they were bitten and dirty.
“I’ll talk to him afterwards. We have dinner next, right?” You asked. Piper nodded and paid attention to her nails more than you “Are your nails bugging you?” You asked. You’d never expect Piper to care about her nails.
“A little. Drew brought them up earlier in the cabin and It’s been playing on my mind eversince. I’ll get over it though. Drew won’t get to me.” You went to hug Piper but you remembered Piper wasn’t one for hugs. Instead you went for rubbing her back reassuringly.
“Don’t let her get to you, Pipes. She isn’t worth it.” Piper smiled at you but something else caught her attention. You could briefly feel someone standing in front of you. When you looked to see who it was, you saw muscular legs and new automatically it was Will Solace.
Neither you or Piper said anything, he just sat down on the grass in front of you. Piper was the first one to say anything “Will, what are you doing here?” She asked, sounding just as confused as you were. Will smirked at you, making you feel both nervous and bashful “…Are you going to tell us?”
Will kept his gaze on you “Well I know the Aphrodite cabin slack when it comes to the singing so I’m going to check if you guys sing or not.” Piper kissed her teeth and rolled her eyes. Piper’s eyes were beautiful, they changed between blue, green and brown…
“Right, that’s why you’re here.” Piper replied rather sarcastically. Will kept staring at you, eventually you felt it was your place to confront him on that.
“Um, I don’t mean to be rude but is there… Is there a reason…” You stopped yourself because you thought you was going to sound rude. Piper finished of what you was going to say for you.
“Right, what she’s saying is take a picture because it’ll last longer.” You nodded in agreement.
“Right… Wait, what?” Will smirked at your reaction and ran his long fingers through his golden locks. He looked you dead in the eye.
“Sorry, it’s hard to NOT stare at such perfection.” He gave you a little wink and edged closer to you “You see this shirt?” You nodded “Touch it.” Piper cringed like she knew where this was going. Hesitantly, you touched his shirt “You feel that? That’s boyfriend material.”
“OH MY GOD.” Piper shouted out, her voice coming out half in disgust and half in humiliation. You looked at Will and burst out laughing, you couldn’t help it.
“That-that wasn’t the reaction I was expecting.” Will told you, sounding like he was going to burst out laughing with you.
“I’m sorry but that’s the most cheesiest pick up line ever.” Will chuckled with you. When you looked at Piper she was just facepalming, you knew she was done with everyone at that Camp.
“That laugh is adorable.” Will stated, staring at you lovingly as you snorted and made weird hiccup noises “No but seriously, I’m major boyfriend material.” You tried to go serious but it was hard to hide the goofy smile on your face.
“I bet you are.” You answered, Will mimicking your smile.
“How about we go for a walk and I’ll prove it to you.” Will told you, his tone and face deadly serious.
“It would be my pleasure.” And with that, Piper made a fake gagging noise.