buffy the vamp slayer

Okay, so anyone who’s seen Buffy the Vampire Slayer (one of my all time favorites - first Vamp show I ever loved), you’ll recognize this scene.

After Narducci told us that the ancestral plane isn’t destroyed just severed from the living, I realized something horrible. Davina didn’t move on at all. In fact, she’s still there. Probably living with even more torment. Davina is basically in hell. I was hoping she’d at least move on to a better place… But she hasn’t. I thought it was destroyed. It wasn’t. So now she is going to go through torment forever.. Especially now that she ruined their connection with the living.

Back to this picture. This is a picture of a character named Angel. A vamp who the slayer loved yet ultimately killed to save everyone. He was sent to hell… And had centuries of torment there. Even though for Buffy it had been like a summer. He was able to come back but he was almost like an animal after being tortured for so long. She had to put him in chains to protect herself and others because he seemed violent. At first, he barely remembered her. The love of his existence. Sound familiar?

I don’t know why but the moment I read that article I thought of this parallel… I don’t know if the writers are as clever as Joss Whedon is… But maybe they’ll do something like this.

Somehow Davina is brought back to the living but because her soul was destroyed she could come back completely evil… Or her soul could be restored but after being tormented so long, she’s almost wild like and doesn’t even remember Kol really. Because for her it’s been maybe like 100 years or something. She could look ragged and long hair even. Ripped clothes. Dirty.

Kol could help her try to remember who she is and what they had. Or even the help of Vincent and maybe some other kind witches and Marcel. It would take a while but she could be the Davina we love once again.


Unfortunately, if she’s too evil or too far gone, they erase her memories completely. And give her a “new life” and new identity. But this would mean she wouldn’t remember any of them, including Kol and Marcel. This could happen while Kol is gone for 3 years. When he returns he sees her and all but freaks out, yet she has no idea who he is and maybe has a new name? He’d be so confused but Vincent could show him a video recording of her as malevolent… And tell him they had no choice but to ease her broken mind and soul. Or by giving her a new soul this was a consequence.. Just like when they body hop. But then maybe Kol could help her and she’d fall in love with him all over again.

I don’t know. But that article just made it seem like we’d see Davina again in some shape or form. As much as I hate knowing she’s being tormented because the plane wasn’t destroyed (and Freya is off living a wonderful life in dream land), I would much rather hate her just moving on because we might never see her again.

This would be a unique storyline for The Originals and besides, we need our little witch back. And so does Kol.