Idle Curiousity.

So, I’m aware that in the comics (which I have not read), in the context of Buffy and Satsu’s relationship, several other characters (Kennedy and IIRC from what I’ve read, Willow among) specifically say that Buffy is straight, when talking about why it won’t work or why it didn’t. Which is certainly emblematic of Joss’s issues with bisexuality. (IIRC, I’ve also seen a post where at least one person complained that Buffy and Satsu’s relationship, which they ha like liked, felt more like a marketing ploy, as in ‘Look, our main heroine is in a relationship with another woman, buy our comics because we’re so progressive and amazing’ or someting like that.)

My question is this: I know other characters say she’s straight. Does she ever actually say she’s straight? Explicitly say, after things end with Satsu, that she is straight/not into girls/etc? Or is that just left to other characters to say for her?