i rlly hate that ferb was inferred to get w/ vanessa…..liKE I REALIZE ITS A VIABLE SHIP AND UNDERSTAND THE APPEAL BUT IT FELT SO W IE RD

I just had the stupidest half of an idea: Sterek Phineas and Ferb AU

Okay, it’s dumb and only like, half formed, but:

Stiles and Lydia as P & F: being super smart step siblings and generally driving their big sister…Erica (? Should Lyds and Erica be switched, I feel like maybe they should be switched) crazy

Derek is Isabella, because she’s in love with P, but also crazy capable and has a pack of friends (And the scout badge adventures would be adorable)

Allison is Stacey, keeping Candace-Erica/Lydia grounded and being super patient with her

Jackson is Buford, because he’s a bully but also a decent friend (I’m less sure about these as I go on…)

Boyd is Valjeet? Because I like the idea of Boyd being crazy smart

Peter is Doof?

I don’t really know if I like the rest of these, feel free to toss in your opinion!

Oh gosh, what if the Sheriff is Perry? Is Chris Major Monogram? Would Scott be Carl?

I both love and hate this. This is so dumb? Help!


Because that photo of their voice actors was too cute to not be redrawn as their characters~

I went with their “Act Your Age” designs, because I have this headcanon that Buford and Baljeet finally come to terms with (and admit) their feelings for each other while they’re in college. I plan on writing it as a fic, whenever I get my laptop fixed. ^_^

Exit, Pursued by a Bear

August & Open

Buford was normally a perfectly well-behaved dog. Sure, he had little spurts of energy every now and then, forgetting that he’s a destructive force of nature if he’s not careful. One of these bursts of energy resulted in a lamp ending up on the floor in many more pieces than it was before. Of course, as soon as Ford had realized he did something wrong, his little ears plastered to his flat skull, and his smushed face had more remorse in it than most people do after committing heinous crimes. Still, the bursts come and go, rarely seen more than once in a week.

This week was the exception.

They had been out on their regular walks, twice a day weekly, three times a day on the weekend, one trip to the dog park on Sundays. August was on his phone, mentally going over the schedule for the weeks leading up to the new school year, and Buford was trotting along happily. Until he wasn’t. All of a sudden, he took off, leash slipping out of his grip before he could gasp. Quickly stuffing his phone into his pocket and chasing after the bear-like creature, August began calling his pup’s name.

Ford turned the corner, August soon following, causing him to stop at the scene before him. Someone had caught Buford an was now speaking sweetly to him, scratching behind his ears, an suggesting a belly rub. August’s eyebrows raised in surprise, and said chuckling, “Well, looks like Buford found a new friend.” He stuck out his hand to the stranger. “I’m August, and this is my bear…well, he’s a bulldog, but sometimes it seems otherwise.”

usuallygreatllama  asked:

I love the Cud Club, and how organized crime and government are one and the same in Zootopia. People probably hate Llamar the most because he's the one we know the most about. We know almost nothing about Baarney and Buford's plans and little about Nancy's big plan. So I was wondering if you could provide some more background information on the Club and its members? (How it was founded?, etc. etc.)

I can’t say a lot about the club without giving too much away, but I can say that The Cud Club itself has been present throughout Zootopia’s history for about 80 years

fenix-the-echidna  asked:

The Cabal is missing weapons manufacturing, energy and mineral resources from the group.

No they’re not, Nancy makes weapons and Buford runs oil, coal and minerals. But I haven’t really gotten there yet so


on monday i drove to buford, ga to have lunch with a blog buddy that lives in atlanta the silver stylist. don’t you just love her hair?! of course, before heading home, we made a pit stop at one of my favorite stores j.crew to ooh and aah over the latest collection. some terrific new items are now on my radar screen. and no, i did not buy anything…yet. but i did pick up the latest catalog and flipped through the pages. guess who popped up? ali macgraw in an homage to white denim. the photo is from the movie love story which happens to be one of my favorite films for fashion inspiration. if memory serves me correctly, this film sparked my love affair with preppy style. when the blockbuster burst on the scene in 1970, i happened to be the ripe old age of twelve. not only was i enamored with the tragic love story, but every single outfit that the young heroine wore. immediately upon returning home that saturday afternoon i began to badger my parents to see the movie again. a firm no resounded throughout the house. after weeks of incessant pestering on my part, my exasperated mother finally caved in and allowed me to see it again which was a big deal back then. but i was gaga over ali’s navy blue pea coat with striped knit scarf tied around her neck. and i was over the moon with her black turtleneck, plaid wool skirt, and black tights. and yes, she wore ballet flats with that ensemble. although i think my favorite outfit from the movie just might have been the white denim and black tee, she wore while working at a summer camp. that outfit is casual chic at it’s finest. nothing fancy, but boy-oh-boy does it work. even though i recently paired this black blazer with white denim last seen here i just couldn’t resist slipping into white and black for today’s ootd. thanks, ali, for a lifetime of inspiration! what a fashion icon from the seventies. in my humble opinion, it’s still a style decade to be reckoned with.

labels: denim c/o J.Jill; tee Zara (old, similar here and here); blazer c/o Talbots; handbag c/o Talbots; sandals Nine West (old, similar here and here); sneakers Sperry