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Disgusting Habits

by reddit user litolic

“Could you stop doing that, Richie?”

It all started out innocuous enough. Richard’s mom wanted him to stop a bad habit she had long ignored. The kid was biting his nails to the point where his fingers bled, it was disgusting. Habits are tough though, they creep up on you like weight gain, a little indulgence here, a little there, the pennies make the pound. 

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Some Galaxy Michael for all y'all

Matt/Lena Admin here


<3 - Steals your memes while stealing your woman

<3 - Will cry if you kill a bug

<3 - Finger nails never the same color twice

<3 - Protective over random shit

<3 - Probably needs a hug

<3 - You will die if you hit on my girl

<3 - Has stolen your pencils

<3 - Knows a little bit about a lot of things

<3 - Has an existential crisis every two seconds

<3 - Likes orange green and purple

<3 - Does stuff the wrong way on purpose

<3 - Can draw hands just chooses not to

<3 - Doesn’t like oreos

<3 - Loves everyone unless you say something mean to my buddies then your on my permanent shit list 


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Pokemon GO is great, we’ve established that. Lots of people are having fun. the human race is walking outside again. What’s not to like?

I’ve had fun playing but i’ll tell you what isn’t fun. The God forsaken, broken as all hell, teeth-grinding, nail-biting bugs. I can’t remember being this angry at a game in a long time. Not because of the gameplay itself, but just trying to run the damn thing for more than an hour without some weird crash, or the servers taking one of its many dumps on itself. 

What makes these problems worse is that I live in the middle of nowhere and the nearest town is 10 miles down the road. Only time I can catch anything is when I stop in town and take a few minutes to catch Pokemon before driving to work. A 4th of that time spent catching Pokemon is dedicated to turning the game on and off because I’ll throw a Poke’ball and the game will freeze up entirely. 

The servers are a common problem, but I swear it’s worse where I live. My poor wife almost gave herself an aneurysm today, because the game kept kicking her when we were visiting Poke’stops. To add icing to that poo-cake, any time a Pokemon would appear, her game would freeze just for the hell of it. 

With all of these handicaps against me, I don’t even wanna mention gym battles. I can’t level my Pokemon up because I can’t catch enough to earn stardust and candies, so my Pokemon’s CP stay pretty stagnant (I’ve not even reached 200 yet). I went to my first gym Monday and got destroyed. They’re trainers with Pokemon well into the 1000′s and here I am with my puny Krabby sitting at a whopping 150.

All of this said, i’m still having fun. I can’t remember Pokemon being this popular since the original “boom”. It’s in the news, small towns and businesses are seeing foot-traffic again, and even though it’s AR, people are using their imaginations again. What was once an ragged old veteran’s memorial is now a gym, a Poke’stop at the local post office is as important as a “Pokemon Center”. It’s a good time, and i’m glad people are having fun. 

Here’s to the future of Pokemon GO.