Spike and Felicity are not comparable.

“Yes. ALL SIGNS POINT TO OLICITY being ENDGAME. This has nothing to do with comics anymore tbh. THE PRODUCERS/ ACTORS have stated this many times that they weren’t going to follow the comics 100%. To me, it has everything to do with Felicity being the fan favorite… and what happens to the fan favorite in the season finale?? 

Spike from Buffy the vampire slayer.

Tripp from Agents of Shield” x

The Buffy writers loved Spike, but they never saw him as Buffy material, and they didn’t understand how the fandom could actually, truly ship evil and good, even if Spike was more or less p-whipped into goodness for love’s sake. 

Don’t know about AoS, but Spike and Felicity do not serve the same function, have totally different dynamics within their Scooby gangs, and view good vs. evil differently. Unlike Oliver and Felicity, Buffy and Spike do not share the same vision or goals. 

I LOVED Spike as a character. He was the BEST thing about the last few seasons of Buffy. But his love for Buffy emasculated him and it was pretty clear they were doomed from at least Fool for Love. Plus, Whedon never lets anyone be truly happy because reasons. 

This is not the dynamic of a couple that is ever going to be happy together. 

For the record, tho, for me Spike = Sa-woon.