bug ackerman

{ Bugs } // Levi

You rested against the trunk of the tree after finally getting a break from your expedition. You all had been riding for hours in the heat, no peeing, no drinking water, no food. You sat next to your boyfriend Levi in silence as you ate the bitter taste of the military biscuits. You drank your water and looked around contently watching the others. You hadn’t even noticed the giant strange bug crawling on you.

Being someone from the Survey Corps, you’d think your only fear would be titans but no. You had this weird ( but rational ) fear of large bugs. Levi turned to you and noticed it right away. There it was slowly crawling up your thigh, it was so huge he was surprised you didn’t notice it.

He slowly moved his hands towards you trying to make it look like he was holding onto your thigh or something, when really he would be removing the bug. But his shift in the content silence was something you noticed right away. You were about to see what it is was until you heard someone from Levi’s squad say something.

“ Look at size of that one on her leg! Oh my gosh … it’s huge. ”, You instantly looked down at your leg to see a horrifying creature on your leg.

Instantly you began to panic. You sat there letting out groans as you tried to shake off the bug but that didn’t work. So then you stood up and started doing what looked like a weird deformed dance, no progress. You started to cry because the bug was only climbing up higher and you couldn’t get it off. You could’ve whacked it off, yes, but you didn’t want to touch it. You began shaking your leg whining while the others cracked up in the background.

Levviiii , take it off! ”, You cried, waiting for him to come to your rescue. You begin stomping and shaking your leg while Levi calmly walked over to you.

You were slightly annoyed at his slow pace but your fear trumped that annoyance. He did find this slightly amusing but the scene you were making was drawing attention from everyone. The bug was now up to your hip and your cries were now inaudible whines. Levi picked it up by its leg and flung it off you and it began to fly away. The bitch could fly.The bitch could’ve flown away the whole time but no. It flew away after it was off of you.

You glared at the bug next to you and your military cracker that was now on the ground getting chewed up by ants. You wanted to step on it and squash it right there. But you hated bugs and the sound of it cracking under your foot wasn’t worth. So you starred it down as you walked back to where you were sitting with Levi.

“ Here. ”, Levi said and handed you half his cracker. You thanked him and starred at the bug and watched it fly off with one last thought, fuck that bug.

spring quarter [an eremika fic]

Rating: Mature
Tags: Modern AU, College, Secret Relationship
Word Count: 6,618
Synopsis: When Eren and Mikasa get together over spring break, they resolve to keep their new relationship quiet until they can tell Armin in person. Turns out keeping a secret like this isn’t as easy as they hoped.

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