buffy summers is my hero


                                                          5x14 // 5x22
       —   “We have something, Buffy. It’s not pretty, but it’s real, and there’s nothing either one of us can do about it. Like it or not, I’m in your life, you can’t just shut me out.” 

*cries a lot about season seven of Buffy*

You can tell that they were driving towards “Chosen” the entire time. It’s not just the “take me back to the start moments” (to steal a line from “The Scientist”, I am a Glee fan). It’s Buffy sharing her excess of power to help Willow recharge and heal. It’s women honoring their historical/mythological connection to the earth and to each other while forging their path in the 21st century. The Slayer, as Buffy will learn, was literally tied to the earth, creating the creature of the hunt who attacked in “Restless” but counseled in “Intervention”. And that’s something by itself, that the abstract ghost-figure of the First Slayer actually develops over the course of her few appearances, although she’s been dead for thousands of years. She is with Buffy and Kendra and Faith and all the Potentials at every step.

Buffy can’t help Cassie and asks herself what she can do when helping is impossible. The answer she finds is the same one she gave to Angel, in the episode when he got his mission and the First Evil originally appeared: you fight anyway. You try your best because the effort will be noticed and appreciated. The model will be set for others, the banner will be raised for the next generation to maintain. In every generation, a Slayer is born.

The answer is, you allow them to find their own power. I love these shows.


S: As daft a notion as “Soulful Spike the Killer” is, it is nothing compared to the idea that another girl could mean anything to me. This chip—they did to me. I couldn’t help it. But the soul, I got on my own—for you.

B: I know.

S: So, yeah. I go and pass the time… with someone. But that’s all it is is time, ‘cause—God, help me, Buffy—it’s still all about you.

Sleeper S7E08


s8 #11: “Once upon a time… I did something good. […] I found a way to share my power. Girls all over the world were given power – not just strength, although that does come in handy – but purpose. Meaning. Connection.”

s10 #25: “You’ve made these amazing sacrifices – for me… for the world. I’ve always wondered if I could do something like that. If I could be that brave. It’s kinda cool to find out that I can.”

Yay me.”

angearia  asked:

top five buffy scenes!

Sorry, I went to bed last night and didn’t see it! Anyways, I’m assuming you mean the character (or well I’m going to assume because otherwise there would be TOO MUCH to choose from) so here goes!

  1. Climbing out of the grave in the season six finale. I LOVELOVELOVE THAT SCENE.
  2. “You were myth-taken” + all of Buffy’s puns because <33.
  3. The “Are you ready to be strong?”-speech makes my heart clench up everytime.
  4. That scene in Blood Ties in the end when she talks to Dawn about Summers’ blood. 
  5. Outsmarting what’s-his-face in Helpless. BAMFIEST BAMF.

I’m sure I will change my mind in about a minute because there are so many scenes I haven’t included of her that I absolutely adore but I really like these ones and they were the ones that first came to mind! :)

thealmightytrebleclef  asked:


Like my hero Buffy Summers, I too…

  1. Only express myself with absolute honesty when I am singing.
  2. Am capable of being an efficient general even when sick and exhausted.
  3. Enjoy regaling my friends with tales of macabre events from my past (“There was this time I was pinned down by this guy that played left tackle for varsity… Well, at least he used to before he was a vampire… Anyway, he had this really, really thick neck, and all I had was a little, little Exact-O knife… You’re not loving this story.”)

Unlike my hero Buffy Summers, I…

  1. Did not attend any custody hearings, because there never were any for me.
  2. Have not accrued student loan.
  3. Do not have an understated yet impeccable fashion sense with which to practically and comfortably kill vampires.

effulgentcolors  asked:

BtVS - 3&6!

The character everyone else loves that I don’t: I’m pretty meh about Oz to be honest. I mean, I like him and all, but not as much as most people do, and when he leaves I don’t really miss him that much. He has his moments though. :)

The character I’d want to be like: Buffy Summers. Because she’s brave and kind and she never gives up. She’s kind of my hero. Also Tara, because the world needs more of her. 


S: You can act as high and mighty as you like … but I know where you live now, Slayer. I’ve tasted it.

B: Get a grip. Like you’re god’s gift.

S: Hardly. Wouldn’t be nearly as interesting, would it?

Wrecked S6E10