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I just wanted to make a random post expressing my likeness for Xander’s character. I haven’t been a part of the BtVS fandom very long but of course I’ve noticed that most of the attention goes to Buffy, Spike, Angel, Willow and Tara -mainly, which is absolutely fine. They’re awesome likeable characters and I love them all. In fact, I love all of the Buffy characters in some way or another. But I just wanna say that there hasn’t been one season where I’ve disliked Xander; yeah, he’s done some questionable things on the occasion but so has Willow and Buffy and ofc Spike. 

Anyway, I keep thinking back to that episode The Zeppo. Xander deals with these dead guys who rose from their graves and stops them from blowing up the school or something. But he also deals with being the only guy in the gang that doesn’t really have anything “special” about him. There was this one scene where the bomb in the boiler room of the high school is ticking down to zero and Xander is there to stop it and Jack is there to blow up the school. I can never forget this. After Xander threatens that Jack will really be dead this time if the thing goes off, Jack asks if Xander is ready to die.

Xander responds with I like the quiet. 

Now if that isn’t enough to shake you completely… I mean, we’ve had this sarcastic, mostly childish character for all the episodes before and then suddenly he comes out with this! Not only that, he doesn’t even tell the others what he did to help, even after feeling as though he’s not adequate, not helpful, practically useless to the gang. Even after Cordelia teases that he’s only around to get them donuts. He doesn’t say a word and instead offers to go get them some food the next day.

There’s also an episode later on in the show that brings up this same theme for his character. Potential in season seven, Xander says this whole speech to Dawn about not being special – at least, not thinking that they are special. He still thinks that he isn’t but he does think Dawn is, even if she doesn’t end up being one of the potentials, and he makes sure to tell her that. 

He never goes in to depth about how he feels, he never confides in someone about his obvious family issues or the probable abuse he got at home (what kind of abuse that would be is uncertain) he makes sure that his female friends know that they’re cared for and loved! And damn, he saves Willow from completely surrendering herself to dark magic and revenge and from ending the world!!!!!!!

I mean, c’mon, yeah he complains a bit, yeah his jokes are kinda lame and he’s usually just used for comedic relief but he is such a special character. I know this show is about celebrating women and don’t get me wrong I love it for that but I also think that we shouldn’t just ignore the amazing qualities of some of the other male characters, that don’t serve as a romantic interest for Buffy, Xander in particular. 

I’m sorry but I will fight for Xander until I die.

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“Can’t even shout.
Can’t even cry.
The Gentlemen are coming by.
Looking in windows,
knocking on doors…
They need to take seven
and they might take yours…
Can’t call to mom.
Can’t say a word.
You’re gonna die screaming
but you won’t be heard”

I remember watching this for the first time when i was a kid. I had nightmares with The Gentlemen, even today sometimes in my nightmares Im voiceless when something wants to kill me. Today Hush is one of my favorite Buffy episodes, I think they did an amazing job.

30 Days of Bangel: August 14

Day 14: Favorite season for Bangel post-BtVS season 3

By process of elimination, I quickly rule out AtS seasons 2-5, and BtVS seasons 6 and 7. That leaves me 3 options: BtVS seasons 4 or 5, or AtS season 1. 

I’m tempted to choose AtS season 1 since it’s my favorite, but it’d be incomplete without BtVS season 4. Buffy and Angel’s journey in season 1 wouldn’t have a proper conclusion if it had ended in Sanctuary. The Yoko Factor smooths things over for Buffy and Angel and marks their move from awkward and resentful exes to loving friends. 

If I could cheat (and I can, because who will stop me? Muahahaha.) I’d pick AtS season 1 and BtVS season 4, because I adore how Buffy and Angel’s dynamic shifts throughout a few episodes, as the characters themselves change apart from one another. As Angel grows confident in his new role, he becomes more honest and confrontational about his feelings with Buffy. And while Buffy heals and begins a new relationship, those feelings of heartbreak and bitterness grow smaller and she can face Angel more calmly. 

There a few bumps in the road because of Faith, but the Buffy and Angel who could barely look at each other, or have a conversation without arguing, in IWRY, eventually grow into the version of themselves who can laugh and face the other head on, in The Yoko Factor. 

That’s the journey that I adore. Buffy and Angel prove, as always, that their love, respect and commitment to each other can overcome nearly everything.

If I couldn’t cheat though, I’d pick BtVS season 5, because Buffy and Angel are in a good place, and their scenes in Forever are absolutely stunning and perfect, embodying exactly what I described above.