buffy the vampire slayer: the movie

  • Tina: I personally don't think it's possible to come up with a crazier plan.
  • Newt: We attack Grindewald with hummus.
  • Tina:
  • Tina: I stand corrected.
  • Newt: Just keeping things in perspective.

Alpha-type Lead Male Characters who are canonically attracted to powerful badass boss women and are supportive of them instead of being threatened:

Steve Rogers
Scott McCall
Bellamy Blake
Marcus Kane
Prince Zuko
Derek Hale
Luke Cage
Finn (Star Wars)
Seeley Booth 
Ichabod Crane
Spike / William The Bloody
Fitzwilliam Darcy
Logan Echolls
Mamoru Chiba


I’m digging a hole to throw the roughly hewn coffin in
It’ll be a shallow grave and only a few feet wide, wide as it is long
It would have been a lot easier if I didn’t make a coffin but I don’t want the corpse getting out.
I dig feverishly until finally the moist and waiting ground is ready, I shove the box in
It is much heavier than you would imagine
I tamp the dirt down with the shovel, stamp it with my feet and walk away.

I go to bed with bloodshot eyes after I strip off my coat and disguise
No one saw me or the body and now it is hidden where no one will find.
Consciousness fades easy knowing my closet is empty and there’s nothing left to hide

Salving sleep in the peaceful night does not last long
I am roused when through the dim I hear the clawing of nails on a coffin. I bate my breath and wait for the beating of a tell-tale heart.
I can sense the dirt is rising, a hand reaching out in theatrical moonlight
Slow heavy feet make their way across a dewy field
Resolute and determined steps fall up the stairs and down the hall
Now outside my door… the turning of the knob… hinges creak
I should have dug that hole deeper, I should have driven more nails in the coffin.
Standing in a frozen ray of light the corpse looks down on me
I cannot move, horrified and hypnotized by hollow shells for absent eyes
The flesh is peeling back, bones are jutting through muscles. I can see the wires of tendons and sinew
Faint bruises open and seep out through expanding pores, the clotted blood tumbles down yellowing skin to the floor
Heavy scents of decay mix with that of freshly turned soil and creep up my nostrils as the corpse leans forward on unsteady legs
With each certain motion towards me I can hear the sloshing of organs inside, putrefied.

Staring into the empty space for eyes I see a maggot emerge on the crest of the socket and begin to bite. I’m still hypnotized.
The corpse crawls onto my bed, drags it’s thin legs around my torso and squeezes my sides with bony thighs
Skeletal hands with worn off fingertips and missing nails cradle my head and I look where there should be eyes
Thin straggles of wet hair fall about my face as broken teeth behind torn lips move towards me slowly tracing from my mouth to my ear.

Then they bite

With surprising force for a ragged jaw the teeth tear through my ear and create a hole for the dead dentine to take hold
There are a few crunching bites and in moments half my skull is removed and a swollen tongue traces over the gyri and sulci of my brain
There is no flinching or moving or screaming or running while the corpse tastes me and then begins to chew. Chew and swallow.
I can feel parts of my brain slide out the side of my skull, stick in my hair then slip onto the pillow
The feasting goes on, not entirely unlike communion but with more of the gaiety of a gourmand

Once the corpse is satiated it lays down, slips under the covers, presses it’s soft decaying skull against mine and pulls me close in a tight embrace
We lay like lovers in silent repose, the past, the present and the future between us and shrouded in the dark of the night.

Your Entire Life People Will Try To Put You In A Box/Category













Forward Thinking

Know-It All

Neat Freak









Closed Off






(Not a comment on this person at all)

Well Rounded


They will try, and they will fail.

I am all of these things and more.

Don’t let other people define you; define yourself.


The Verve Bittersweet Symphony Cruel Intentions Ending

Still one of the greatest film endings of all time.

Kathryn really did think she was above it all. She was too ruthless and too cold to care. 

And it turned out, well, no she was not. She was as vulnerable and weak as anyone.

Her tear at the end. She broke down.This was not just a silly ‘90s teen movie. It made a great point about life and people in general. 

And, of course, Annette got the car.