bug and fire festival

aries : cold rainy nights, running fast, adrenaline rushes, the color red, blood pumping through your veins

taurus : cool indie bands, crisp pages of books, warm clean sheets, slow dancing, awkward conversations, deep green 

gemini : summer time, blazing fire works, music festivals, flower fields, june bugs, light lavender

cancer : blushing, 1990s, crying in the shower, deep thoughts, arcade fire, wet faces, baby blue

leo : peaches, lemons, fruits, attention needs, bright yellow, the beach boys, 1960s, the sun

virgo : pure, new clothes, dew drops on the grass, sunrises, halsey, the color aquamarine

libra : 1970s, fast cars, ocean waves, wet sand, eyeliner, mom jeans, lots of small animals, light pink

scorpio : hanging out with horrible people, the color black, happiness, new shoes, crazy fights, portishead

sagittarius : wild fires, running through the woods, old trees, smoking, driving, kissing in the dark

capricorn : hugging everyone, the color mint, melted ice cream, frying eggs on the pavement on a hot day

aquarius : kittens, laptops, living on the internet, awkward hugs, sharp jawlines, deep brown eyes, dark colors.

pisces : cute eyebrows, long stares, a pink sunset, peachy pink, stargazing


love u guys!