bug in hair


I’ve just discovered this video of a bug flying into Jade’s hair during a performance and it’s my favourite for so many reasons.

1. Leigh just screaming and running away on those heels
2. Jesy cackling 
3. Leigh trying to get the guy to come remove the bug
4. Jade literally just running around the stage
5. Perrie hitting Jade’s hair with her shoe
6. All the screaming
7. Leigh only coming back when the bug was gone
8. The fact they kept singing the entire time?!

Some lice Fakemon! I forget where exactly but once upon a time @bogleech said he  wanted a lice Pokemon and here’s my take! I hope  the concept/gimmick is as cool as I think it is! They’re also an all-female species.

Shampupa - Bug/Normal

(Shampoo + Pupa)

Upon hatching, a Shampupa’s mother with coat them in a layer of hair and saliva to keep them warm and safe from predators. The shell quickly hardens and becomes rather sticky. Each Shampupa is given a signature cowlick by its mother. Due to Periwigota’s swift work, no one has ever seen Shampupa’s true body.

Evolves at level 15

L’ousair - Bug/Normal

(L’Oreal + Louse + Hair [a play on ‘loose hair’])

L’ousair burst forth from their shell and choose to eat the hair of other Pokemon rather than wear it. They use their cute appearance to get in close, and then brandish their pigtail-shaped mandibles to shear the hair for a meal. Just a group of 3 L’ousair can strip an entire Stoutland, mustache and all, in little over a minute. 

Evolves after leveling up and knowing the move Cut

Periwigota - Bug/Normal

(Periwig +  Exopterygota)

Periwigota are rarely seen without their luxurious defensive coat, due to the great care they take to maintain it. Their saliva is used to keep it dense, silky, shiny, and fresh, as Periwigota slowly eat their own coat before building a new one. Their massive, scissor-like claws are usually enough to convince most Pokemon to simply resign their fur over to the petite Bug-type, but should conflict arise Periwigota is more than capable of defending itself. They especially lust after the hair of Jynx and Gardevoir, treasured for its beauty.

Periwigota starts every fight in its Wig Forme, increasing its Defense at the cost of its Speed. Upon being hit with a Fire-Type or Cutting attack, it will change into its Bald Forme, decreasing its Defense while raising its Speed. Wig Forme can be regained by using a Cutting move on a hairy Pokemon.

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My first-ever Corrin, who I immediately deleted and restarted over, after feeling like she looked less like an in-universe character and more like an oc self-insert.

Later, I got over myself and realised that that entire attitude sucks, and is boring and snobby. (Besides, she was a cutie…Dark blue hair<3!)

:( Sorry, first-Corrin…!

Please be good

Tangled is my all time favorite movie and Rapunzel my all time favorite character and I’m super hyper excited for the new disneychannel movie and series

but I can’t help but feel a little disappointed with this

I mean, I know the movie takes place around  the 1780s and at that time people wore this huge dresses and huge white wigs but it has never been addressed in the world of tangled the existance of both and it feels really out of place. Feels like something appropriated for beauty and the beast and that one even takes place in france, whereas Tangled doesn’t, ( I think it takes place in germany or spain or a fictional place inspired by those)

but what reeeeeeeeeeeally bugs me is that HER HAIR IS FUCKING HEAVY HOW ISNT HER NECK BROKEN? I know her hair is really long and they managed to make a relatively short braid out of it in the first movie, but they couldn’t possibly fit all that hair in that wig and more importantly she wouldn’t even be able to stand.

IDK I just really want to love this movie and series cause I love tangled to death but please dont throw in random stuff

if someone has some opinion that can change mind plz share