bug clothes

Before modern antiseptics and soaps people didn’t wash their clothes in the conventional way we think of. Instead they laid their garments out on a patch of grass, allowing beetles, aphids and other insects to collect on them, eating the dead skin and food scraps. After a couple of days of sitting on the grass, their clothes would be virtually spotless. Hence the name “laundry” or “lawn-dry” was coined.

THE CONTENTS OF PANDORA’S BOX: an old, exhausted cigarette lighter, a yellowing train ticket to Edinburgh from the year 1993 with a hole punched into it, a mickey mouse keychain with one of the eyes scratched out, a bouquet of dead peonies, a half-eaten blueberry lollipop, tea bags, the kind of rare penny that they don’t manufacture anymore, a fraying poster advertising the opening of a new pizzeria, a chocolate wrapper that reads ‘CHERRY RIPE’, a napkin doused in coffee stains like lipstick kisses, a dried up lightning bug, a piece of cloth torn from what seems like an antique quilt, and a semi-burnt heart-shaped locket that looks ancient enough to be cursed. 

Best TES Aesthetics

  • Big argonians in heavy armor
  • Ashlanders in hoods and masks
  • Orsimer biceps
  • Dunmer fancy bug-clothes
  • Bosmer tattoos
  • Big Altmer in heavy armor
  • Those big round hats the gondaliers have in Morrowind
  • Redguard pants
  • Big Khajiit in heavy armor
  • Orsimer hunters with lots of fur to stay warm in the mountains
  • Purple necromancy candles, you know the ones