BuffyFacts 102/209 | Chosen, Season Seven

“Whedon originally wanted the Powers That Be to grant Buffy one wish in CHOSEN. She would tell Willow she’d been shoe shopping, and Willow would ask if that’s what she’d used her wish on. Buffy would then step aside to reveal Tara. This idea was dropped due to scheduling issues with Amber Benson.“

BuffyFacts 112/209 | Smashed, Season Six

“Two people were hurt while filming Spike and Buffy’s sex scene in SMASHED.

Steve Tartalia, James Marsters’ stunt double, was knocked out hwne he landed incorrectly while falling through the floor. Stunt coordinator John Medlen also hurt himself while demonstrating how Spike should swing from the chandelier: it broke and her fell seven feet, it landed on his face and broke his nose.“