Boston Boy - Chapter 1

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Kathleen looked around the airport as she pulled her luggage behind her.  After years of being a fan of the Patriots, she’d finally bought tickets to a game and was spending a week in Boston.  And even more exciting, she was doing it by herself.  She’d never travelled by herself before, so this was exciting and slightly terrifying.

It was mid morning on a Saturday and the airport wasn’t terribly busy.  The rental car terminal was practically deserted as she entered to pick up her rental car.  The people were friendly and the car was a newer Ford Fusion with the works inside.  She plugged in the address of her hotel and made her way through the streets of Boston.  The last time she’d been to this city, it had been a horrible experience.  The Boston Marathon had been going on and they were in the middle of the “Big Dig”, so driving had been a nightmare.  This time, she was determined to enjoy every minute.

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