Hey Cassie! I just read Nothing but Shadows and I’m already in love with TLH characters!! So I was wondering if they are any pictures of Thomas Lightwood, as there are with some of the other characters, and I’m wondering if we will see more of Charles Buford in the trilogy? :) — onthebeachwithwill

Thomas’ hair looks sort of gray here but that is probably my computer acting up. It’s brown. He looks mostly like his father, but has hazel eyes. And you will certainly see more of Charles, as he is Matthew’s older brother and angling to become the next Consul.

I think a lot about the Carl Buford storyline on Criminal Minds.

I think a lot about how Derek Morgan, the tall, buff, handsome, masculine, charming, badass, door-kicking runaway freight train and ladies’ man, was the one who was molested as a child.

I think a lot about how he showed vulnerability and even cried and got sick after seeing Buford in those episodes.

I think a lot about how the rest of the BAU supported him after finding out and didn’t treat him differently.

I think a lot about how the show’s portrayal-slash-perception of Morgan’s masculinity and general badassery are not at all affected by finding out that he was victimized as a child.

I hope that somewhere, some man who was sexually abused as a child was watching one or both of those episodes and realized that if Derek Freaking Morgan was victimized as a child and was shown as vulnerable and emotional and that didn’t make him weak or unlovable, that what happened to that man didn’t make him weak or unlovable either.

I hope that the Carl Buford storyline helped at least one survivor of childhood sexual abuse find peace. Maybe even come clean about his abuse.

can’t believe baljeet and ginger eventually split on amicable terms and he and buford end up in a long distance relationship halfway through college and are blissfully in love and reminisce often about how cute they were as kids and that they can’t believe it took them both til they were 20 to make a move and eventually they get married and are adorable and perfect in every way, super weird that aya chose to not show that part amirite???

Sunday, June 28, 7:00 PM
Castro Theatre


The closing night feature is “Bare,” the debut of director Natalia Leite, about two women stuck in a bleak town in the middle of Nevada. “It’s a beautifully lensed portrait of small-town, dead-end America, with each woman looking for her own way out and to their different paths to self-discovery,” said Buford. [x]

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VAMPS - Welcome to Rockville [2015.04.26]

“Vamps was new to me, though. The Japanese rock group led by singer Hyde and guitarist K.A.Z. were already going strong, the frontman snarling as he sang the words, while the rest of the group (they were rounded out by a bass and drums) were going full throttle. It was all incredibly raw, hard rock in its purest form… “

Source: Jordan Buford Phorography / The Music Entusiast

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