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Do you guys have anything for herbal-based medicine (that's not from a wiccan perspective)? I'm writing a medieval fantasy story where there's no magic, and all medicines are based on plants/herbs/flowers. (think Cadfael, if you're familiar with Ellis Peters.) The medicine is pretty advanced for it being medieval (i.e. stitches, cleaning wounds, actual analgesics instead of strong liquor, etc) Love your blog! Just stumbled across it and it's already helped me so much! Thanks!

Plantago major – a poultice of the leaves was once widely used for bug bites and skin conditions. Now, it serves mostly to fuck up my lawn.

Disclaimer #1: Take absolutely none of this as medical advice. If you are ill, seek professional medical assistance. Herbs may be all natural, but they are not all safe. People die all the time from misusing dangerous herbs. Also, some herbs are safe for some people, but you might develop an allergy. This post will just discuss accepted principles of herbal medicine and how they can be adapted to a story.

Disclaimer #2: Different cultures have different approaches to herbal medicine. I can only really speak to the Western European/North American approaches. There are many systems out there, some which do combine both medical and spiritual uses. Be respectful and don’t appropriate. 

What you will probably be doing most is looking for herbs/treatments to deal with specific plot points. What you need to research then, are the medical functions of the herbs, not just their names. 

For example: Your main character has a fever? You need to reduce the fever, usually done with febrifuge herbs. They’re in pain? Analgesic/anodynes, unless your world has also discovered opiates. Muscle cramps? Anti-spasmodics. You want to know when to apply a poultice and when to use an emetic … or an anti-emetic.You’ll need to know which part of the plant is used, and whether to infuse, extract or decoct. 

Fortunately, the best (medical) herbals are either indexed or cross-referenced this way. The hands-down best is David Hoffman’s Holistic Herbal. If you can get a used copy, any edition, SINCE YOU ARE NOT USING THIS TO TREAT MEDICAL CONDITIONS, RIGHT? it will teach you probably all you need to know. He has other books on medical herbalism, too. 

Hoffman goes into a lot of pretty easy chemistry and preparation techniques, too. It’s focused mostly on the herbs readily available in the UK, continental Europe and North America.

A Modern Herbal, sometimes known as Mrs. Grieve’s Herbal, is available online. It was first published in 1931. So take that under consideration. The page linked here also has references for poisonous herbs and antidotes, one from the 1940s and a more modern reference courtesy of Cornell University. 

If you want even more anachronistic resources, there’s Culpeper’s Herbal, found online here. It was written in the 17th century (but there are numerous updates) and there are some things recommended in it that are downright dangerous. But, making mistakes might be a good plot point. [note: if you follow the link above, entries have links to “More info” about that herb that’s a lot more modern. But there’s still some crackpot shit on there, so remember, this is just story research.]

Once you have a handle on a few herbs you might want to write into your story, do additional research online, although be careful. Wikipedia does do an admirable job discussing folkloric uses of herbs and whether they are now considered safe or unsafe or just useless. But don’t overlook the placebo effect, either.

A lot of herbs that have been used for centuries gather multiple common names and it can be fun to use those instead of the scientific or more modern names. Have a cup of ground apple tea to relax! 

And if you want to add in aromatherapy/essential oil therapy that is evidence based and medical, not ephemeral, I would encourage you to spend time on this website here. It’s a business, but the owner is incredibly knowledgeable about using essential oils for a variety of conditions – including mental and ephemeral ones. It has a lot about safety, theory and good usage practices that are pretty low tech and perfectly suited for a high-medieval setting. Plus, a lot of this stuff smells fantastic!

Compared to a lot of MLM and other types of businesses, it is zero percent scammy. I’ve been buying from them for at least 10 years. Also, some essential oils have been clinically proven to have a therapeutic effect on living beings, and modern science has only affirmed practices that date back at least to medieval times. But this is fiction, so you can extrapolate what you need for your work.

Good luck and be safe!

– Aliya

Show A Little Skin Meme

Send a symbol for my Muse’s reaction to yours unintentionally (?):

✤ - Moving/putting up their hair, showing off the back of their neck
✥ - Popping a button on their shirt, showing their chest / a bit of cleavage
✦ - Rolling up their sleeves to keep cool, showing off their forearms
❉ - Stretching their arms up, showing their midriff
❥ - Bending over in a short skirt / shorts / tight pants, showing off dat booty
❦ - Changing clothes facing away, showing off their back
❧ - Hiking up their skirt / pant leg, showing off some leg and/or thigh
❃ - Fighting with their belt for some reason, showing off some hip/waist
❂ - Scratching at a bug bite under their shirt, showing off their side
❁ - Wearing a top that’s too big for them, showing off their collarbone / shoulders
❀  - BONUS TOUCH EDITION: Asking your Muse to help put sun screen / lotion / medical salve on a wound anywhere else


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Recreational Witchcraft’s Essential Healing Salve Recipes

When it comes to healing salves, there are a couple kinds that prove their need most often. Though everyone has different preferences and different recipes for those salves, these are ours.

Sore Muscle Salve

  • 3 Parts Cloves
  • 2 Parts Arnica 
  • 4 Parts Cayenne Pepper 
  • 1 Part Basil

Bug Bite Salve

  • 3 Parts Calendula
  • 1 Part Plantain
  • 2 parts Cloves

Topical Menstrual Cramp Salve (To be applied to the abdomen)

  • 1 Part Rose
  • 2 Parts Clary Sage

Cut & Scrape Salve

  • 1 Part Comfrey
  • 2 Parts Calendula
  • 2 Parts Plantain

Need help getting started? See our Simple Salve recipe here.

“Your Move” Masterlist

The nine times Simon and Baz prank each other and the one time they don’t

Chapter 1 in which Baz’s tea needs more salt.

Chapter 2 in which the game begins.

Chapter 3 in which Simon makes a somewhat dangerous assumption.

Chapter 4 in which Baz takes the Normal route.

Chapter 5 in which Simon makes a terrible mistake.

Chapter 6 in which Baz is a grump.

Chapter 7 in which Simon crosses several lines.

Chapter 8 in which Baz breaks several rules.

Chapter 9 in which Baz moves out of turn and Simon starts to trust him.

Chapter 10 in which Baz makes a risky move and Simon finally figures something out.

Epilogue in which Simon and Baz are definitely not getting up for breakfast today.

Child/teen Lance is one of my favorite tropes, so I was really happy to get a prompt like this. In fact, there was so much that I’m going to have to split this into two or three parts. Enjoy! (Also, I’m going to try to have most Spanish dialogue described, not spoken, so I don’t mess up as much. Please correct me on any mistakes!)

(Part 1- You’re here!) (Part 2)

The mission had begun without a hitch. Lance and Keith were to fly down and inspect the seemingly empty planet; the radar had shown that there were rare alloys used for repair found in the caves beneath the surface. They had flown in cautiously and gone exploring among the jungle-esque environment.

“There’s probably not even anything here,” Lance complained as the duo forced their way through the thick foliage. “We should have just gotten the metal or whatever and booked it. I must have gotten at least three types of bug bites since we landed, and I-” 

“Shut up,” Keith snapped. “We still don’t know if it’s empty, so I’d really appreciate some peace and quiet until we’re in the clear.” 

“That’s my point, mullet, I’m absolutely certain that there’s-”

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me: i love summer

actually me: i hate summer

honestly me: i love the idea and aesthetic of summer but don’t like being hot, bug bites, or sandals of any kind so all in all i’d pass tbh

My body won’t let me got to sleep until i sketched this out. 

For @saltandlimes damn straight that stuff got crying! Just a lil doodle for her kalluzeb fic ;v;…ohh the feeling and Zeb is so caring ;A;! (That line… that LINEEEEE)

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