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15 TV Couples I Love

13. Buffy And Angel

Buffy: Angel, if I’m not the Slayer, what do I do? What do I have to offer?
Why would you like me?
Angel: I saw you before you became the Slayer.
Buffy: What?
Angel: I watched you, and I saw you called. It was a bright afternoon out in front of your school.
You walked down the steps… and… and I loved you.
Buffy: Why?
Angel: ‘Cause I could see your heart. You held it before you for everyone to see.
And I worried that it would be bruised or torn. And more than anything in my life I
wanted to keep it safe… to warm it with my own.

Quick #sketch while watching one of my favourite episodes of #angel. 😢 #btvs #buffy #buffythevampireslayer #ats #iwillrememberyou #bangel #buffyangel #fanart #art #josswhedon #whedonverse #whedonesque #thefeels #traumatized #angeltheseries #illustration #characterart #time

My 3 official fic rec's for 3 different fandoms...though I've read hundreds...if not more...

For BTVS, when I read it when I was like 14 so I probably had a skewed vision then of how good it was, but it will always be my favorite Buffy fic. It’s an epic Buffy/Angel series (so long the author ended up calling them books!). 4 “books” with some awesome random inserts.
Fandom: BTVS
Ship: Buffy/Angel
Fic: Something Old
Author: Ducks
Rating: NC-17

For Harry Potter… I ship Harry/Hermione all the way. (JKR GOT IT WRONG!) And the most memorable HHr fic I’ve read was on Portkey a few years ago. Also, super long. I blew off studying for finals just to read it! Eek! It’s a great, well-written, slow and realistic build up to Harry/Hermione with some creative ideas that were not in the books.
Fandom: Harry Potter
Ship: Harry/Hermione
Fic: Vox Corporis
Author: MissAnnThropic
Rating: NC-17

For Doctor Who, it is Doctor/Rose and I will accept nothing less. Don’t even freaking go there. A lot of D/R fic is good, but the one I remember the most is this series. I don’t usually like it when kids get involved because they’re always sue’s and stu’s, but even though these kids are like that (too perfect), I still enjoy the series.
Fandom: Doctor Who
Ship: Doctor/Rose
Fic: Chaosverse
Author: Earlgreytea68
Rating: um…varying from G to NC-17 I think
*Thanks for helping out Laceyyyyy!

Let me know if you like/don’t like/hate them if you read! Curious to know!

anonymous asked:

Karanna, i know u love buffy/angel, harmony, Faberry and now Clexa. But in your head how do you put them? Like, in a order. Do they ocupy the same space of loving or is there a sequence. Also, do you think you'll ever get over Faberry? Because i don't think i will. Those two are truly my OTP of all OTPs. The one TO RULE THEM ALL! The only one i could ever see replacing them or getting close to it is Clexa:) The amount of angst in these 2 is just ... UGHH!!! I love it! Hope you're not hangover

Well, it’s kind of cyclical - in phases. One couple stands out at a time until another one takes over and then they all just rotate, taking turns in the spotlight.

Faberry is always going to be simultaneously the best and worst otp because it was fandom created (amazing), but it wasn’t canon (grrrr) so we’ll never ACTUALLY have them…

I love the potential Clexa has so I really hope we get to see it developed. It really came out of nowhere, especially for a show on the CW! It could be brilliant.

Harry/Hermione still pains me to this day. So close and yet JKR still got it so wrong. I know people get mad at me for saying that, but even she makes mistakes! She stuck to her original concept instead of developing alongside her characters the way an author is supposed to. Sometimes your writing takes you to a different place you never expected.

But if you want to know my OTP of OTP’s, that’s Buffy and Angel. Always will be. My whole life long. Buffy/Angel was the first time I fell in love with love…that’s the only way I can describe it. I was 9 years old so they have a permanent number 1 spot in my shipping heart. ;)

Also, I’m miserably hungover, but it was worth it! lol. Thanks for asking!