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absolutely!! :O

and then they lived happily ever after. or as happily ever after as aperture can get, anyway.

Hey Everyone!

So quite a few people said that the Diana Top/Dress and Kroft dress were bugging your sims out and making them go sideways. Not sure how I managed that! The files should be fixed now, I contacted TSR and they have replaced the originals. Just re-download and let them overwrite the old files.

Get them here:

Diana Dress/Top

Kroft Dress


P.S. Im so excited about the Vampire back im going to have to make a complete vampy wadrobe!

Different Outfit Headcanons:

Yugi- Pastels. This Cute little bean would be so adorable in pastels and I would die. Like he can still have his bondage jewelry and leather, but it in pastels!!!! HIM AND RYOU COULD BE PASTEL BEST FRIENDS AND I WOULD DIE OF CUTENESS.  Also, I can see Yugi playing around with assorted styles in Japanese fashion. Not saying skirts or anything because I can’t see him wearing one cause of how bad he wants to be a man in the Manga, but I can see pumpkin pants and suspenders, or shirts with sayings on them that the sleeves cover his hands and lots of bangles and even pierces his ears on a dare from Joey, but likes it cause the Pharaoh had his ears pierced so why not?

Joey: See this boy I can see him wearing beach bum outfits, tank tops and shorts that are swim trunks, with flip flops and sunglasses. Him smelling like sunscreen and sweat cause he’s outside all the time walking everywhere or riding his bike along the beach. Or I imagine him in Leather jackets and tight jeans, calf tall boots and looking like a total punk, but being the sweetest guy you could possibly meet until you piss him off and he kicks your ass.

Atem: FASHION! If it’s in he is wearing it. He lets Yugi help pick out some stuff but mainly likes to try out current trends at least once before he decides if he is going to keep it but he knows for sure that one part of an outfit that he loves are the shoes and jackets. Not long and lengthy jackets, but mainly ones that stop right at the waist or ones that cut off right in the middle of the chest with just enough room for pockets. And in the winter, he has ever type and color of scarf imaginable and will also sport leather gloves to keep his hands warm so he can duel.

Seto Kaiba: slim fit suits of his favorite colors and design. Also, very high fashion silk ties and shirts, always matching and normally in cool colors, nothing to loud or neon. Very nice shoes that are always shined and complete every outfit. Though he will never give up his normal attire of long coats and dramatic flair. (Kaiba is hard for me cause I love his long coats and very showy style.)

Ryou Bakura: Just throw pastels at this child and let him be happy please!!! And lots and lots of sweaters!! He wouldn’t care what the weather would be outside, they make thin fabric sweaters for crying out loud he’s still going to wear one, he will push up the sleeves if he must. While he’s at it he can also throw on a bow tie to make his outfit more unique and fun, having very creative and funny ones to wear with whatever outfit he has.

Tea: I kind of want to see Tea dress like a dancer would. Not short skirts or anything. I want to see her in dance sweats, and cute tank tops, ready to bust a move whenever she can. Always having a cute hair tie on her wrist. Also, I’d like to see her in some sun dresses as well. With her haircut, they would look adorable on her!! And cute as shit eye shadow and lipsticks!!!

Tristan: Classic Greaser is all I think when I see Tristan. Like white shirts, tight jeans, boots and a leather jacket. Maybe him and Joey could start their own Greasers gang lol Then at the same time when he is going somewhere nice and needs to dress up he throws on a nice sweater vest and tie, dress pants and looks very handsome.

Rex Raptor: Skater Boi hands down. Scrapped up knees and ripped jeans. Either a hoodie on with a random dinosaur on it or some band name. fingers and face normally having band-aids on them from falling off his skate board. Vans and Converse are his shoe choice but odd and neat patterned ones with neon colors that don’t match his pants or shirt.

Weevil Underwood: Button up short sleeve shirts and shorts or pants. Very neutral clean colors with no patterns, unless if it is a shade of green. He has several different pairs of glasses as well book bags. He also wears tall socks with dress shoes and looks adorable. Black or colored suspenders also come to mind with this bug lover.  

Maximilion Pegasus: Dresses like a business man or someones dad. Sometimes a well-dressed man with his hair pulled back and out of his face, and the suits are in blacks or dark grey with bright colored ties and shirts. Other times he is in tan shorts with a Hawaiian shirt and sandals with long socks when he wants to be lazy, knowing that when Kaiba comes and sees him about business he will bitch about how dumb he looks and he finds it endearing.

ok but as.hi with actual remaining, awful looking if shallow burns from that horrible pit !!

as.hi with big, visible scars from her training !!

as.hi knowing a lot about medical care ; how to reset bones and set up splints, and how to stitch or even cauterize wounds !! and how to handle anything else the sisters would’ve had to deal with on their own, like infections and fevers, or respiratory problems !!

as.hi with literal thick skin, hardened by those pit sessions, and calloused hands from all that hard work !!

as.hi actually being pretty buff in person ( art style aside ) bc…. lifelong training tends to result in some meat on your bones.