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I started reading @scottlynch78 ‘s Gentleman Bastard series five centuries after everybody else so here’s a sketch of the book 1 crew ! I’m enjoying it a lot so if you’re one of the hundred people who recced it to me in the past : thank you ! also bonus boys xoxo

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absolutely!! :O

and then they lived happily ever after. or as happily ever after as aperture can get, anyway.

Things I love about historical reenactment


- no technology whatsoever

- in the nature three days straight

- toilet talk

- the weird mix of authentic and modern clothing in the morning before a fair begins

- seeing people in historical authentic clothing and environment checking their phones/tablets

- sitting together at night and the only lights are  fires and candles


- braiding each other’s hair, no matter what gender

- good music!

- if you get your clothes dirty it’s just ~ authentic

- c l o a k s

- yes, you step a lot on your dress but otherwise the dresses are super practical and comfy

- mead

- history jokes

- lots of history jokes

- “burn her!!!” 

- just sitting in the grass and not having to mind bugs bc your dress and/or cloak is a great blanket

- the fact that you can (and probably will at some point) wear your pajamas under your working clothes

- going into your tent and ending every single authentic mindset you built up because you just stepped into a back of chips looking for your toothbrush

- cloaks everybody

- you smell, your friends smell, the guy who passed out behind your tent last night smells, everyone smells

- going to mcdonalds after a fair/festival hella tired, in half authentic clothing and smelling like a bear

- the people who just occasionally yell “Odin” and getting “Jesus”, “Spongebob” and “My mother” as responses from other camps

- everything is self-made or at least hand-made

- fur!!!!!!!

- have you ever slept in or on fur? it’s heaven

- children enjoying themselves

- children getting dirty

- the fact that you can bring a sword to work and no body questions it

Hey Everyone!

So quite a few people said that the Diana Top/Dress and Kroft dress were bugging your sims out and making them go sideways. Not sure how I managed that! The files should be fixed now, I contacted TSR and they have replaced the originals. Just re-download and let them overwrite the old files.

Get them here:

Diana Dress/Top

Kroft Dress


P.S. Im so excited about the Vampire back im going to have to make a complete vampy wadrobe!