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In season 5, although Fitz has returned to normal, it’s revealed that his dark side, Fritz, still exists and will emerge under certain conditions. Like maybe if he loses his temper or if he gets the urge to hurt someone. Basically, he becomes AOS’ equivalent of Angel from the Buffyverse since he now has to be careful about his actions or else his dark side comes out.

It’s appropriate since Jemma had a Buffy moment when she came out of the grave. Also, I guess this means Daisy is Willow, which kinda works since she had her own Dark Daisy arc in season three. And Coulson definitely is Giles. 

And if Fitz does become AOS’ Angel, I fully expect a spin-off where he leaves SHIELD at the end of season 5 to start his own private investigation agency. He hires Robbie Reyes (who returns from hell), Bobbi and Hunter, and Raina (who gets resurrected). Jemma appears time to time in guest appearances. 

The Nail: June 2017

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Hunters on the Hellmouth

For @fangirlfolio. Thank you for helping me find my voice again.


Chapter 1: Meet Me at the Cemetery

“I didn’t know demons could hot wire cars!” Dean shouted as he punched the gas.

Their most recent desperate attempt to fight Lucifer had resulted in Cas bleeding in the backseat of the Impala while Meg in a souped up Mustang lead a host of demons in pursuit.

One vehicle in the fleet held Lucifer. He knew where the Winchesters were. He could easily pop into their car as they drove, but he didn’t. He wanted to play with them first.

“Drive faster!” Sam yelled. Dean pressed the old car as fast as she could go, but Sam couldn’t shake the blistered face of Lucifer burned into his brain.

Dean jerked the wheel, and they skidded off the rain-soaked highway onto a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it country road. The sudden turn threw off a couple of the demon drivers, Meg included. Not all of the stolen cars matched Baby, and a little distance formed. Maybe twenty more feet. It wasn’t enough and they knew it. The narrow road they were on couldn’t be too long.

“Little help here, Cas!” Dean shouted.

“He’s fading,” said Sam. Cas, pale and sweaty, had used all of his energy keeping them alive leaving none to heal himself.

Suddenly, a pale blue light consumed everything. Dean shielded his eyes. The light grew so bright, Sam couldn’t see his brother sitting next to him. He would have been sure this light was them dying, but Sam doubted approaching Hell would be so beautiful.

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BUFFYVERSE + Aesthetic: Robin Wood (for @drusillathekiller)

Happy birthday Felicia Day!

Character: Violet. Show: Buffy the vampire slayer. 

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Character: Penny. Show: Dr. Horrible. 


Character: Red. Movie: Red werewolf hunter. 


Character: Codex. Show : The guild. 


Character: Tallis. Show: Dragon age redemption. 


Character: Charlie Bradbury. Show Supernatural. 


And now just some of Felicia being Felicia 


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I love this women